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Historical quest identifies the ‘lost babies of Cyprus’


 AN ISRAELI archivist on a worldwide quest to track down the lost identities of more than two thousand Jewish babies born at British internment camps in Cyprus is making staggering progress.

Complete official records of the births have never materialised, and it remains unclear whether the documents were destroyed or misplaced by the British Colonial authorities.

For the past two years, Yitzhak Teutsch has been searching for the missing documents that will identify every baby born in the camps between 1946 and 1949.

The camps located in Xylotymbou and Famagusta were operated by the British government for the internment of those who had immigrated or attempted to immigrate to Palestine in violation of British policy.

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Our View: Every right to feel anxious about second Russian loan

FEARS expressed by members of the financial services sector with regard to the implications of securing a second loan from the Russian Federation are perfectly understandable. Nobody knows the promises President Christofias would have given to President Vladimir Putin for a €5 billion loan which the former seems desperate to secure in the mistaken belief that it would strengthen Cyprus’ bargaining power when discussing bailout terms with the troika.

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Statistics department lacks integrated data system

CYPRUS’ statistical services does not yet have an integrated database to allow for more efficient transmission of information but nonetheless is coping well with the demands of Cyprus’ presidency of the EU council, one of the officials in charge said yesterday.

Senior statistics officer George Zeitountsian – one of the heads of a team put together to chair meetings on the EU’s statistical services, Eurostat, said his team was working hard, often doing overtime, to cope with demand.

He was interviewed by the Cyprus News Agency. Asked to expound on how the service could improve, Zeitountsian said they needed an intranet – a computer network to allow sharing of information from different terminals.

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Fires break out in Nicosia

FIRE fighters yesterday brought under control four fires breaking out in the afternoon in Nicosia villages close to the buffer zone as well as within the buffer zone in an area close to the disused international airport, forcing the UN to evacuate officers’ homes as a precaution.

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‘State did not spy on sheep farmers’


GOVERNMENT spokesman Stefanos Stefanou yesterday denied reports that agents with the island’s secret service were spying sheep and goat farmers during a protest outside the presidential palace on Friday.

A number of cameramen, photographers and journalists were on site at the presidential palace, featuring the farmers’ second day of protest over a reduction to their subsidy.

The farmers spent most of the day outside the palace, discussing their financial problems and demanding they get 100 per cent of some €12 million they were expecting from the state as subsidy instead of the roughly €5 million they were told the government could spare.

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Man under police guard as fiancée dies in traffic accident

A 25-year-old Greek Cypriot woman from Limassol was killed on Friday night when she and her British Cypriot fiancé got thrown off a four-wheel motorcycle he was driving in Limassol’s Ayios Sylas.

The 32-year-old driver of the bike apparently hit the pavement at around 10pm and lost control of the vehicle, hitting a parked car.

The couple, who were not sporting helmets, got thrown onto the street where the 25-year-old died on the spot from a head injury, said Limassol traffic police’s Emilios Kafas.

The 32-year-old was yesterday in Limassol general hospital with non-serious head injuries, under the custody of the police who are investigating manslaughter.

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Shave your head for charity

SHAVE your head, cut off your locks, or donate what you can during the month of September to support children with leukaemia.

Fundraisers will be competing against each other with the leader of the team collecting the biggest sums shaving his or her head during a September 20 event at Le Cafe on Nicosia’s Makarios avenue.

“Volunteers express their love and support towards children with leukaemia by shaving their head,” the event’s organisers said.

Companies, individuals, schools or families are welcome to volunteer.

Volunteers may also cut their hair to donate it to charity organisation Wigs for Kids that makes wigs for children undergoing chemotherapy, among others. 


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Diver dead

A 40-year-old Greek Cypriot diver was discovered dead yesterday in the sea of Yeroskipou in Paphos.

The body carried multiple wounds and the police think the man was hit by a boat.

Police spokesman Nicos Tsapis said that the body was located by a British man who was driving his boat. 

Cyprus News Agency said the man had gone diving in the morning.


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Unusual appearance of thousands of storks


CYPRUS BORE witness to the rare arrival of thousands of white storks this week, some of which died when they smashed into the antenna installations at the British bases in Akrotiri.

According to Game and Wildlife Officer Nicos Kassinis, in the last three days, large flocks of ciconia ciconia (white stork), an estimated 2,000 to 3,000, have arrived unexpectedly in the Akrotiri area.  

Game Fund officials were in the area monitoring their arrival and departure when they spotted a number of birds strike on the huge antenna spying installations, set up in the British bases to the great dissatisfaction of the local population. 

“We have retrieved four birds so far that hit the antennas either while descending or leaving Akrotiri,” said Kassinis.

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