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Euro 2020 to be staged in cities across Europe

The European Championship in 2020 will be staged in cities across the continent to spread the financial load of hosting the tournament, European football’s governing body UEFA said on Thursday.

Three of the last four championships have been staged in two countries although it is traditionally held in one.

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Over 20 jobs a day lost in past year


GOING ON 8,000 jobs were lost in Cyprus in the past 12 months, bringing the total number of unemployed people to 39.522 at the end of November, figures released yesterday revealed. 

The figure represents a 24.2 per cent increase in job losses since November 2011, roughly translating to 21 redundancies on average every day over the past year.

Over 1,600 more people were made redundant in the trade sector, over 1,300 in the construction sector, more than 1,000 in the hospitality sector, almost 800 in the manufacturing sector, over 600 in public administration and over 500 newcomers to the jobs market, in addition to hundreds of others across smaller sectors.

In total, job losses over the past year totalled 7.696.

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Our View: Bus strike has exposed the weaknesses of public transport business model

THE RECESSION and the acute shortage of state funds have finally forced the government to re-examine the suspect business model of the public bus system it introduced two years ago. In a way, this has been a good thing because if the government was not facing funding problems it would not have questioned the business model and would have carried on wasting the taxpayer’s money on a transport system that was unviable from day one.

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‘Bailout bills’ to be submitted for urgent approval

THE government is expected today to submit a batch of bills for urgent approval by parliament, as it scrambles to meet the terms of a bailout agreement and score points ahead of a Eurogroup meeting next week that will discuss the Cypriot programme.

The 23 bills concern public service salary cuts, new taxes and provisions that will strengthen current laws on money laundering.

Reports said the bills providing for a rise in the tax on tobacco, alcohol and fuel could be brought before plenum for approval today.

The same goes for the one regarding pay cuts, which the government pledged would come into effect this year.

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EU: farming puts huge pressure on water resources


THE EUROPEAN Commission has identified a range of weaknesses in Cyprus’ water management, top among them the extent of pressure placed on the system by irrigation needs.

As much as 70 per cent of all water consumption on the island goes to agriculture. Farmer also receive a special rate, meaning in effect that consumers end up paying millions more for supply through desalination.

Cyprus hosted the EU Water Blueprint conference last week to discuss the water framework directive, including member states’ progress on certain aspects of the directive. The reports were published on November 14.

“The farming sector represents a significant pressure on the water resources in Cyprus,” the report on the island said.

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Three months in jail without trial

A SUSPECTED victim of labour and sexual exploitation is being forced to spend at least three months in jail awaiting trial on theft charges made by her Limassol employer straight after the domestic worker filed a complaint of abuse to the Labour Office. 

A Limassol judge yesterday refused to release from custody the 25-year-old domestic worker from Nigeria who has now spent two months in prison until her trial starts on January 2, 2013, guaranteeing that the potential trafficking victim, who has been behind bars since October 12, will remain incarcerated until the New Year.  

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Council of Europe concerned over central prisons

THE COUNCIL of Europe’s anti-torture committee today releases a report criticising the continued ill-treatment of those held by police in Cyprus and prison overcrowding.

Persons held in police establishments in Cyprus continue to run a “serious risk” of ill-treatment, according to a just-released report by the Council of Europe’s Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT).

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Busking is not illegal, AG to rule

FOLLOWING the Nicosia police chief’s apology to a group of busking musicians who were charged with “illegal fundraising” during a musical festival, the Attorney-general is due to confirm that street artists are not breaking any laws, it emerged this week.

Police officers charged a festival’s organiser last week with “illegal fundraising” during an event organised by non-governmental organisation, Multi-Arts Crossings (MAX) that had been cleared ahead of time with Nicosia municipality.

The event was part of a walking tour set around busking musicians performing in the streets. On both sides of the divide there were buskers with the quintessential guitar cases open for passers-by with spare change.

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AGs office hits back at money laundering report

THE LEGAL Service yesterday rejected reports in the British press that the Cypriot authorities refused to investigate claims of Russian money laundering through the island’s banks.  

The Office of the Attorney-general further questioned the motive behind the attempt to link allegations of money laundering with Cyprus’ request for an EU/IMF bailout.  

On Monday, British daily The Telegraph reported that politicians across Europe were urging their governments to demand a crackdown on alleged Russian money-laundering in Cyprus as a condition of a potential €17 billion bailout.

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