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Talking economics and football with former finance minister Michalis Sarris

“8am tomorrow, then. Thank you,” says Michalis Sarris, and hangs up the phone. He’s going to be on Ant1 the day after our interview (I presume the radio, though it could be TV) and the host wants him to be prepared because listeners (or viewers) will be calling in with questions. It’s easy to imagine what those questions will be: ‘What’ll happen with the troika?’ ‘Will the banks survive?’ ‘Can we hold on to CoLA?’ ‘Will the state go bust?’ ‘Will I lose my job?’ ‘What’s going to become of us?’.

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A minute with Dean Simmons Chef and restaurant owner at Lord Kitchener

Where do you live?
In Larnaca, with the wife to be, two kids, two Yorkshires and one Shar Pei 

Best childhood memory?
Eating chocolate cake every Friday night, fighting with my brother who gets the end bit

Most frequented restaurant and absolute favourite dish?
There a small noodle bar in Deans Street, West end London, amazing, or Alistair Little in Soho

What food would you really turn your nose up to?
Puffer Fish, no thank you

What did you have for breakfast?
Really wanted egg and bacon, fried bread mushrooms and of course the wife to be, but got poached egg on brown, two Espressos and three dogs to walk

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Film review: Frankenweenie***

Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie is glorious to look at, full of witty touches and even, once or twice, quite affecting. Yet it’s also proof that Hollywood has forgotten how to make movies – or, more specifically, that it’s delegated the telling of stories to TV and is now focused only on spectacle. This is a lovely boy-and-dog picture that mutates, in the final stages, into a gross-out to rival The Cabin in the Woods – except that in Cabin in the Woods the onslaught was funny, whereas here it just seems unnecessary.

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Film review: Killing Me Softly****

‘Crime Doesn’t Pay’ they used to say in the old days, and Hollywood films made sure that wrongdoers ended up behind bars, or worse (it’s infuriating watching old heist movies and waiting for the inevitable slip-up that’ll lead, inexorably, to Justice taking its course). Can’t be glorifying the bad men, they said; think of the children, they said – but in fact those old films got it wrong. The best way to put kids off crime isn’t to show criminals getting punished. It’s to show them punishing themselves, just by living the lives of criminals – those drab, small-time, largely incompetent lives of constant hustle and occasional fear, spiced with bouts of violence and bouts of joyless excess.

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Restaurant review: Hobos, Larnaca

Temperatures across much of the island have been warm and summer-like despite not all skies being clear, so we took advantage of the lovely conditions last Wednesday to eat al fresco on the Larnaca seafront.
The council have to be applauded for how beautiful the promenade along the Phinikoudes area looks nowadays, with its big paths, well kept beach and selection of cafιs and restaurants.
It is a really lively and modern place – and dare I say hip? It’s busy from mornings till the wee small hours nowadays, which is a far cry from the 1990s, when few would venture there after sundown.

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Bar Review: Brickyard Bar and Grill, Nicosia

You don’t always have to be in the centre of Nicosia to have a good time. The main choices of bars in the capital tend to be high end, high maintenance upscale bars with customers dressed to kill or very laid back, relaxed bars that tend to be devoid of atmosphere. If neither of those tickle your fancy then the answer may lie outside the city centre.
Brickyard Bar and Grill is situated in Engomi and caters to all sorts, guaranteeing you won’t feel left out whether you’re a teenager, US marine or student. The bar also receives business from families and a large number of United Nations employees.

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And this is just the beginning

UNDER THE threat ‘bailout or bust’, legislators yesterday approved the first batch of tax hikes and salary cuts, giving Cypriots a glimpse of even tougher times ahead.
The three items passed by the plenum relate to tax hikes on tobacco and alcohol, an increase in VAT, and across-the-board salary cuts for the broader public sector – and that’s just for starters.
The whole situation proved too much for President Demetris Christofias who burst into tears last night during an address he gave at left-wing PEO union, promising to continue to fight for the workers “until his last breath”.

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Our View: Government’s ill conceived property tax will deepen recession

THE HIGHER TAX on immovable property that would be levied from next year will have many negative repercussions that were obviously not considered by the government when it drafted the tax categories. Its only consideration was to satisfy the long-standing demand by moaning union bosses for the taxing of wealth. Now it could boast that it was taxing ‘the haves’, even though it would be creating additional problems for the struggling economy in the process.

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