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Touched by the generosity of people


THOUSANDS of needy families across Cyprus have received help for the holidays over as the public rallied behind a growing mobilisation of in all districts to help those less fortunate.

Local authorities, charities, schools,  colleges, companies, volunteers, and the Church joined forces to ensure as few people as possible go without for Christmas, as unemployment continues to soar, and those who are working face a huge drop in their standard of living.

All districts report an overwhelming response to pleas for help, and the public has responded with time, money or donations of foodstuff and clothing.

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Pulling together in difficult times in Paphos


IN PAPHOS, which has been hardest hit by the wave of unemployment, authorities, businesses and the general public have joined forces to ensure needy families won’t be left hungry, especially during the Christmas period.

A Paphos municipality social welfare committee programme to help began in April with 150 families receiving some sort of food support. That number has now grown to more than 500.

President of the Paphos municipality social welfare committee Maria Zavrou said the response from individuals, businesses, supermarkets and associations wanting to help, was overwhelming.

“At the beginning of the week we handed out special Christmas food parcels to about 550 needy families in Paphos,” she said.

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Our View: A return to the spirit of Christmas… but at what cost?


ALTHOUGH there is probably a significant number of people in Cyprus who have been left untouched by the economic crisis, the vast majority have felt it in one way or another but this has not stopped an overwhelming mobilisation in all districts to help those less fortunate.

A few years ago before Demetris Grinchofias began to re-make families here into a 21st century image of The Waltons – a close-knit American TV family struggling through the Great Depression – Christmas was a time of indulgence and materialism with little thought for those less fortunate.

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Man critical after shootout with cops


ONE man was yesterday left in critical condition, and two more were in custody, after a dramatic car chase and shootout with police 

One of the alleged perpetrators, a Greek Cypriot, was seriously wounded in an exchange of fire that took place in the community of Marki, outside Nicosia. He was rushed to Nicosia general hospital where he underwent surgery; his condition is described as critical.

The two other men, Greek Pontians, have been arrested and are being questioned. They are set to appear before a court today for their remand hearing.

It all began when police patrols, investigating a burglary an at electronics store in Latsia in the morning, flagged down a car with fake license plates near the scene of the crime.

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Seeing past the allure of glossy gadgets


AS THE weekend before Christmas brought on a mad rush to the shops while parents island-wide whipped out the children’s ‘wish lists,’ one has to wonder if the true meaning of the festive season holds any importance to kids today amidst their requests for the latest i-Pad mini and X-box 360. 

 “I think it falls into two groups,” points out Father John Tyrell of St Paul’s Church in Nicosia. “There are those who have a church affiliation and those who don’t. For those who have lost touch of the religious meanings behind Christmas, it becomes just another secular holiday where presents and Santa become most important.” 

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Austrian economist’s comments ‘arbitrary and groundless’


THE GOVERNMENT has again been put on the defensive after a senior EU economist accused Cyprus of stalling the signing of a bailout deal.

Thomas Wieser, chairman of the Economic and Financial Committee of the European Union and head of the Eurogroup Working Group, suggested the island was dragging its feet in the false hope that it would be included in a rescue package along with Greece.

“Cyprus believed it could be incorporated in a single package with Greece and, despite our warnings, it was delaying,” Wieser said in an interview with Greek paper Kathimerini over the weekend.

“Now, it has missed the train,” the Austrian economist said, referring to Cyprus’ bid to have an aid package approved before the end of the year.

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Futsal first division matches on hold


THE CYPRUS Football Association (CFA) has announced, after marathon talks that it has put futsal’s first division on hold until further notice. 

This comes after police sent the CFA a report informing them that of the five stadiums that futsal matches are played, only two are safe enough to host matches. The move by the CFA and the police has brought widespread derision amongst those in the futsal community in Cyprus.

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Over 2,000 new entrants to labour market


AN ADDITIONAL 2,500 people entered Cyprus’ labour force in the third quarter (Q3) of the year, the latest data from statistical services show.

The labour force amounted to 442,483 in Q3 versus 439,954 in Q2 this year.

The majority – 73.7 per cent – were aged between 15 and 64.

A total of 389,046 people were employed in Q3, a reduction of over 5,000 people from the equivalent period from last year (Q3 2011) when 395,958 people were employed. 

Women account for less than half of the labour force, comprising 47.3 per cent of all those employed in Q3. 

Some 70 per cent of the active labour force is aged between 20 and 64. 

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Western Union employee mugged


A 30-YEAR-OLD MAN was mugged as he was heading home on foot with a backpack containing deposits from Western Union where he was working, on Sunday night in central Nicosia.

The 30-year-old Pakistani had closed shop at 9.30pm and started walking home with a backpack containing around €7,000. Between Florinis St. and Themistocles Dervis St. two strangers punched him in the face, seized his backpack and ran off.

Police have not found the attackers.


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