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United win seven-goal thriller while City lose

Manchester United trailed three times before a last-gasp goal from Javier Hernandez sealed a rip-roaring 4-3 victory over Newcastle United that opened a seven-point lead at the top of the Premier League on Wednesday.

Manchester City were undone by former winger Adam Johnson as he scored the only goal in a 1-0 win for Sunderland which left the champions second in the table, four points ahead of Chelsea who beat Norwich City 1-0 thanks to a 20-metre strike from Juan Mata.

Tottenham Hotspur moved up to fourth after Gareth Bale grabbed his first Premier League hat-trick in a 4-0 rout at Aston Villa who were also thrashed 8-0 at Chelsea on Sunday.

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A minute with Nicos Christophis Restaurateur & owner of Masalas Indian restaurant in Larnaca

Where do you live?

Just off Dhekelia Road, opposite the sea. I live with my devoted wife Mary, our shitzu Suky and cat Misha. We found Misha when she was a kitten after she’d been knocked down by a car so she only walks on three legs, bless her.


Best childhood memory? 

In 1952, when I was 10 years old, I travelled by boat from Cyprus to London with my Aunt who I’d been living with for the past two years after my Mother had gone to England. We arrived at Victoria station and my Mum was waiting for me. That first sighting of her, after not seeing her for two years, was the best feeling. I’d really missed her.


Most frequented restaurant and absolute favourite dish?

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The start of life

ZOE CHRISTODOULIDES meets a natural history buff who has taken his passion one step further by creating a museum

Take a whizz through the streets of the capital and the signs of recession seem to be ingrained everywhere. Countless shops have been left empty, closing down sales have become commonplace, and cafés seem abandoned in time. But amid the rather depressing cityscape, a new place has recently sprouted up that aims to take young and old on a journey far from present day hardships. So very far away, in fact, that an entire building is now dedicated to all sorts of weird and wonderful exhibits that tell tales of when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

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Film review: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey **

Let’s get the consumer-guide aspect out of the way first. Anyone who loved Lord of the Rings will love The Hobbit (by the same director, Peter Jackson). Anyone who didn’t obviously won’t. Anyone who mildly enjoyed LOTR but wondered why it had to be so long – remember the endless pile-up of endings in Return of the King? – may well lose patience with the new film, for two reasons. First, because it’s based on a much shorter book (J.R.R. Tolkien’s Hobbit, written for kids, is 300 pages long) which it stretches out mercilessly, Unexpected Journey being the first instalment in a trilogy that’ll take us to Christmas 2014. Second, because – how to put this nicely? – it’s just more of the same. 

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Film review: Seven Psychopaths***

Is it coincidence, or market research? Suddenly the multiplex is awash with laddish, unabashedly violent entertainments aimed at young men: first Killing Me Softly (the best of the lot), then Lawless and now Seven Psychopaths, an ‘18’-rated comedy from the writer-director of In Bruges. At the moment, local cinemas are reserved for children under 12 – the inevitable pre-Christmas ’toons – and males in their early 20s. What happened to all the chick-flicks?

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Restaurant Review: Chopsticks, Nicosia

We are not overwhelmed by oriental cuisine in our capital and any opportunity to depart from the plethora of Italian and local tavernas serving up the usual very limited fare is to be valued. One aspect of every establishment that purports to serve the delights of Asia is that it must meet the requirements of the Cypriot diner, namely volume, not generally a feature of the originators, which mostly favours minimalism, presentation and essentially, flavour. So it was with this in mind I entered the Ledra street outpost of the Pagoda group; Chopsticks. 

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Bar review: Piaf Lounge Bar, Larnaca

As the winter season well and truly kicks in, the options for a good night out become restricted. With the roofs having slid across the open air clubs and the tourist bars of Ayia Napa in hibernation, many prefer to stay wrapped up at home on a weekend night rather than endure smoke-filled hours of tediousness in a loud, crowded club. However, there is another alternative from the common winter night out in Larnaca.

Piaf Lounge Bar opened exactly two years ago and did not exactly light up the Larnaca scene in the beginning, yet this small establishment has upped the ante in recent months, with a new approach that is becoming a very popular choice among outgoers of all ages. 

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