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Two cars torched in separate incidents

A CAR was torched yesterday at 1am as it was parked at a block of flats in Larnaca, police said. “The car belonging to a 52-year-old woman was parked near two other cars that were also damaged by the blaze. The fire service extinguished the fire which also caused damage to a flat that was directly above the parking lot,” Larnaca police spokesman, Christos Andreou said. Police investigations are focusing on the 52-year-old woman’s past, according to Andreou.

A second vehicle, a company car was also set on fire as it was parked in a field in Ayios Dometios in Nicosia around 2.15am, according to police. The car, which belongs to a construction company, was completely destroyed before fire services could extinguish the blaze. Nicosia CID is looking into the case.

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The world has spoken

THE UN General Assembly has now voted, by 138 votes to 9, with 41 abstentions and 5 no-shows, to recognize the existence as a state “of the State of Palestine on the Palestinian Territory occupied since 1967”. 

The “no” votes were cast by Israel, the United States, Canada, the Czech Republic, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau and Panama.

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The Rolling Stones – will it be the last time?

THREE songs into the gig and Mick sang out, ‘Well this could be the last time…’ It felt poignant, as the pipe cleaner thin pied piper, pranced and pirouetted, appealing across the stage to us, his faithful followers, from across the world. He was right, that was why we were there, why we’d dug deep into recession hit pockets to buy the extortionately priced tickets. Ordinary people: aging Dutch bikers in their leathers, a young doctor and her Dad from Belfast, a beer-gutted Yorkshire man discussing the cricket with his son, but one guessed we all shared lovingly looked after Sticky Fingers albums in our attics.

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For a brief moment, politics was shaken


CHILDREN CRIED, tugged by parents scrambling aimlessly in shock. A crowd of youths with ripped off shirts covering their faces hurled a volley of stones at police. One man seemingly accustomed to street battles walked calmly through the insidious mist holding a flaming torch. 

I later learnt the fire helped limit the invasive stranglehold of tear gas on the throat and eyes, which also explained why a small mob set a garbage bin alight outside the black gates of power. 

Amid the chaos, neat lines of black-clad mostly teenagers stood firm, wearing helmets. Their young age, uniformity, and blind discipline unnerved me. 

This was not Athens, Cairo, Tunis or Tripoli. This was Nicosia on the night of July 12, 2011. 

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