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Time’s up as Baghdatis edged out by ‘Baby Fed’

CYPRUS star Marcos Baghdatis fought back from a set and a break down to force a decider, but was eventually narrowly beaten by Bulgarian rising star Grigor Dimitrov 3-6 7-5 6-7 in the semi-finals of the Brisbane International on Saturday.

Dimitrov will now take on Britain’s Andy Murray after the US Open and Olympic champion eased into Sunday’s final when his opponent Kei Nishikori retired.

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The Greek dilemma with migrants


THE AIR smells of smoke: olive wood. Late into the night tractors laden with hessian sacks make their way to brightly illuminated village presses. The fine weather over New Year has rallied all to the fields to harvest the green gold. For in Messinia, there is no space, no matter how hard to reach or unpromisingly small, that cannot support an olive tree. It’s the time of year when city boys return from Athens to their grandparents smallholdings.  They’ll be pleased that if Samaras, the Peloponnesian, achieves nothing else, the new motorway joining Athens airport to Kalamata has cut the journey in half, to around two hours. Even so, there are not enough hands to help, without the migrant ones of Albanians and Romanians and, as in our small town, British.

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Our View: AKEL and the government have a nerve calling anyone a liar

THE RESPONSE of the government and AKEL to the interview given on Sigma TV by the former Central Bank governor Athanasios Orphanides was the predictable one.  Spokesman Stefanos Stefanou described the interview as “a nauseating crescendo”, accusing Orphanides of “re-emerging with the well-known lies and well-known wretchedness against the president, the government and AKEL.”

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Time is up for fine cheats


AS OF Monday police will start checking everyone leaving Cyprus through the island’s airports for those who have until now dodged paying fines or other outstanding payments to the state or courts, and those who don’t pay  up will be arrested, police said yesterday.

Members of the public, among them politicians, lawyers and prominent individuals, collectively owe the state €135 million in penalties, fines, overdue alimony payments, social insurance, and taxes.

The police chief has warned that people would be made to pay “whoever they are.” 

From Monday a month-long trial period involving checks, arrests, and payment collections at airports will begin.

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Petrol stations reopen after strike ends

PETROL station owners yesterday called off an indefinite Cyprus-wide strike after the interior minister agreed to review and impose stricter restrictions on licences for new stations.

The petrol station owners want to restrict the number of petrol stations – they say there are over 300 – so they can remain viable. 

On Thursday afternoon they announced an all-out indefinite strike, after their peers in the Famagusta district shut down shop because a licence was issued for a new petrol station on the Paralimni-Ayia Napa road. Motorists formed queues to fill up their tanks on Thursday night but operators stopped their plans yesterday afternoon, when Interior Minister Eleni Mavrou met with them and agreed to review 29 licences issued over the past two years.

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Jobless number jumps to 41,625

THE jobless rate jumped 26.5 per cent year-on-year in December, reaching 41,625 people, the statistical service said yesterday.

Based on the seasonally adjusted data that show the trend of unemployment, the number of registered unemployed for December 2012 rose to 40,184 persons compared with 39,116 the previous month. 

The annual rise was mainly observed in the sectors of trade – 1,960 people — accommodation and food service activities, 1,506, construction, 1,440, manufacturing, 755, and public administration, 519. 

Unemployment also rose among newcomers in the labour market where an increase of 674 people was recorded.

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Greek Pontians say 70 per cent unemployed

SEVENTY per cent of the 5,000 Greek Pontians living in Paphos are now unemployed according to the head of the Ayios Tryfonas club for Greek-Pontians in the district, Raoul Tsachides.

“The majority of those unemployed now were previously working in the hotel and construction industries,” he said.

Tsachides expressed his satisfaction with the increase in Russian visitors to Paphos over the last two years as it has resulted in an increase in Greek Pontian employment in the tourism industry, even if only on a seasonal basis, as many speak Russian themselves.

“A new wave of tourists from Russia is expected during the summer and I hope that local operators keep their word and create new positions in the next years to stop mass departures, mainly from Paphos,” he said.

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CB boss to meet eurozone ambassadors

CENTRAL Bank Governor Panicos Demetriades will on Monday meet the ambassadors of eurozone member-states in a bid to convince them of his determination to consolidate the island’s financial sector.

Reports said the issue of money laundering will also be discussed in light of  recent foreign media reports.

There have been several articles in the German press recently with European politicians expressing concern over handing bailout money to Cyprus when there were question marks over Russian money and allegations of money laundering.

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A new era for Orphanides

A GROUP of suppliers will be taking over control of a number of outlets belonging to Orphanides Supermarkets – the island’s biggest chain — in a bid to keep the beleaguered company going, it emerged yesterday.

According to an announcement, suppliers would take over management of a number of outlets for a period of 10 years with a view to securing the supermarkets’ ability to meet their obligations.

They will also employ the chain’s workers under the same conditions.

“It is certainly a positive development in the sense that everyone’s effort is to keep this supermarket alive,” said Marios Tsiakkis, deputy secretary general of the chamber of commerce and industry.

The new entity, Orphanides New Era is viewed positively by the banks, the announcement said.

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