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Meeting star documentary film maker Harun Farocki


Harun Farocki is a footballer. Not primarily, of course; not professionally. Harun is one of the world’s most esteemed documentary filmmakers and has been an important figure in German cinema for over 40 years, even before Cahiers du Cinéma published an essay asking ‘Who is Farocki?’ back in 1975. The current season of Farocki documentaries at the newly-opened Point Centre for Contemporary Art in Nicosia (seven films, running till February 15) is a major event. Yet, in addition to making sharp, often political cine-essays, the thin bespectacled man sitting opposite me in the lobby of the Holiday Inn has also played football, turning out for the same (amateur) Berlin team every Saturday for 25 years, work permitting.

‘What position did you play?’ I ask.

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A minute with… Chris Topliss Musician, live music venue owner and promoter

Where do you live?

I live in Xylophagou, Cyprus, but spend most of my time working in Ayia Napa at the Live Lounge live music venue in the main square. 


Best childhood memory?

Camping with my family in rainy Wales in tents that always leaked, fishing on the river and playing rubbish board games like yahtzee in a cold tent lol.


Most frequented restaurant and absolute favourite dish? 

The Limelight restaurant in Ayia Napa consistently delivers – I always take visiting bands and acts there for a full-on meat feast. Their rib-eye steak is the best.


What food would you really turn your nose up to?

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Merkel: no special terms for Cyprus

GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel said yesterday there could be no special bailout conditions for Cyprus that did not include the need for economic reforms such as privatisations, which have been ruled out by President Demetris Christofias.
At the same time, a senior member of Merkel’s centre-right coalition said the German parliament was unlikely to back financial aid for Cyprus at the present time due to concerns about transparency.
Merkel, who is expected on the island tomorrow for a gathering of European Union conservative parties, said yesterday there could be no special bailout conditions for Cyprus that did not include the need for economic reforms such as privatisations.

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An insight into Da Vinci

Think of Leonardo Da Vinci and it’s more than likely a plethora of infamous images will spring to mind. Perhaps you’ll remember the smile of the Mona Lisa in his most famous and parodied portrait, or maybe you’ll recall the splendour of The Last Supper in one of the most reproduced religious paintings of all time. Even those who claim to have little affiliation with the art world are bound to know a touch of trivia about his life and works. 

As the January blues set in this month, the Lanitis Centre in Limassol is calling out to crowds to enjoy something a little different, encouraging all to set sights on a whole range of exhibits dedicated to the man so often revered as a genius of the Renaissance era.

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Our View: Another instance of leaving it all to the last minute

MEMBERS of the House finance committee, reportedly, persuaded the Central Bank at a meeting on Tuesday night to try to push for a lower amount for the recapitalisation of the banks so that the debt Cyprus would require would be sustainable. As has been reported, if the recapitalisation amount decided by PIMCO – the company brought in to investigate the capital needs of the banks and co-ops – remained at €10 billion the Cyprus debt would be unsustainable, making the privatisation of semi-governmental organisations and a haircut of the government debt necessary.

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Coldest day yet closes roads and schools

THE coldest day of the winter so far, yesterday saw the closure of roads and schools in several areas as snowfall reached as far down as the village of Tseri in Nicosia.
With varying degrees of snowfall in all districts – Famagusta reported its first snows in 40 years –  a total of four mountain roads were closed yesterday with another 29 labelled by police as dangerous, while a total of eight primary schools and two secondary schools were shut, including several in the Paphos district.
Temperatures fell to 7C inland, between 10C and 11C on the coast and -2C in Prodromos. Overnight on Tuesday they had fallen to 1C inland, between 2C and 4C on the coast and -6C in mountain areas.

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Orphanides rubbishes AKEL laptop claims

FORMER Central Bank governor Athanasios Orphanides yesterday accused the leader of ruling AKEL of lying about the circumstances that led him to hold on to a pair of laptop hard drives after he left the job.
The issue emerged last September with Orphanides being accused of withholding data and documents belonging to the banking regulator.
The former governor rubbished the allegations at the time and threatened legal action.
“Any allegations that are not consistent with the events (outlined in a September 6, 2012 statement) are false and completely unsubstantiated,” Orphanides’ lawyers said yesterday.

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Pop meets classical

So, Christmas is over, and New Year’s Eve super-charged evening of decadence and debauchery was all over in flash, which means that for most of us, it’s back to the routine.

Work, school, bills, diets and screaming in horror at the bank balance… welcome to the wonder that is January. Things are always a little sluggish around this time of year, with most people inclined to stay home feeling the pinch after Christmas. But there’s no need for us to get depressed and gloomy about the end of the festive season as there is plenty going on across the island that is worthy of our attention.

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Over 2,000 sandwiches a day for schoolkids

AROUND 2,200 school breakfasts were picked up and delivered to primary schools around the island yesterday as part of the Shacolas’ Group contribution to the Education Ministry’s attempts to feed needy children.
It was the first day that returning needy pupils received their free breakfast.
“We are very happy with how things went and have received a positive first impression,” said former health minister Charis Charalambous who is chairman for the committee responsible for handing out the breakfasts. “Under our close supervision we have guaranteed the quality of food given to children is in line with the company’s reputation and we are sure that the programme will continue successfully,” he added.

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Charity cases double and triple in Limassol

THE NUMBER of breakfasts given out by the Limassol Bishopric to needy schoolchildren has tripled compared to this time last year, and the number of meals given to the poor has doubled according to the Bishop of Limassol, Athanasios.
“The number of breakfasts  being given to needy pupils this time last year was 480 but that number has increased to 1,312,” he said. “If you calculate the number of breakfasts given out by other parishes [in the Limassol district] that number reaches 1,450 a day,” he added.
He said the number of meals being given to needy members of the public had doubled from 300 this time last year to 600 this year. And, that doesn’t include the 200-300 people who also receive clothing, food packages and money according to the Bishop.

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