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Merkel visit fuels election acrimony


THE VISIT by German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday, and her and others’ clear support for presidential candidate Nicos Anastasiades, sparked a pre-election spat yesterday over the allegations of money laundering coming from Germany in recent weeks.

Clearly miffed by their opponent taking centre stage at the high-profile European People’s Party (EPP) summit Limassol, AKEL candidate Stavros Malas, and EDEK-backed Giorgos Lillikas laid into the DISY leader, accusing him of failing to defend the island’s good name to his EU buddies.

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Our View: We must discard our immature, xenophobic political culture


BLAMING foreigners or other countries for Cyprus’ woes is a habit as old as the Republic. In a few cases in the past this may have been justified, but in most it was nothing more than convenient way for our politicians to deflect attention away from their own blunders, errors of judgment and fear of taking decisions. On their side, they always had the media which were more than happy to give substance to these theories, uncritically reproducing claims of conspiracies, traps and stabs in the back by other countries or international organisations.

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Tales from the Coffeeshop: Clapped out commie rulers come out of the closet


WITH ONLY a few weeks left in office and their puppet candidate having no chance of winning the elections, our clapped-out commie rulers, have come out of the closet, no longer bothering hiding their Stalinist mind-set.

AKEL’s apparatchiks at the Central Bank (CB) decided to step up their ongoing character assassination attempts against the former Governor Athanasios Orphanides, by bringing up, once again, the ridiculous matter of the hard disks, which they have insisted, he was keeping illegally.

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State backs off from cuts to disabled benefits


THE labour ministry has called off plans to cut benefits for disabled people although reductions will go ahead on a car allowance and the holiday grant scheme, the umbrella organisation for the disabled has said.

“The reductions have been called off,” said the head of the Cyprus Confederation of Organisations of the Disabled (KYSOA), Christos Nicolaides.

The government originally planned to cut benefits for the severely disabled and to the blind by 9.0 per cent.

Disabled groups protested, arguing that the measures would be hard to bear for many of their peers who are already on the poverty line.

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Orphanides suppliers pushing ahead with new entity


A GROUP of Orphanides suppliers said yesterday they were  pushing ahead with plans to take over management of some outlets in order to secure the indebted supermarkets’ ability to stay afloat.

The suppliers have formed a new entity, Orphanides New Era and have proposed taking over management of sixteen key outlets 

“A large number of suppliers have committed in writing to participate in Orphanides New Era. The rest are expected to respond by Wednesday the latest,” an announcement said yesterday. 

Orphanides owes millions to suppliers and major banks, and a large number of contractors – many present at yesterday’s meeting –have stopped supplying the chain.

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Over 5,000 ‘green jobs’ to be created


SOME 5,500 new job posts will be created this year in sectors dealing with the environment, labour minister Sotiroulla Charalambous said yesterday.

Another 5,500 jobs will be made available because of the need to replace outgoing people, bringing the figure of available jobs to 11,000, Charalambous said referring to an unpublished survey by the Human Resource Development Authority (AnAD).

The AnAD survey will be published at a later stage, Charalambous said but did not specify when.

She said that a number of programmes were in place targeting youth unemployment, including schemes from AnAD, and called on people to make use of available resources.

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Stepping up to the task: a look back at Cyprus’ EU presidency


IT’S DONE. The Cyprus EU presidency ended on the last day of 2012 without any major mishaps, collateral damage, or blowback expected.  

On the contrary, the Cyprus government and its Europeanised mandarins passed the reins over to Ireland with their heads held high amid praise from the centres of EU power, confirming Cyprus’ coming of age as an EU member state. 

Swedish Member of the European Parliament Cecilia Wikstrom said before the Committee on Legal Affairs last month: “We will feel the effects of the Cyprus presidency for the decades to come. (The) Presidency did a groundbreaking work.” 

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Conspiracy theory livens up dull election campaign

TRUTH be told, the presidential election campaign has thus far been rather dull, taking a back seat to the New-Year austerity blues. It needed a shake up. Enter independent presidential candidate Giorgos Lillikas.
And shake it up he did. The delivery device? A conspiracy theory which, though subsequently dismissed as ludicrous, nonetheless has dominated the news this week.
Lillikas accused DISY of planning to give some of its votes to AKEL-backed candidate Stavros Malas in the first round of voting on February 17, thus boosting the latter’s unimpressive numbers and allowing him to progress to the runoff ballot a week later. The objective is, apparently, to knock Lillikas out of the race on the first Sunday of voting.

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The cat lady of Paphos old town

FOR THE past 12 years, Gaynor Georgiou has been spending hundreds of euros of her own money each month feeding and caring for scores of stray cats living in the old town of Paphos.
The 69-year-old pensioner says she now spends around 490 euros of her 600 euro monthly pension on food and other necessities for more than 130 strays in the area.
“I used to work in Paphos market in the old town and was feeding a few feral cats for years. But for the last 12 years the numbers have grown to more than 130.”
The cat lover, originally from the UK, met her Cypriot husband in London when she was just 16 years old. She married him and the pair moved to Paphos almost 25 years ago.

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Professionals team up for hard-hitting drink drive campaign

IN AN effort to raise public awareness of the devastation caused by drink driving, a group of like-minded professionals joined forces to produce a hard-hitting and thought-provoking TV ad of European standards which was aired repeatedly on television networks over Christmas and New Year.
Created in cooperation with a number of local professionals, the ad was conceived by Paul Iacovou, the managing director of the Nicosia-based digital branding agency Navajo Digital.

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