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Veteran Turkish journalist Mehmet Ali Birand dies

TURKISH journalist Mehmet Ali Birand, whose documentaries and books helped shape many Turks’ understanding of their recent tumultuous history, died in Istanbul late on Thursday.

Birand suffered cardiac arrest due to complications while undergoing gallbladder surgery, according to the Hurriyet Daily News for which he worked.

His book “30 Hot Days” was an insider-like account of the international manoeuvring by Britain, the United States, Turkey and Greece that followed Turkey’s 1974 invasion of Cyprus. Birand was a regular attendee at events involving major developments on Cyprus over the years.

The 71-year-old had been battling cancer, for which he had had surgery in 2011.

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French navy ship due next week


The French Navy vessel L’Adroit will call at Limassol port between January 24 and 26.

The OPV (off-shore patrol vessel) L’Adroit was officially made available to the French Navy and has been built on a self-funded basis by French naval shipbuilder DCNS. The L’Adroit provides numerous innovative and unrivalled capabilities designed specifically for maritime security.  

This new generation vessel carries all the prevention and action assets necessary for surveillance and policing tasks at sea: fast boats for commandos, assault and transport helicopters, unmanned surveillance vehicles (UAVs).

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Second-place win in 2012 brings national FameLab back

AFTER last year’s success with Cypriot Ioannis Karypides winning 2nd place at FameLab, the science competition is back.

European House, and the British Council in collaboration with the Research promotion Foundation yesterday announced the commencement of the 3rd national FameLab competition, taking place in May this year.

Cyprus has a strong background in the history of the contest. In 2011, Myrtani Pieri, the first Cypriot to take part, was also the first woman to win the contest. Last year, Ioannis Karypides won 2nd prize.

The goal of the contest is to encourage the general public, and young scientists in particular, to inspire and highlight the people’s imagination for 21st century science.

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Chicken and egg in Israel

ISRAELI Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was once seen as a right-wing figure. Now he’s widely considered to be a moderate. But it’s not Netanyahu who has changed; Israel has. His governing coalition will certainly win the largest number of seats in the Knesset (parliament) again in the election on 22 January, but his new government will contain lots of people who make him look very moderate indeed.

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Mali: silencing the music

WE ALL have a favourite album. Mine is Talking Timbuktu, the collaboration between the great Malian musician Ali Farka Tourι and Ry Cooder. Arguably it’s some of the best guitar playing you’ll ever hear. Ali died in 2006 but his son Vieux carries the sound onward, that curious mix of African soul and heart with a blues base.

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