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Tales from the coffeshop: A triumph of hope over experience

THE COMMIE apparatchiks running the Central Bank decided to call in the cops to investigate the leaking of the ‘sensitive’ information about the European Central Bank’s plan to stop offering emergency liquidity assistance to our banks.
Why did they take so long to report a leak to the AG that took place in November? Were they waiting for instructions from the AKEL Central Committee, or is this another farce like the sending of the private bailiff to the Lefkara house of the former Governor to collect the hard-drives of his laptop?

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Our view: without a radical change of mentality and work practices in the state sector nothing will improve

CYPRUS has lost its edge as a financial services centre, said former President George Vassiliou who conducted a survey of a sizeable number of law, auditing and tax advisory firms. Presenting the findings of his survey on Wednesday, Vassiliou said it was of paramount importance to speed up procedures at government departments and computerise state services.

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Time to look beyond sun and sand

FACING hard times because of the crisis, with many hotels shutting for the winter due to crippling fuel bills, those in the mountains say it is time for Cyprus to move beyond its sun and sand image and promote all of the island.
It is a stance backed up by presidential candidate Nicos Anastassiades, who is tipped to win. “The region of Troodos is a unique destination, combining natural beauty, streams, waterfalls, amazing footpaths and rare flora and fauna,” he said in a speech given in the Troodos region, during which he revealed his plan to develop the area if he is to be elected.

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For sale: moufflon at €1,200 each

THE Forestry Department is looking at increasing the sale of moufflon, deer, wood for burning and seeds for various plants in an effort to boost state coffers.
The department has released a new catalogue with prices lists for such things as Christmas trees, charges for renting camping-site spaces or even staying in local hotels, and of course, the Cyprus moufflon.
“The moufflon has been on sale for years now,” said Senior Forest Conservator for the Forestry Department, Andreas Christou. “To clarify though, the moufflon is not for sale to any members of the public, it must be an organisation looking to buy,” he added.

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13 Limassol families left without a home

THIRTEEN Limassol-based families each paid hundreds of thousands of euro for residential estates in Fasoula but have been left hanging after the contractor and property developer folded without ever building anything, a DISY deputy has said.
“The families bought real estate land in 2007 with [some] companies undertaking to build new residential units within nine months according to the terms of the contract,” said Limassol-based DISY MP Efthimios Diplaros.
But all works were stopped in July 2010, with the companies folding and “leaving these families vulnerable, indebted and without a home, while the bank pushed these people to pay off the companies’ debts to avoid foreclosing on their properties,” he added.

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‘State officials not ruled by party politics’

GOVERNMENT offices and officials are independent of any political party, AKEL said yesterday as the furore surrounding the leak of confidential information from the Central Bank rumbled on.
On Friday it was revealed the leaked information was reportedly in relation to the European Central Bank’s (ECB) decision to cut emergency liquidity help to Cyprus if there was no memorandum agreement by January 20. The attorney-general has asked the police to investigate a complaint filed by the Central Bank in relation to the leaking of confidential information.

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Presidential candidates back policies they have taken no action on so far

PRESIDENTIAL candidates say they are in favour of democratic reform and transparency but none have demonstrated this in practice, a think tank has said.
“It is worth asking why reformation [on democracy and meritocracy] has not taken place, and why during their political career the candidates have not worked towards adopting them,” Thoukidides Think Tank said, asking why there was a difference between what politicians say and what politicians do.
Presidential candidates’ views seem to be aligned with the public’s opinions about introducing horizontal voting, using referendums on important issues, introducing the same terms of employment for the private and public sectors, and introducing transparency on party finances, the think tank said.

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Deportee arrested

A 38-year-old man followed a man in a car and threatened him in Protaras on Friday night, ran away, and later attacked police with a broomstick and a kitchen knife, authorities said.
The Bulgarian man was deported from Cyprus in 2010 “for a number of crimes” but is thought to have made his way back via the occupied areas, Famagusta police spokesman George Economou said.
At about 11pm on Friday night a Greek Cypriot employee at a hotel in Protaras told police that as he was driving into work he realised he had been followed by another car. When he parked at the hotel, his pursuer got out and threatened to kill him with a knife unless he gave him money, he said.
The hotel employee hit him on his hand and the man dropped his knife, running away.

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Mosque charges

THREE youths, aged 17, 18 and 21, have been charged with vandalising an 18th century mosque in Denia last week, authorities said.
In their testimonies the three Greek Cypriots said they had demolished the north and south walls of the mosque that had only started being restored earlier in the month.
The trio have been charged and released.

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