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A minute with Sertari (Nicola K) Singer/songwriter

Where do you live?
I live in the UK in a quiet village in the south – it’s nice as it’s a great place to write songs, very scenic.

Best childhood memory?
Family holidays in Cyprus

Most frequented restaurant and absolute favourite dish?
I like to try many new places so don’t have one place in particular that I go to all the time however I am now a big lover of Thai food, a good red curry would do me, although I do also love a good pitta souvlaki but I have to go to Cyprus for this as they do it best

What did you have for breakfast?
A good slice of toast with honey – yum ! Cant forget the coffee either

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Film review: Django Unchained***

Django was a (white) gunslinger in the 1960s spaghetti Western, but he’s a (black) slave in Quentin Tarantino’s three-hour version – not a remake, but a completely different film. Django was played by Franco Nero, who turns up in a cameo here as an Italian slave-owner (“I know,” he says with meaning when it’s pointed out that the ‘D’ in ‘Django’ is silent) – a very Tarantino touch, QT being of course the video-store geek whose head is crammed with details of every disreputable 60s and 70s genre. This is ostensibly a spaghetti Western but actually borrows more from the Southern-plantation exploitation movies of the 70s, especially the notorious Mandingo (1975) and its sequel Drum (1976).

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Film review: Texas Chainsaw 3D*

Does it offend my film-buff sensibilities that Texas Chainsaw 3D – the latest bit of trashy fun for horror junkies – opens with clips from the original, 1974 Texas Chainsaw Massacre, a subterranean B-movie that’s become a cult classic? Not really – but I do worry about impressionable youngsters tracking down and downloading the original (or paying for a physical DVD, but let’s not kid ourselves here), eagerly switching on their laptops and sitting down to discover … nothing. The original TCM has very little gore, operating as a low rumble of tension with an undertow of sick comedy. ‘Where’s the splatter?’ 21st-Century Kid will cry, misled by those opening clips. ‘Where’s the blood spurting straight into camera?

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Restaurant Review: Dia Chiros Periclis Roussounides, Nicosia

How many restaurants in Nicosia are packed to capacity on a chill Wednesday night in January? Not many. So what has drawn the crowds to ‘Pericli’: it’s the food.
My companion and I arrive at eight, the place is not jumping; not wishing to disturb the silence we loiter outside for a while with a bottle of Petritis Kyperounda and take our table in a hushed establishment simply furnished in white linen.

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Bar review: Amalfi Cafι & Amalfi Plus, Larnaca

Whatever the season, and regardless of the economic climate, there are always two things Cypriots cannot go without: coffee and conversation. And Larnaca’s ever popular hangout in the heart of the town centre Amalfi Cafι, along with its more youthful alternative next door, Amalfi Plus has a plentiful supply of both.

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