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Who will save the Karpas?


GREEK Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots are mobilising to try and stop the carving up of one of the last bastions of nature in Cyprus, the remote Karpas peninsula in the north, which is being destroyed for the sake of a road but no one is listening. (See extended report by Simon Bahceli in Features) 

People on both sides have been left shocked and horrified at photos posted on social media during the week showing the extent of the destruction being visited on the last remaining wilderness in the north, and the second last on the island after the Akamas.

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Our View: Economy will benefit from deregulation of industrial relations


THE RECESSION could not have left industrial relations unaffected. Unions have gone on the warpath after the announcement of a universal pay freeze by employers’ organisations and the many years of industrial peace appear to be over. Unrest had been simmering, with construction workers on an indefinite strike and unions considering a general strike, but the employers’ announcement was seen as a declaration of war.

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Tales from the Coffeeshop: Almost free of the commie yoke


ONLY TWO weeks away from elections that will peacefully free us from the communist yoke and allow us to view the future with a little less pessimism, our establishment feels it should take a superficial look at the candidates and help its customers decide, at least, whom not to vote for.  

Before writing anything, Patroclos did the test prepared by TEPAK (the state technical university), which processes your answers on a set of election issues and informs you which candidate’s positions you are closest to, as this was easier than reading up all the campaign bumph prepared by them.

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Crisis hits ambulance service


IT APPEARS that those hoping to see a new ambulance service being rolled out early this year will have to wait, as the long-awaited and much-needed upgrade has fallen victim to the economic crisis plaguing the island.

Despite training the personnel and procuring the equipment, the finance ministry appears unwilling or unable to release the necessary funds, around €250,000 per year, to get the programme running.

The state trained 49 rescuers, although the plan was to initially hire 24 to staff four new ambulance stations around Cyprus – Klirou, Peyia, Limassol town centre and Oroklini.

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PIMCO report not made public


THE company tasked with assessing the recapitalisation needs of Cypriot banks ahead of a bailout delivered its final report yesterday but the results were not made public.

“The results will be published when the memorandum of understanding between the Republic of Cyprus and its international lenders is signed,” the Central Bank said in an announcement.

A final agreement is expected after the new government takes over, sometime in March. By that time, a detailed plan will be drafted that will define the banks’ needs, the announcement added.

Investment managers PIMCO were hired to carry out due diligence on bank portfolios that would determine their needs ahead of a bailout sought by Cyprus in June last year.

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Radical changes to facilitate mobility


THE interior ministry is preparing a bill designed to minimise risks to people with disabilities or reduced mobility when accessing roads and buildings, the government said yesterday.

“The objective is to ensure that every road and structure will be planned and constructed so as its use will not entail unacceptable dangers,” Interior Minister Eleni Mavrou said.

She stressed that it was not just people with disabilities who had accessibility problems – there were also those who will possibly experience reduced mobility at some stage in their life like the elderly, pregnant women and small children.

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Online tool for undecided voters


STILL WONDERING who to vote for in this month’s presidential election, or whether to vote at all? 

Having a hard time deciding which candidate represents your positions on key issues? 

The Cyprus University of Technology (TEPAK) has come up with a new online tool which helps Cypriot voters find out which presidential candidate is closer to their positions. 

The ‘Choose4Cyprus’ website, found at www.choose4Cyprus.com, is described as “an interactive, entertaining and informative online application that enables voters to discover the degree of proximity of their political positions with the positions of the presidential candidates”. 

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Group of individuals sought after man shot 

POLICE were yesterday seeking a group of individuals – thought to be foreign EU nationals – suspected of shooting and slightly injuring a 29-year-old Nicosia man after a squabble on Friday night.

Police said the man was driving home near Anthoupolis at around 10.20pm when at some point he noticed a group of people blocking the road.

The man got out of his car and asked them to move but they refused and when he turned around to return to his car, the 29-year-old claimed he was shot in the back.

He went home and then to hospital where he was examined by a state pathologist who found a superficial wound caused by small pellets.

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A disastrous folly: the destruction of the Karpas


WHEN a family of nature-loving Germans took me on my first trip to the tip of the Karpas peninsula in the late 1980s, it took a whole day to get there. 

Having left Kyrenia early one September morning, and stopping only for mittagsessen und pipi on the way, our ropey Volkswagen bus didn’t reach the beach that everyone now calls Golden Sands until late afternoon. 

We parked on the edge of a dune and ran, our faces beaming ecstatic smiles, down the slope to be met by nothing but a vast expanse of sand and sea as far as the aqua blue horizon. We were totally and utterly alone with only nature to keep us company. The stars I saw that night were the brightest and most numerous I’d ever witnessed.

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