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From Putin to Vanuatu


After working for Russian leaders Yeltsin and Putin, one former Russian diplomat has taken to the skies to reflect on the beauty of the world when seen from afar. THEO PANAYIDES meets him


We’ve been sitting outside for 10 minutes, at the poolside café in the Nicosia Hilton, when Sergey Yastrzhembsky says something quite shocking. Let’s go inside, he suggests, it’s getting chilly. I mumble my assent and look at him strangely: did a born-and-bred Muscovite really just say that? Can’t he handle a sunny – if indeed slightly cold – morning in Nicosia? What kind of Russian is he?

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A minute with Alberto Civitella

Knight Officer as awarded by the Italian government; and Gran Maestro della Ristorazione by AMIRA Italian Maitre D’Hotel Council. He also runs courses teaching people to cook authentic, home style Italian cuisine in Larnaca


Where do you live?

I live in Torre del Greco that you’ll find in the Naples Province in Italy. I live with my wife and two unmarried kids.


Best childhood memory?

The carefree days of adolescence were idyllic – long lazy days where I was allowed to spend my day by the sea on the beach no matter what.


Most frequented restaurant and absolute favorite dish? 

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Go for it

While boot camps are all the rage two Paphos-based fitness trainers have opened an outdoor exercise park to encourage people to push themselves to fitness where they promise there will be no bellowing. BEJAY BROWNE checks it out



The mere mention of the words Boot Camp are enough to terrify most people as they conjure up images of purple-faced participants being bellowed at by a large ex-servicemen with lungs the size of a small country. And while the term may be a little bit strong for a new fitness park in Paphos the idea behind it is similar – to hang, swing, climb and jump your way to fitness.

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Back to basics

Crafting seems to have taken the world by storm and Cyprus has not been left behind. ALIX NORMAN surfs the latest hobby wave


When I was five I found some gorgeously expensive midnight blue velvet in a cupboard and made a dress for my Barbie. I carefully cut out the front and the back and gleefully sewed the whole thing up. Imagine my chagrin on discovering the doll had arms; imagine my mother’s distress on finding the fabric earmarked for a friend’s blouse now boasted a Barbie-sized hole in one leg. After grounding both Barbie and me for a week, my hapless parent made a sensible decision: teach her daughter to sew. 

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Restaurant review: Taverna Napa, Ayia Napa

Tucked away on the main Democratias Street into Ayia Napa you’ll find this warm and inviting tavern, where the menu is authentically local, fresh and unpretentious.

How wonderful to be able to escape my freezing cold house on a winter’s night and take my parents to a spot which oozed with warmth from the flickering glow of a log fire and gas burners dotted around the room – it’s a simple place which has managed to escape the worst ravages of tourism and still bursts with rustic charm.

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Bar review: C House, Nicosia

Driving to work every morning on Georgiou Griva Digenis Avenue through Engomi always gets me asking how, despite the economic crisis that everyone is talking and complaining about, do all of the numerous cafés on the street remain packed? All of the big chains have lined up on the left as you head into Nicosia, following the lead of Coffee Beanery, which was the first one to risk not opening up in the centre of town. The risk paid off, although it did mean that everyone jumped on the bandwagon diluting the market, with the most recent addition, the more upscale chain, C House Lounge & Bar Café. 

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Violent scuffles at Paphos building site


VIOLENCE erupted in Paphos yesterday when police confronted striking builders who tried to stop strikebreakers who were brought in to take over the work at a hotel construction site.

Three people were arrested during the trouble on Posidonos Avenue, which began at around 9am when some 50 strikebreakers tried to enter the site, which was being guarded by construction workers on day nine of an islandwide strike.

Police intervened in a bid to restore order, arresting two striking workers and a female union official in the process as both police and builders pushed and shoved each other. Television footage showed one police officer shouting abuse at the striking builders as he moved to push them out of the way.

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Our View: Bondholders unlikely to get anywhere collectively

IN CYPRUS, the rule seems to be that those who make a lot of noise, usually, get what they demand. The holders of Contingent Convertible bonds of Laiki and Bank of Cyprus are hoping the rule applies to them as well, which is why they have held protest gatherings, put pressure on politicians and held meetings with bankers and ministry officials. Last Thursday they demonstrated outside the banks, eventually storming the Bank of Cyprus headquarters in Nicosia, loudly demanding to see the chairman.

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Bread and work, not hunger and unemployment, say protesters

CASUAL government workers who lost their jobs in austerity-related cuts yesterday protested outside the finance ministry and warned they would not vote in this month’s presidential elections.

The protesters, who demanded the reversal of the decision, were among 992 seasonal government employees who will not be re-hired as part of the conditions of a preliminary bailout agreement between Cyprus and international lenders.

The cuts will save the state €9.6 million a year.

One man who was literally in tears shouted: “What can we do? Where can we go?”

“When your child wakes up asking you for a glass of milk and you have none to give? I’ve had enough. How much can we take?” he added. 

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