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Confidence lost in EU food chain

THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION last night proposed increased DNA testing of meat products to assess the scale of a scandal involving horse meat sold as beef that has shocked the public and raised concern over the continent’s food supply chains.

“The tests will be on DNA in meat products in all member states,” European Union Health Commissioner Tonio Borg told reporters after a ministerial meeting in Brussels to discuss the affair.

The initial one-month testing plan would include premises handling horsemeat to check whether potentially harmful equine medicine residues have entered the food chain, Borg said, with the first results expected by mid-April.

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Our View: Talk of a haircut on deposits beggars belief

HAS CYPRUS angered its European partners so much that they are now considering punishing bank depositors and annihilating the banks? The latter would be a certainty if the Eurogroup even discussed the preposterous idea of a haircut of bank deposits that was contained in a confidential memo prepared by the European Commission and leaked to the Financial Times

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New meds price list a rip off, says MP

INTRODUCING a prescription transaction fee at private pharmacies, and deregulating the price of over-the-counter medicines (OTC) means consumers will be paying more for medicines, EDEK MP Marinos Sizopoulos said yesterday. 

Sizopoulos called a news conference following the health ministry’s updated pricelist for medicines, published on Monday, which brought about an average reduction of 7.0 per cent but introduced the one euro transaction fee. 

The MP criticised the fee because it would mean patients paying more for even small transactions.

“(Consumers) would need to pay €4.50 for medicine worth €3.50, a 28.6 per cent per cent increase, and they would pay €11 for drugs worth €10, a 10 per cent increase,” Sizopoulos said. 

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No news conference but Christofias will address nation

PRESIDENT DEMETRIS Christofias will address the nation tomorrow night, providing an overview of the achievements of his government in the last five years. 

Christofias had originally planned to hold a press conference today at midday. The presidential palace sent out invites last week to journalists to attend the live event scheduled for today. 

However, the palace press office informed news outlets yesterday morning that the press conference, where Christofias would have accepted questions from journalists present, had been cancelled. No reason was given for the cancellation. 

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Toxic factories shut down

THE labour ministry announced yesterday that it had issued notice, effective immediately, for the closure of the two chemical factories in Pera-Chorio Nisou. 

The department of labour inspection issued the notice, stating the factories seriously threatened the health of employees.

The decision was made following the meeting between representatives from the village and Labour Minister, Sotiroulla Charalambous, on February 8, after residents had closed off the two factories, citing serious health concerns. The minister had told the representatives she would implement the law which fell under the ministry’s jurisdiction.

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Worst winter tourism season in 20 years

ALTHOUGH Cyprus saw an overall 3.0 per cent increase in tourist arrivals to 2.46 million in 2012, the island is going through the worst winter season in 20 years, head of the Cyprus Hotels Association (PASYXE) Haris Loizides said yesterday. 

Speaking at the 35th Annual General Meeting of the association in Nicosia, Loizides spoke of the significant role the tourist industry plays in dealing with the consequences of the economic crisis and he said the “stagnant” industry needed more support from the government.

The theme of this years’ conference was ‘Building our future through sustainable strategic alliances by taking advantage of our proven benefits’.

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Angry investors disrupt Popular shareholders’ meet

A MEETING of Popular Bank shareholders was disrupted yesterday as bondholders who claim they’ve been cheated, could not restrain their anger and rage. 

The meeting was abruptly ended by head of the board Andreas Philippou after bondholders became overly vociferous shouting” thieves, thieves’ and “get out, get out”.

Police were forced to intervene when some of the angry bondholders moved threateningly towards members of the board, forcing Philippou to call a premature end to the meeting

The bondholders said they recognised however that it was not the bank’s current board which was to blame for allegedly deceiving them when they invested.

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Who do you trust to answer this phone call?

HEAD of the Cyprus Citizens’ Movement Andis Christoforides yesterday accused the broadcasting authority of “arbitrary censorship” after the latter ordered television channels to pull a paid ad campaign video for presidential candidate Giorgos Lillikas called ‘The Nightmare’. 

The 32-second video shows the facade of the presidential palace a month after the presidential elections. A phone rings in the palace, and the caller, with a slight American accent, is heard congratulating the new president on his election. 

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