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As usual cronyism will determine the election results

The final election debate on Monday night for some had turned into a  nightmare with the reporters digging into their past and personal financial transactions – for it has come back to haunt them.

The motto of communists is to NEVER admit a mistake and Malas stood his ground and strongly refused to admit that Christofias and his government made ANY mistakes while in office.

Such attitude is certainly an insult to peoples’ intelligence as if they are stupid, and have no mind of their own.

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A minute with Sofoclis Aletraris Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment

Where do you live?

In Strovolos with my wife Chryso and our dog, Max.


Best childhood memory? 

A gift I got and used to wear when I played football with other kids in Ayios Dometios: a pair of Olympiakos Piraeus socks. The other kids used to call me ‘Botino’ (a famous player of Olympiakos). 


Most frequented restaurant and absolute favourite dish? 

Definitely for souvlaki at Kostas’ tavern in Ayios Dometios or at Koumbaroi tavern in Makedonitissa. 


What did you have for breakfast?

Full-fat halloumi cheese (made from sheep and goat’s milk), whole-wheat bread. 


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Tourists who shoot

An exhibition this week turns the tables on visitors to tourist hotspots, showing photographs of them taking photographs. ALIX NORMAN gets a sneak preview


Next time you’re on holiday and take out your camera: stop. Before you contort your face and assume an unnatural pose to get the shot you want: look around. Because among the hundreds of tourists snapping away, there might be someone who’s not focusing on the view: they’re focused on you! Tourists of the world, beware: you are the subject of the photography exhibition: Tourists Who Shoot, and the woman behind the lens is Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert.

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Bringing history to life

Relations between Cyprus and Germany are currently strained over eurozone bailouts but the bond has been solid for the last 800 years discovers ALIX NORMAN


Germany and Cyprus: it’s not a partnership that springs immediately to mind. Cyprus and Greece, of course; Cyprus and Britain, certainly; Cyprus and Italy, evidenced by the Venetian Walls. But the current exhibition entitled ‘Cyprus – Germany. 800 years of history and culture’ proves how little I know.

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Film review: Flight**

John Gatins has received an Oscar nomination for best original screenplay for this film. He worked on it for 12 years apparently. So while I am very happy for the man (an impressive amount of time to spend on one film), it might have been a bit better if he had worked on it less and made it a tad shorter. Denzel Washington’s performance is fine, really quite good (also Oscar nominated) – as a pilot whose serious addiction to alcohol and cocaine presumably played some small part in him alienating his ex-wife and teenage son, but also miraculously seems to be instrumental in him steering a passenger jet to safety despite engine failure and bits falling off.

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Film review: Gambit***

The Coen Brothers seem to like remaking old movies these days, as we know from The Ladykillers and True Grit. Some might say that is just being lazy. Why bother unless you have something to add? The 1966 original of Gambit starring Michael Caine and Shirley MacLaine is somewhat dated now, but as dated art heist, comedy capers go, it still works reasonably well. And even watching it now, the young Mr Caine has a certain appeal as a suave cockney cat burglar posing as an old Etonian while attempting to rip off the world’s richest man.

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Restaurant review: Caprice, Limassol

There are times when the hectic routines of our daily lives demand we spoil ourselves during the weekend and what better way to do so than a delightful gourmet meal. It was with this in mind I treated myself in the best way possible by choosing to dine at the Caprice, located within the Londa hotel in Limassol. 

Location-wise, Caprice has all the advantages a restaurant within a hotel can offer. It is ideally placed to have a superb sea view that remains enchanting all day. The atmosphere is of muted elegance and serenity, so you instinctively leave your hectic routine at the door and just thoroughly enjoy your meal with nothing in mind.

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