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Regulating collective agreements would be a ‘time bomb'

LEGAL regulation of collective agreements would be a time bomb, employers warned yesterday, registering their strong objection to a government bill that authorises the labour minister to extend agreements to all employers in a given sector.

The chamber of commerce and industry (KEVE) said attempting to change the system would create huge upheaval and deal a blow to labour peace.

“Free negotiations and the industrial relations code will be undermined,” KEVE said. “Such an action will be a time-bomb to the successful three-way cooperation based on free collective negotiations between social partners.”

The bill, approved by cabinet on Thursday, was submitted to parliament yesterday.

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Viewers can complain about election coverage

THE Radio and Television Broadcasting Authority of Cyprus yesterday announced that its offices would remain open during this Sunday’s presidential election to provide information or receive complaints from members of the public. 

The offices will be open on Sunday from 9am until polling stations close at 6pm. Members of the public may contact the Authority by calling 22512468.  

The announcement reminded the public that people may call a separate number- 80004444- on a 24-hour basis where they may leave an answering message either passing on views or suggestions or complaints to the Authority of possible legal violations by radio or television broadcasters.   

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Three arrests in Limassol after street fight


THREE PEOPLE were arrested on suspicion of damaging cars and restaurants on Navarino Street in Limassol last night after a gang of thugs tried to engage in a street fight with Kurds holding a peaceful demonstration in the coastal town. 

According to a police spokesman, at around 7pm, a group of around 200 Kurds held a peaceful march through the city to protest against the continued imprisonment of their leader Abdullah Ocalan in Turkey. 

During last night’s march, two Greek Cypriots in a car allegedly swore at the Kurdish demonstrators as they passed by. Police quickly intervened to prevent any altercation, said the spokesman. 

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Two in hospital after being run over

THE 62-YEAR-OLD woman who had her leg amputated after being struck by a car in Limassol on Thursday night was still in critical condition yesterday as she recovered in Limassol General Hospital. 

According to a police spokesman a car being driven by a 42-year-old woman at around 6.10pm, collided with another car being driven by a 33-year-old man which changed course and hit the 62-year-old pedestrian. 

She was taken to Limassol General Hospital where doctors amputated her leg. She remained yesterday in critical condition.

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New cars torched

A FIRE caused extensive damage to two cars parked at a dealership in Limassol at around 12.40am yesterday, police said. 

According to a police spokesman the unregistered cars were parked next to each other in a fenced-off area. The fire was extinguished by the fire service but not before causing severe damage to both cars. The cars are valued at around €35,000 and €40,000 each. From investigations carried out at the scene police concluded it was an arson attack.

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Paradigm shift required within the EU


THE CYPRIOT economy is undoubtedly facing serious structural problems.  ?he key to overcoming the crisis lies in fiscal rationalisation, bank recapitalisation, reform of the financial sector and the further diversification of the economy with the development of new engines for growth.  

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