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A minute with Andreas C Chrysafis, artist


Where do you live?

I live with my wife between Cyprus (Latchi) and London

Best childhood memory? 

When I caught my first small fish at Petres in Famagusta on a safety pin, and ran to offer it to my father as a treat, only to discover that he bought fish (very rare) that same day. What a let down!

Most frequented restaurant and absolute favourite dish?

At Souli Hotel and have grilled fish and grill fresh Kalamari.

What food would you really turn your nose up to? 

I will not eat anything with tofu

What did you have for breakfast? 

Fresh olives that I prepare and wholewheat koullourakia

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Film review: Argo****


“Can you teach someone to be a director in one day?” asks Ben Affleck (as CIA man Tony Mendez) in Argo. “You can teach a rhesus monkey to be a director in one day!” replies Alan Arkin (as a Hollywood producer) dismissively. That’s not true, however. Being a good director is a rare skill – and one that Affleck himself clearly possesses, having burst onto the scene with the startlingly powerful Gone Baby Gone, dipped slightly with the trite (but well-made) The Town, and now recovered with this hugely entertaining caper. Argo isn’t deep but it does what Hollywood movies are supposed to do (and mostly don’t): moves well, builds dramatic tension, and makes you cheer at the end.

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Film review: Anna Karenina *


Good films are all alike; every bad film is bad in its own way. It’s a cute idea – echoing the famous opening line of Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina – but probably inaccurate. The sad truth is that most bad films are bad in exactly the same dull, uninspired way – which is why this new version of Anna Karenina is so notable. I dislike the film, but it’s hard to begrudge those who like it (it got excellent reviews); it’s ambitious, original and tries for something imaginative. It’s also a mess, a half-baked farrago of bad ideas (and a couple of good ones).

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Restaurant review: Prometheus Community Centre, Paphos

The Prometheus Community Centre in the heart of Moutallos proudly carries the moniker of the Titan God charged with the tricky task of moulding mankind out of clay, but he upset the all powerful Zeus, tricking him out of the best portions of the sacrificial feast, giving all the prime cuts of meat over to man for his enjoyment. Zeus retaliated by removing fire from man’s hands, putting paid to any more souvla sessions but good old Prometheus stole it back. For this act his punishment was to be lashed to a rock where every day for 1,000 years an eagle flew in and feasted on his liver. Come dawn his liver had always miraculously regenerated and this somewhat painful feasting by the eagle would then begin all over again.

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Bar Review: (in)Theory, Limassol

(in)theory bar has managed to establish a leading spot for itself in the bustling Limassol old-town bar scene since its opening almost a year ago. Its success is mainly on account of the superior quality innovative cocktails, good wine list and scrumptious tapas-style food.

But if there’s one thing that defines this place, it is the passion for mixology. Sit at the bar and order a Smokey Old Fashioned – a cocktail made with aged rum and infused with smoke from burning wine barrel wood chips. Watching the bartenders make this beverage is a bit like being in a chemistry lab – only much more fun. “There’s always theory and practice and we make the two come together,” one of the bar’s owners explained.

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Lagarde: Solution for Cyprus must be comprehensive

INTERNATIONAL Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde said the solution to Cyprus’ economic woes must be comprehensive, without however offering any details on how it would be achieved.

“We are in the process of analysing what can be done, what should be done and it should be comprehensive,” Lagarde told Bloomberg. “What is needed for Cyprus is a sustainable solution that addresses the issue of debt sustainability, that addresses the issue of return to the market, that addresses the recovery of growth in that country.”

Lagarde had been asked if it would be okay for depositors in Cypriot banks to part with some of their money as part of the island’s bailout.

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