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Ferrari owner fined €1,200 for speeding at 213kph


A 49-YEAR-OLD business man was caught doing 213km per hour on the Limassol-Nicosia highway in his Ferrari and fined €1,200. 

According to reports, during the hearing this week, the court heard that because the man was using the highway as a race track, the police officers who recorded the speed thought it wise not to chase the car at the time and instead sent out an alert. The Ferrari was then stopped 18km down the road. 

In order to reach a verdict, presiding judge, Annie Pantazi had to question whether the man’s behaviour on the road was such a danger to society that the only suitable punishment would be to put him behind bars for a period of time. 

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Police need better training in trans issues


THE OMBUDSWOMAN has issued a guideline to police to remedy the lack of understanding about appropriate action when holding trans people in detention, following a complaint by a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that reported a trans woman had been kept in men’s holding cells. 

The woman was arrested on suspicion of running a brothel in January but “lacking any instructions” police placed her alone, in an empty holding block reserved for minor boys. 

She has since been released, but the office of the Ombudswoman, Eliza Savvidou, issued a report on how LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and intersex) people should be treated. 

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Public not fully taking advantage of new state opening hours as yet

THERE have been no complaints and no reported problems with the new public service working hours according to the public administration and personnel department. 

State services have been serving the public for longer following extended working hours, which came into effect in January under the bailout terms agreed with international lenders.

Civil servants – but not shift workers – can start work at any point between 7.30am and 8.30am and leave between 3pm and 4pm as a transition. From September 1, employees will come in between 8am and 9am, leaving between 3.30pm and 4.30pm.

They will no longer work Wednesday afternoons to serve the public, spreading out that time over the week instead.

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Transport ministry rolls out new changes for bikers

THE ROAD transport department has started rolling out a number of changes on driving licences, but yesterday claimed ignorance over possible EU sanctions for being two years late in implementing the relevant EU directive. 

The legislation should have been implemented by January 19, 2011 to ensure that driving licences within the EU are mutually recognised, as well as to maintain safety standards across the bloc.

But asked how Cyprus stood in relation to the ongoing legal proceedings against it, the head of road transport department Soteris Kolettas said he was not aware of any action taken against Cyprus. 

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Growing need for accessibility in tourism

CYPRIOT tour guides are being increasingly confronted with problems of accessibility for people with disabilities, to museums, archaeological sites and places of cultural interest, they said yesterday.

According to the Association of Tour Guide’s in Cyprus, there are around 50 million disabled people in Europe who would like to go on holiday but face many obstacles.

The association said it had decided to dedicate International Tourist Guide Day to more accessible tourism for people with disabilities. 

It said that within the next 20 years, due to ageing populations, around 80 per cent of people in Europe would be caring for someone with mobility issues, either problems with vision, hearing and other types of disability.

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TOTAL expected to begin drilling in 2014

COMMERCE Minister Neoclis Sylikiotis said yesterday that drilling in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) by French giants TOTAL was expected to begin in 2014, and the construction of the terminal at the beginning of 2015.

Sylikiotis met yesterday with the Vice President of TOTAL for the Middle East Pierre Olinger, who briefed him on the company’s actions after it was granted hydrocarbon exploration licence for Cyprus’ EEZ blocks 10 and 11.

He said TOTAL would deposit €24 million for the signing rights and present its initial plans on how it will proceed with seismic research and later on with drilling.

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EAC employee used company credit card to fill up his car for two years

POLICE arrested a 42-year-old man yesterday after they received reports he had been using his Electronic Authority of Cyprus (EAC) company credit card to refuel his own vehicles for the last two years.

According to Famagusta Police spokesman, Giorgos Economou, Famagusta CID received reports the man was allegedly using his company credit card to refuel his own vehicles when he should have been refuelling company vehicles instead. 

Police estimate the man embezzled the amount of €10,000 in fuel, they said. The 42-year-old was questioned by police, admitted his guilt and was written up, police said. He will be called to court at a later date.

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Smoking fines

POLICE said yesterday that during January, they charged 529 people islandwide with breaking the smoking ban law. 

The number was down compared to January 2012, when 575 people throughout Cyprus were charged with not complying with the smoking ban.

During the month police conducted a total of 3,276 inspections at various premises across the country, which resulted in 529 on the spot charges, while another 11 cases were given a criminal file. 

Of the 529 persons accused, 269 were managers or owners, and customers of legal age.

Concerning the types of premises which charges were made against, 808 were pubs and bars, 624 were cafes and clubs, and 479 were restaurants. 

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Arson attack on Larnaca hotel

LOUIS Princess Beach hotel in Larnaca, which was closed for renovations, went up in flames on Tuesday night, at around 9.30pm, totally destroying the hotel’s restaurant and causing damage to other areas. 

The fire, which was put out by the fire department, was found to be the result of arson. Several items have been retrieved from the scene for forensic testing. The cost of the damage has not yet been determined. Oroklini police station is continuing investigations.

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