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Tales from the Coffeeshop: Deflation of bombastic unions a rare plus in our post-apocalyptic times

 PEOPLE must be mightily depressed with the news they have been reading and hearing in last month or so. Apart from the odd, outrageous sound-bite from the Archbishop there has been absolutely nothing to make us smile, let alone laugh. It has been justified anger, misery and tears for weeks.
It might seem in bad taste to raise the matter, but there have been a few pluses to the catastrophe that hit our Kyproulla. One of them has been watching the self-important union bosses lose their swagger and militancy and sounding like mental cases whenever they do try to use the outdated rhetoric of the good old days in our post-apocalyptic times.

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CB governor expected to ‘correct’ critical comments

THE GOVERNMENT expects Central Bank Governor Panicos Demetriades to “correct” reports in the international press which quoted him as saying his independence was under attack, said government spokesman Christos Stylianides yesterday.
In an interview with Bloomberg from Dublin, Demetriades accused the government of attacking his institution’s independence.
At the same time, his ability to manage the situation was being made more difficult by “death threats not only to myself, but toward my children and my wife,” he said.
The under fire governor further claimed the government appeared to have committed to a sale of state gold without consulting the Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC).

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Relief but no celebrating over bailout approval

THE EUROGROUP’s endorsement of the €10 billion bailout package for Cyprus provides “relief” but is no cause for celebration, said government spokesman Christos Stylianides yesterday.
Now is the time for responsibility and hard work by all, he added.
The spokesman welcomed messages of support from the European Commission regarding substantial EU structural funds- potentially up to one billion euro- that could be used to help Cyprus get out of the current stalemate. 
“Approval of the loan agreement puts a definitive end to the uncertainty since 2011” when Cyprus was excluded from international markets, said Stylianides, adding that for the first time since 2011 Cyprus has secured its debt and financing needs.

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Deloitte officially named for money-laundering probe

DELOITTE Financial Advisory has been selected by the Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC) as the independent firm to evaluate the implementation of Cyprus’ Anti-Money Laundering (AML) framework, together with Moneyval of the Council of Europe.
Preliminary key findings are expected by April 20, while reports from Moneyval and the private auditor will be delivered to the CBC, the finance minister and the troika by April 24, when the €10 billion Cyprus bailout is expected to be signed.
International lenders will then report to the Eurogroup on the level of implementation of preventive measures by financial institutions, based on the findings of the two parallel reports by Moneyval and Deloitte.

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Psychological helpline up and running

 THE HEALTH ministry has put one psychologist on-call for its round-the-clock hotline for people suffering from depression due to the financial crisis until the effects of the crisis become more apparent.
 “It is a known fact that when a crisis situation hits the public will go through psychological problems such as depression and anxiety. Such cases may lead to medical problems if not treated. This is why people affected by the crisis who ask for an appointment with the psychological services are prioritised on the waiting list,” senior clinical psychologist Pantelis Panteli said.
Immediate appointment services began on April 4. A person, couple, family or group can be directly seen by an official without having to register on a waiting list.

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Kouklia seeks medical centre

KOUKLIA local council has requested the creation of a community medical centre to carry out basic medical checks on pensioners and prescribe them medication.
Local community leader Michalakis Solonos sent a letter to Health Minister Petros Petrides stating that the local council is prepared to organise the collection of medication from the Paphos general hospital and distribute it to the area’s pensioners.
He added that the Kouklia council could provide the building and equipment to set up a local medical centre but lacked the expertise and presence of a doctor to carry out their duties in the village.

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Stricter food aid controls

OVER 2,000 applications for food aid have been submitted to the community market set up by the Larnaca municipality to help the poor, resulting in the need for a stricter screening process. 
Larnaca mayor Andreas Louroudjiadis told Cyprus News Agency that the large number of people needing help has forced the local authority to enforce a stricter application process.
Only those who have filled in the relevant application form will have access to the free food supplies, said Louroudjiadis.
Forms can be found at the community market while a special committee is responsible for evaluating each application. Those who are approved will receive a card to be presented when picking up food every Friday, said the mayor.

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Firecracker haul

A 56-YEAR-OLD MAN was remanded in custody for six days yesterday by the Limassol district court in connection with charges of possessing a large quantity of firecrackers and fireworks.
Police spokesman Andreas Angelides said, acting on a tipoff, police checked a storage room kept by the 56-year-old where they found 2,147 firecrackers, 47 fireworks and another 20 firecrackers on his person.
Police suspect the man, who has allegedly troubled police in the past on similar offences, was planning to sell the banned items ahead of Easter celebrations.
Angelides said this was the biggest haul of firecrackers found since police launched an anti-firecrackers campaign on March 26. The firecrackers confiscated appear to originate from the north, he added.

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Arrest after burglary chase

A 27-YEAR-OLD MAN was remanded in custody for six days by the Nicosia district court yesterday for carrying a knife and threatening to use it against a police officer.
The 27-year-old, a Nicosia resident, was arrested on Friday after police gave chase to a group of four believed to be involved in a Nicosia burglary.
According to police, at around midday on Friday, a 49-year-old woman returned to her flat in Nicosia only to find the door broken and three people walking out of her flat.
She called for help, triggering an escape from the three burglars who got into a rented car where a fourth person was waiting for them.

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