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State urged to simplify rules to attract foreign students

THE HOUSE Education Committee wants procedures for registering foreign students to be simplified, and Chairman Nicos Tornaritis has called on private educational institutions to reduce their fees. 

“In a recent committee meeting it was established that the current bureaucratic procedure for registering foreign students in Cyprus entails serious negative consequences for both the sustainability and the development of higher education in Cyprus,” Tornaritis said in a letter to the finance minister.

In the letter, the chairman also explained that the development of the sector could positively contribute to Cyprus’ economy, especially if the island could become a regional centre of education.

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Barter programme being launched in Nicosia

THE NICOSIA district development agency is launching a barter of services and goods programme in collaboration with eight Nicosia municipalities, it said yesterday.

The new internet based programme will be offered to residents of Latsia, Strovolos, Engomi, Aglandjia, Lakatamia, Tseri, Yeri and Dali municipalities. 

“Because of the economic crisis we wanted to come up with a way to help people get back on their feet. After some thought we started to build on the idea of exchanging goods and services, rather than money,” said Eleftherios Loizou, Managing Director of the Nicosia district development agency.

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Strovolos and Famagusta municipalities help the needy

STROVOLOS municipality is working with Kykkos Monastery to launch a campaign to collect food for the needy using the slogan ‘the big supper’, and Famagusta municipality will begin to run a community market.

“All food and essentials collected by the municipality will be taken to the Kykkos Monastery at 11 Archangelou Avenue, Strovolos,” an official at Strovolos municipality said.

Before people can receive food and essential items they must complete a form stating why they need help. This could be because they have lost their jobs, they have been thrown out of their home or any other reason. The procedure ensures that people who really are in need receive help. 

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Condolences sent to US government

PRESIDENT NICOS Anastasiades yesterday sent a message of condolence to United States President Barack Obama regarding the deadly explosions that took place at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

Anstasiades expressed his profound shock and sorrow for the tragedy, which caused the loss of innocent lives and left many injured.

On behalf of the government and people of Cyprus, he expressed his deepest condolences to the families of the victims “of this abominable and cowardly attack”.

Anastasiades said Cyprus stands in full solidarity with the people of the United States in the efforts “to prevent and eradicate such senseless acts of violence”. 

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London marathon still on despite Boston bombs

The London Marathon will go ahead as planned on Sunday despite the bomb attack on the Boston race which killed three people and wounded more than 100, police and officials said on Tuesday.

Sports Minister Hugh Roberston said he was confident of security arrangements for the London event and encouraged people to attend as a show of solidarity with the U.S. city that was rocked by two blasts near the finish line on Monday.

“In security terms we are as confident as we possibly can be that we can deliver a safe and secure marathon,” Robertson told the BBC.

The 26-mile (42-km) London Marathon will attract 36,000 runners, among them Britain’s double Olympic champion Mo Farah, starting at Greenwich Park and winding through city landmarks before finishing at the Mall.

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