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New IPT will include all homes

A REVISED tax bill on immovable property, to be finalised in the coming days, will also apply to first domiciles, the interior minister said yesterday.

Socrates Hasikos said that through the new IPT the state intends to collect some €75m in addition to the current projected amount of €29m, to meet fiscal targets.

The minister reiterated that approval of this legislation is one of the conditions that must be met for the first tranche of aid from Cyprus’ international lenders – the troika – to be disbursed.

That first residences are not exempted should be taken for granted, he said.

Hasikos hastened to add that the new tax scheme would not unduly burden homeowners.

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EIB approves loan for key investments

THE European Investment Bank (EIB) yesterday approved today a loan of up to €100 million for key investments.

The loan will be used for investments in priority areas identified in the National Strategic Reference Framework, which include improving the competitiveness of the Cypriot economy, promoting sustainable development and investing in skills and innovation. 

“The €100 million loan approved today builds on the €200 million loan provided in 2012 which has been committed to support a large number of schemes in the areas of solid waste management, renewable energy, skills and innovation and urban development,” said EIB President Werner Hoyer.

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State spending on rent to be reduced

THE state spends roughly €30m a year on renting buildings that house public services and diplomatic missions abroad, paying out roughly €157m since 2007 in rent, the House Watchdog Committee heard yesterday.

The committee met to discuss the squandering of public funds regarding the housing of public services in private buildings, the selection criteria for these spaces and the rising cost of rent paid.

“More than 30 per cent of public services are housed in public buildings and between 2007 and 2012 the government paid out more than €155m in rent,” House Chairman Giorgos Georgiou said. 

He added that the Committee’s primary objective is to appoint an ad hoc committee to renegotiate rental contracts to reduce costs.

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Universities decrease their fees

THERE will be a 10 per cent decrease in tuition fees at private and state-run universities for the 2013-2014 academic year, Minister of Education Kyriacos Kenevezos announced yesterday. 

Kenevezos said the decision was made after the ministry’s plea to the rectors and boards of private universities in light of the crisis to reduce their tuition fees for the next academic year.

“The reduction in fees is happening despite the fact that universities have not increased their tuition fees since 2010 and there had been talk there could have been an increase,” he said.

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No direct flights from Aegean this summer

THIS summer season will see Aegean Airlines without any direct flights to London airports.

Flights to Heathrow stopped around March 25 because the landing and take off time slots that Aegean Airlines were renting could not be renewed. 

“Unfortunately we were not able to renew our time slots at Heathrow Airport for direct flights from Larnaca International Airport. Time slots are essential for any airline as it determines when a plane is scheduled to take off or land. We have been renting these slots for about two years and when our contract ended at the end of the winter season, we wanted to renew it but were declined,” Aegean’s Stavroula Saloutsi said.

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Students charged for vandalising school after graduation party

A POLICE officer was wounded and two students arrested yesterday when about 60 students vandalised a high school in Strovolos at around 5am following their graduation party.

The students threw stones and smashed the school windows, and also set some dustbins on fire. When members of the police asked them to leave the school, two students reacted violently. 

The two students were charged in writing, with disrupting the peace, attacking a police officer, resisting arrest by violent attack and being a part of an illegal gathering. They were then released.

The students claimed when they went to the school some students from other schools had already vandalised the building. They also claimed that they had been charged unjustly.

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Cyprus-Israeli exercise wraps up off coast

CYPRUS’ joint Search and Rescue exercise with Israel was successfully completed yesterday just off the coast of Limassol.

The scenario participating teams had to face was an accident at sea involving an explosion in the engine room of a cargo ship. In the scenario a number of the crew were injured in the blast and forced to jump overboard.

According to the Ministry of Defence, Larnaca’s Centre for Search and Rescue conducted the operation and immediately activated all of its available resources.

Due to the severity of the accident and the large number of injuries and person’s missing from the ship who were substituted with floating dummies, Haifa’s Rescue Coordination Centre and the Israeli Navy were called in for assistance.

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Cyprus Today

Gay pride on hold

THE first Cyprus Pride event has been postponed until further notice due to the crisis.

“Taking into consideration the difficulties that emerge as a result of the current reality, the granted support of the Mayor of Nicosia and our aim for the best possible outcome as with regards to the first Cyprus Pride, the Board of accept – LGBT Cyprus, with full gravity, has unanimously decided to move the date of the first Cyprus Pride that was initially announced for May 25, to a date that will be commonly decided on following several organised movements,” an announcement said.

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