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School brawl 

POLICE are investigating a fight between roughly 30 youths in a school yard in Limassol which took place in the early hours of yesterday. According to a police spokesman, members of the force arrived at the school in Polemidia after being tipped off at 11.45pm on Tuesday, as troublemakers fled the scene. Police later searched Limassol General Hospital where they found two 19-year-olds who had suffered severe head injuries. Due to the severity of their injuries the two young men were moved to Nicosia General Hospital. 

Police are looking into the incident amid rumours the fight was scheduled for midnight after three unknown young men had visited the school in Polemidia earlier in the day and had been attacked by students from the school.

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The third option

THERE ARE, we are told, only two options. Either we stop burning fossil fuels before our carbon dioxide emissions drive the planet’s average temperature up a full 2 degrees C (3.6 degrees F), in which case we will push the world into the biggest-ever recession. Or we continue to burn fossil fuels and push the planet into runaway warming, with lethal consequences for a large part of the human race.

The 2008 bank crash that triggered the recent recession was caused mainly by reckless investment that created a “bubble” in house prices. When the bubble burst, hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of investments suddenly became worthless. The losses were so great that they nearly brought the whole banking system down.

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