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Protest to have second factory relocated

RESIDENTS of Pera-Chorio Nisou yesterday protested outside one of the two chemical factories in their village, which are said to be a health hazard to locals, while about 100 police officers barricaded off the plant.

Previous protests have succeeded in having one of plants relocated within the next six months. The residents peacefully requested yesterday that the second chemical plant also be moved. 

During the protest the community leader urged the residents to “remain united until the second plant is also moved.”

A cancer patient stated that within an area of about 500 meters from the plant, 37 people are suffering from the disease. 

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Archives March 16, 2013 posted by Stefanos Evripidou

Crisis forces consumers to become more savv

ALTHOUGH consumer rights in Cyprus are not fully protected in practice, some people are learning from the ongoing economic crisis and becoming more savvy.

On World Consumer Rights Day yesterday, George Varnavas, a member of EDEK, asked the new government to support the proposal for a commissioner for consumers to be appointed. During a press conference Varnavas said: “This year’s World Consumer Day is marked by the fact that the Cypriot consumer is currently living in very hard times. Unemployment and rises in petrol prices, leading to an increase in the prices of other essential products, and the reduction of purchasing power due to decreases in income, places the Cypriot consumer in a very harsh position.”

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Archives March 16, 2013 posted by Stefanos Evripidou

Anastasiades to address Economist conference

THE ECONOMIST will be holding a conference next Friday examining the ongoing battle to save the eurozone, inviting President Nicos Anastasiades as its keynote speaker. 

For the fifth consecutive year, Europe is preoccupied with weak public finances, anemic growth and high unemployment rates.   

The Cypriot economy is also in the midst of the economic crisis. The new government is negotiating with the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the IMF the terms of a “package” bailout, raising questions as to whether Cyprus will succeed, or for that matter the eurozone?

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Archives March 16, 2013 posted by Stefanos Evripidou

Unions gear up to oppose semi-state sell-off

SEMI-STATE unions said yesterday they were not going to accept privatisations without a fight, announcing a series of meetings to decide future steps as a whole. 

PEO’s Antonis Neophytou said that they would not allow the “selling out” of semi-governmental organisations. “All Cypriots will react and so workers are ready and have decided to respond but unions will have to coordinate and (do so) in collaboration with all unions,” Neophytou said. 

He said that despite the government’s claim to the contrary, no one could be sure that jobs were safe and with “unions not given a chance to discuss this issue” they had a responsibility to put the pressure on to prevent privatisations. 

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Archives March 16, 2013 posted by Stefanos Evripidou

Where will Russia fit in bailout jigsaw?

FINANCE Minister Michalis Sarris is expected to discuss two issues with his Russian counterpart in Moscow on Wednesday; that of Russia pushing back repayment of a €2.5 billion loan, and how Russia can contribute to a Cyprus bailout, analysts yesterday said.

“What is certain is that it is completely necessary to push back payment of the Russian loan and perhaps lower the interest rate,” said economist Sofronis  Clerides. 

Cyprus secured the €2.5 billion loan at a 4.5 per cent interest rate in 2011 to plug its finances after becoming shut out of international markets. The loan matures in 2016, but Cyprus hopes to get it extend the deadline to 2020. 

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Archives March 16, 2013 posted by Stefanos Evripidou

Our View: Why should the licensed porters be rewarded for driving business away?


REPORTS that shipping agents have offered to take over the operation of the Limassol port from the Licensed Porters Association would be a positive development, if they did not have to pay such an extortionate price. The agents have apparently offered the Association €32 million for the monopoly it has enjoyed for years, with the state’s complicity and at the expense of the economy.

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Archives March 5, 2013 posted by Stefanos Evripidou

Kasoulides pushes ahead with PfP plans

FOREIGN Minister Ioannis Kasoulides continued meeting diplomats and ambassadors on the island yesterday in a bid to promote Cyprus’ application for membership to NATO’s anteroom, Partnership for Peace (PfP). 

Kasoulides met yesterday with British High Commissioner Matthew Kidd and French Ambassador Jean-Luc Florent before his visit to Athens tomorrow to meet Greek Foreign Affairs Minister Demetris Avramopoulos. 

Kasoulides stressed that redefining Cyprus’ foreign policy means giving the message that Cyprus would be a consistent and reliable EU partner, confirming the political safety of the EU.

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Archives March 5, 2013 posted by Stefanos Evripidou

Supermarkets cutting back on energy bills

THE STATE sector may be moving at a snail’s pace in terms of reducing state buildings’ energy consumption, but more than one supermarket in Cyprus has been getting a specialist energy management system fitted reducing their electricity needs by up to 20 per cent during peak demand hours, according to the system’s manufacturer. 

Outgoing environment commissioner Charalambos Theopemptou said in his parting statements that the state could save millions in heating and electricity bills that could become more efficient “with minimal cost”. 

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Archives March 5, 2013 posted by Stefanos Evripidou

Hospice in search of fundraising manager

A FULL TIME fundraising manager is urgently required to facilitate the opening of a new hospice due to open in Paphos.

The hospice in Mesa Chorio in Paphos is all but completed and will open its doors soon after a suitable fundraising manger is found. Currently, the only functioning hospice in the coastal town is the Paphos Friends Hospice, which is situated in a dedicated wing of the Evangelismos hospital.

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