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Thalassaemia drugs in short supply

THALASSAEMIA patients are forced to pick up drugs for their treatment on a daily basis because the state pharmacies are in short supply, said the Pancyprian Thalassaemia Association (PTA) yesterday. 

The association called on the state to take immediate steps to ensure thalassaemia patients receive the necessary treatment, noting that the current situation was causing “unprecedented disruption” to their lives while putting their health at risk.  

According to the association, the state has been unable to meet patients’ needs due to depleted stocks of Exjade (deferasirox), a once-daily treatment for chronic iron overload due to blood transfusions. 

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No sprouts there: EU Council canteen goes Cypriot

HUNGARIAN-BORN British satirist George Mikes (1912-1987) captured the mood of many foreign diplomats on the small yet ever so noisy island when he said: “Realising they will never be a world power, the Cypriots have decided to settle for being a world nuisance.” 

Four days ago, Cyprus took a first step towards the unthinkable, the forbidden dream of world domination, experienced through the assumption of the EU presidency. 

In six months time, we will know whether our world power ambitions will have acted as a counterweight to the moniker of world nuisance or help fuel the groundless accusation. 

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Bases workers strike for second time in a month

LOCAL workers at the British Sovereign Bases held a second two-hour strike in the space of a month yesterday, to protest the bases’ decision to freeze pay and postpone the Cost of Living Allowance (CoLA).

Representing the workers’ unions, Christos Tjiapouras said workers were protesting the lack of communication between them and the SBA, saying the workers weren’t clear if the decision was final.

“The loss of thousands of euros from the workers’ provident funds and pensions is not a matter that should drag on; it is a matter that concerns the duration of the economic crisis,” said Tjiapouras. 

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Bill would extend unpaid parental leave

THE HOUSE Labour Committee yesterday started discussing a bill that will increase unpaid parental leave from 13 to 18 weeks and double the fines for employers who refuse to give it. 

Committee Chairman, AKEL’s Andreas Fakontis, said the bill’s aim was “to assist reconciliation of family and professional life, as well as equal participation of women and men in employment and family responsibilities”.

He said the new measures hoped to increase employment among women.

The EU-harmonising bill covers all workplaces, provided the parent has been employed for more than six months.

“One of the bill’s main provisions includes an increase in parental leave for each parent and child from 13 to 18 weeks and to 23 weeks for widows and widowers,” said Fakontis.

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