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Legal obstacle to Galanos appointment to BoC

PLANS to appoint former House president Alexis Galanos interim chairman of the Bank of Cyprus (BoC) have hit a legal obstacle as such a move would be incompatible with him also being the mayor of Famagusta and chairman of the union of municipalities.

The government wants an interim board appointed as soon as possible, to oversee the stricken lender’s restructuring following a Eurogroup decision to impose hefty losses on its uninsured depositors.

Galanos agreed to take over the post but reports said a legal ruling stated it would be in conflict with him being a mayor and the head of the union of municipalities.

Reports suggested the matter was discussed in a one-hour meeting between President Nicos Anastasiades and Central Bank Governor Panicos Demetriades.

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Archaeological digs reveal evolution of Paphos theatre

FRAGMENTS of marble sculptures from a monument consecrated to the nymphs of ancient Greek and Roman mythology have been uncovered during on-going excavations at Paphos’ ancient theatre, the archaeological team in charge of the dig have announced.

The 15th season of excavations into one of Cyprus’ largest ancient theatres unearthed a number of significant finds, including fragments of carved marble adornments from the stage and from a monument to the nymphs or nymphaeum.

Paphos was the capital of Cyprus in Greek and Roman times and its ancient archaeological remains are on the World Heritage List.

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Grief stricken grandfather jailed for two years

THE 74-year-old man who shot at a youth he held responsible for his teenage granddaughter’s death was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison by the Larnaca Criminal Court yesterday.
Angelos Josif, 74, from Psimolophou was found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm to Marios Loizou, 20, from Livadhia and ordered to serve time in jail after shooting Loizou twice in the back and chest.
Josif held Loizou responsible for the death of his granddaughter in a traffic accident two years earlier, but waited until the day of his granddaughter’s second annual memorial on April 1, 2012, to exact revenge.
The accident in which his 18-year-old granddaughter, Chrystalla Achilleos, was critically injured happened on February 15, 2010 on the Psimolophou to Tseri road.

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Med prices won’t fall until February


THE HEALTH ministry’s promised price reductions in medicines will be effective some time within February due to a delay, health minister Androulla Agrotou said yesterday.

Agrotou said that changes in the prices of medicines had been expected in January.

But she told parliament yesterday that a problem had arisen with the company tasked to update the price lists and so pharmaceutical services would do it themselves.

“Nothing of essence will change,” she said referring to the postponement.

But opposition deputy Stella Kyriakidou said Agrotou’s predecessor, Stavros Malas, who is now running in the presidential elections, had made empty promises.

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Pilot's skill averts tragedy after Aeroflot plane's burst tyre landing

TRAGEDY was narrowly avoided yesterday after the tyre of a Russian Aeroflot burst on landing, sending the plane off the runway and causing serious upheaval at Larnaca airport.

No injuries were reported among the 287 passengers and crew members, while the airport’s services acted quickly to avert a possible catastrophe.

The pilot’s experience is said to have saved the day, as he managed to divert the Ilyushin 96 plane into a neighbouring taxi strip and bring it to a halt without crashing.

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Few signs of cutbacks at semi-govt. organisations

DESPITE calls for fiscal restraint in the public sector, a report by the auditor-general shows that the cost per worker at a number of semi-governmental organisations (SGOs) continues to rise while the state broadcaster is said to be hiring staff “through the back door”.

Released last Friday, the report for 2011 details the revenues and expenditures of SGOs, some of which had previously been deemed redundant and been slated for closure.

The average cost per worker (permanent staff) at the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) came to €80,470 (or €6,730 per month), compared to €6,584 a month for the previous year.

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Our View: Warnings and second chances no longer working on troubled youth

ANTI-SOCIAL behaviour marked by violence and vandalism scaled new heights during the Easter weekend, as youths went on the rampage. 

We have become a bit too familiar with this type of behaviour in the last few years, with football hooligans frequently wreaking havoc after matches and youths entering schools and causing damage to property for fun. But it is not often that so many wanton acts of violence and vandalism take place in the space of a few days.  

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