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Hangover cure after an excess of indulgence

AS TURMOIL stalks America’s financial markets and protests fill its streets, Americans’ lifestyle choices are evolving in a telling way. 

Once seen by the rest of the world as an exuberant teenager – the globe’s extrovert, exporter of rock ’n’ roll and flashy Hollywood movies – Americans are now becoming decidedly withdrawn, or at least inward-looking. Trends in leisure activities reflect that change: frugality and making do are in; gaudy consumerism is out.

This change is due to the fragile economy, of course, but I believe that it is also psychological. After two wars and a half-dozen undeclared conflicts in the past decade, America has entered a period of unprecedented cultural hibernation. 

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Cyprus to be evaluated for Schengen

15:43 CYPRUS will be evaluated a the end of December 2013 by the European Commission in order to join the Schengen Agreement, Director of Division of Schengen, Consular Affairs and Crisis Management at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Andreas Zenonos said on Friday.

Speaking to the press, Zenonos said that according to a decision taken recently by the Cabinet, preparations by the Foreign Ministry as well as the other Ministries and Services of the Republic, must be concluded by December 31, 2013 so that Cyprus can be evaluated by the Commission.

The aim is for Cyprus to join the Treaty by 2016.

Cyprus has already been evaluated in two areas out of a total of five that are set as prerequisite to join the pact.

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Extreme weather to worsen with climate change

AN increase in heat waves is almost certain, while heavier rainfall, more floods, stronger cyclones, landslides and more intense droughts are likely across the globe this century as the Earth’s climate warms, UN scientists said yesterday.

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) urged countries to make disaster management plans to adapt to the growing risk of extreme weather linked to human-induced climate change, in a report released in Uganda.

The report gives differing probabilities for weather events based on future greenhouse gas emissions scenarios, but the thrust is that extreme weather is likely to increase and that the likely cause is humans.

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The landmark visit of Shimon Peres to Cyprus

The visit to Cyprus of the Israeli President Shimon Peres last week has been characterised as historic. The praise is richly deserved, as his stature of a great personality is universally recognised. Its successful conclusion acquires a political meaning of the first magnitude, since Israel is considered Cyprus’ most important strategic partner. This state of affairs has not been achieved through biological automaticity, but through conscientious efforts and favourable conjunctures, which form the foundation of Cyprus-Israeli relations.

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Police foil escape plan for high-profile convict


POLICE foiled a planned escape attempt this morning, when Andreas Onoufriou, 59, a convict serving time in state prison, was to be brought to the Supreme Court for a hearing.

According to police spokesman, Michalis Katsounotos, the police had been tipped off by an anonymous source that the escape plan would take place while the convict was being transferred to the Supreme Court in Nicosia.

“We took all the necessary measures to prevent the convict’s escape and to signal out his associates” said Katsounotos.

Police chief, Michalis Papageorgiou had instructed an elaborate action plan that included several members of the police force operating under cover in the area surrounding the court. 

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West’s indifference could condemn Bosnia anew

A LACK of US and European interest in Bosnia may embolden Serb and Croat separatist plans and result in the eventual disintegration of the fragile Balkan country, a former US diplomat said.

“The United States doesn’t care anymore, the whole attitude is that it’s a European problem and Europeans should handle it,” said William Stuebner, who held several diplomatic posts in Bosnia during and after the 1992-95 war, Europe’s deadliest conflict since World War Two.

“Well, when the last time you ever saw Europeans handle any big problem? So consequently, if these guys would dismantle Bosnia-Herzegovina, there is no one to stop them, there is no one to check that,” Stuebner said in an interview.

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Bankers face steep fines under new EU rules

BANKERS could face fines above 5 million euros for rule-breaking under EU plans that would bring other European countries into line with Britain’s tougher regime on regulating banks.

A draft law promises a stricter code of penalties not just for banks, but also for individual bankers, if they hide information from regulators or break rules capping the amount of cash paid in a bonus.

It would set the bar higher for fines in Europe and add to momentum for increased penalties in countries that were lax in regulating banks before the financial crisis, such as Ireland, as well the region’s biggest economic power, Germany.

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Gaddafi’s nurse denied asylum by Norway – paper

LIBYAN leader Muammar Gaddafi’s Ukrainian nurse has tentatively been refused asylum in Norway in a decision that may be reviewed by high-ranking Ministry of Justice officials, a local press report said yesterday.

The immigration authority declined to comment on whether Galyna Kolotnytska, 38, was in Norway but under the country’s rules applicants rejected for asylum can be permitted to stay “in cases of national interest”.

Newspaper VG said Kolotnytska arrived in Norway on May 3, more than two months after fleeing from Libya to her Ukrainian hometown as the popular revolt against Gaddafi mounted. Western military strikes began on March 19.

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Our View: Right to curb populist guff

THE reason given by the ministers of interior and labour for refusing to attend a House Watchdog Committee meeting, which was to discuss the benefits paid to asylum seekers and political refugees, was perfectly understandable.

As interior minister Neoclis Sylikiotis pointed out at a news conference, he had already attended a meeting of another House committee which had discussed this issue and saw no reason for going over the same things again.

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Christofias concerned after Eroglu meet

PRESIDENT DEMETRIS Christofias was left “very concerned” with Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu’s views on governance and power sharing yesterday, after the two leaders met at the UN protected area in Nicosia

Speaking after the “brief” meeting, following a month’s hiatus due to Eroglu’s heart condition, Christofias said Eroglu submitted some views on the issue of governance and power sharing which were not very inspiring.

“The views were such that we need to study them. I will not make a statement now on Mr Eroglu’s views. This will happen later. In any case, they are not views for someone to be easily excited about,” he said.

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