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An evening to remember

A CONCERT in memory of beloved piano teacher Mary Ioannou will take place on Sunday at PASYDY Auditorium in Nicosia.

Entitled As if it were Yesterday… concert participants will include well-known Cypriot sopranos Avra Siati and Ioanna Tsaparelli, the internationally acclaimed baritone Kyros Patsalides, the distinguished Greek tenor Stamatis Beris and Marios Ioannou on piano.

The public will have the opportunity to hear Neapolitan songs, a generic term for a traditional form of music sung in the Neapolitan language. It consists of a large body of composed popular music, such songs as ‘O Sole Mio’, ‘Torna a Surriento’, ‘Funiculì, Funiculà’, ‘Santa Lucia’ and others, all of which will be heard in the first part of the concert. 

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Drama over short films

SHORT FILMS will be given their chance to shine next week as the 2011 award-winning shorts of the Drama Film Festival from Greece travels to Cyprus. 

The Drama Short Film Festival arose from humble beginnings on a small, almost amateur, basis. Three decades on and the festival has gone from strength to strength. Founded in 1978 as an initiative of Drama’s Film Club and, after a successful course in the cinematic world, it finally became part of the Ministry of Culture National Cultural Network of Cities in 1996.

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Syria forces retake Damascus suburbs; showdown at UN

Syrian government forces reasserted control of Damascus suburbs on Tuesday after beating back rebels at the capital’s gates as diplomatic pressure mounted on President Bashar al-Assad at the United Nations.

Western and Arab diplomats pushed for a U.N. Security Council resolution which would call for Assad to step down to defuse a 10-month-old uprising against his family’s dynastic rule.

They will make the case for a resolution adopting a plan by the Arab League for Assad to quit, with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe and Britain’s William Hague presenting a united western front.

The resolution’s fate depends on whether the Arabs and their Western backers can persuade Russia not to veto it.

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New look Hilton

Hilton Cyprus has completed its renovation works. The latest works included the upgrade of its guestrooms, lobby and meeting rooms. The facade of building, the main entrance, the reception and the fitness centre area, as well as the outdoor swimming-pool were also renovated. MIG Leisure Ltd of Marfin Investment Group (MIG), the majority share holder of the hotel (75 per cent) has invested €7 million in the renovation. 

Visit the upgraded Lobby Lounge by January 31 and enjoy with your tea or coffee, three pieces of delicious Viennese cake, which will be given complimentary.


A Fresh New Look for the Hilton Cyprus Hotel

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Maiden United: Better than the real thing?

WE ALL have a favourite band or act, but for most people the chances of getting to see them play live is slim to none. 

This can be for a number of reasons, the band is no longer performing, the act has passed away or tours are rare. At a time when a pair of tickets to a concert by the biggest rock bands can run in the hundreds of euros, tribute bands are able to fill the void, bringing the music and the atmosphere of that band or act the stage.

There really is no better expression of devotion and enthusiasm for a particular band than forming a tribute or cover band and these acts are today gaining newfound respect and drawing big crowds.

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Our view: State ownership has proven to be a disaster of mismanagement

CYPRUS AIRWAYS pilots, who were considered the most spoilt employees in Cyprus before the emergence of the air traffic controllers, staged a demonstration outside the company’s headquarters on Wednesday, while the board was meeting. The pilots’ union PASYPI, for a change, was not demanding higher pay or better working conditions – it wants the loss-making national carrier to be taken over by a strategic investor who would have a majority stake.

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Standchen: Nature and movement

A FULL-length evening work developed from an earlier solo will be staged by Fotini Perdikaki this weekend. Ständchen was developed from a solo Perdikaki created for her sister Alexia Perdikaki last year. The work has grown to include three more dancers: Rania Glymitsa, Alexander Michael and Fotis Nicolaou. It communicates ideas about nature and relationships that are created by it.

The stage is transformed to resemble a natural environment with dry, autumn leaves and tree branches that the dancers carry and use as homage to the power of nature. The leaves alter the visual composition and texture of the space, but also the aural structure as dancers’ movements constantly shift them and add to the soundtrack of the piece. They become another character in it. 

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Festive drink driving clamp down

THE POLICE will be stepping alcohol tests until the end of December to discourage drunk driving over the holiday season.

Since 2007, drunk driving has been the single biggest cause of deaths in road accidents. In 2010 alone, 26 of the 60 drivers who lost their lives were over the alcohol limit. 

Back in October the head of traffic police Demetris Demetriou said the police charge 150 drunk drivers on any weekend with over 7,000 drunk drivers charged by the last trimester of the year. 

Driving under the influence of alcohol encourages speeding and results in more people failing to put a seat belt or helmet on, the police said. 

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How the world discovered global warming

21:30 UN climate talks in Durban, South Africa, from November 28-December 9 are aimed at agreeing new measures to stem rising emissions of planet-warming greenhouse gases.

Following is a look at how the world discovered global warming and international steps to try to address it:

300 BC – Theophrastus, a student of Greek philosopher Aristotle, documents that human activity can affect climate. He observes that drainage of marshes cools an area around Thessaly and that clearing of forests near Philippi warms the climate.

17th century – Flemish scientist Jan Baptista van Helmont discovers that carbon dioxide is given off by burning charcoal.

18th century – The Industrial Revolution starts, bringing rising use of fossil fuels.

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