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Deloitte officially named for money-laundering probe

DELOITTE Financial Advisory has been selected by the Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC) as the independent firm to evaluate the implementation of Cyprus’ Anti-Money Laundering (AML) framework, together with Moneyval of the Council of Europe.
Preliminary key findings are expected by April 20, while reports from Moneyval and the private auditor will be delivered to the CBC, the finance minister and the troika by April 24, when the €10 billion Cyprus bailout is expected to be signed.
International lenders will then report to the Eurogroup on the level of implementation of preventive measures by financial institutions, based on the findings of the two parallel reports by Moneyval and Deloitte.

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Helios orphans fall victim to haircut


ON AUGUST 14, 2005, 33 children were orphaned overnight, their lives irrevocably changed.

These children are the living victims of the fateful Helios Airways crash that killed all 121 passengers onboard the Boeing 737 aircraft, including their parents and, in many cases, their siblings. 

On March 16, 2013, the majority of these same children became victims once again. This time, instead of being robbed of their parents, they stand to lose the compensation awarded to them following their parents’ death as part of the brutal haircut on bank deposits.

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