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Acupuncturist cleared of double rape charges

A 44-YEAR-OLD anaesthesiologist and acupuncturist was yesterday acquitted of rape charges after the two main witnesses failed to convince the court.

The man had been arrested towards the end of 2011 after two female patients reported to police they had been drugged and raped by the defendant who operated in Paralimni. 

The court found the man guilty on two charges of distributing a banned medicine – Ladose antidepressants not licensed in Cyprus.

His sentence was time served – two months – while police were investigating the case.

In its 87-page decision, the court said it had judged one of the two complainants to be completely unreliable.

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Creation of LNG plant looks certain

PRESIDENT Nicos Anastasiades is today likely to announce his government’s formal policy decision to press ahead with the construction of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant on the island.

Sources told the Mail the decision was taken at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, but was not immediately made known as the President intended to announce it today along with a raft of planned measures designed to jumpstart the economy.

A decision for an LNG facility had been taken by the previous administration of Demetris Christofias; the current DISY-led administration was understood to also support the project, but an official announcement was pending.

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Inquiry committee member resigns, reports say

One of the members of a committee of inquiry into the responsibilities attached to nearly destroying the Cyprus banking system and the economy, yesterday handed in his resignation, reports said.
Former Supreme Court judge Yiannakis Constantinides reportedly cited health reasons for stepping down from the committee which was only sworn in last Tuesday, launching investigations into civil, political and criminal responsibilities. The other two members are a former Supreme Court judge and former member of the International Court of Justice in The Hague, Giorgos Pikis who also heads the investigation, and former Supreme Court judge Panayiotis Kallis.

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Laiki UK depositors won't pay bailout levy

THOUSANDS of depositors in Britain’s branch of Laiki Bank have been transferred to Bank of Cyprus UK and won’t have to surrender any of their savings to help bail out the Cypriot government.
The move was overseen by Britain’s new financial regulator, the Bank of England’s Prudential Regulatory Authority, on its first official day of operation.
Laiki UK’s 15,000 deposit accounts will be transferred to Bank of Cyprus UK and will not be subject to a levy or “haircut” or other restrictions placed on banks in Cyprus, Bank of Cyprus said in a statement.
Laiki Bank UK is a branch, meaning Britain was not obliged to protect its depositors, unlike Bank of Cyprus UK, which as a subsidiary is regulated in Britain and has more autonomy from the parent group.

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rent paphos


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Our View: Investigation needs to go ahead even if no one is ultimately jailed

IN HIS TELEVISED address on Monday night, President Anastasiades said that his government would appoint criminal investigators “with a clear and wide-ranging mandate” to identify all those responsible for the current situation. There was a “justifiable sense of anger” among the people, he said and pledged to put those responsible in the dock.
Earlier in the day, Archbishop Chrysostomos had demanded that “all those who were to responsible must be put in the dock.” Someone had to be held accountable for the economic shock the country had suffered, said the Archbishop adding that he was not being vindictive, but felt that the crime could not go unpunished.

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New: Electricity prices to be cut

THE Electricity Authority of Cyprus will reduce the cost of electricity a further 3.0 per cent in addition to the scheduled reduction of 5.75 per cent due on April 1.

The announcement was made on Wednesday by Commerce Minister George Lakkotrypis after a meeting at the Presidential Palace with all parties involved in the energy sector.

Regarding developments in the natural gas and relations with Israel, Lakkotrypis said that he intended to visit the country in April, while President Nicos Anastasiades will also visit Israel in May.


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Petty grave thefts add to family heartache


CEMETERIES have become a prime target for thieves snatching anything from flowers and plants to buckets, photograph frames and candles because the spaces are nearly impossible to guard, cemetery employees have said. 

At Larnaca’s Ayios Georgios cemetery, some people have been robbed ten times, said priest Zacharias Papaphillipos who also minds the cemetery. 

Stealing, illicit selling of plots, and even body snatching and hiding murder weapons have all taken place in the country’s cemeteries over the years.

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Our View: We’ve paid the ultimate price of avoiding responsibility

IN CYPRUS we have a habit of blaming everyone else for our problems. We are always the victims of others, invariably foreigners who are hell-bent on causing us harm or destroying us, either because they are envious of us or want to subjugate us. This narrative has been used by politicians for decades as it allows them to absolve themselves of any responsibility for their poor judgement, mistakes and avoidance of difficult decisions.

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