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Children loom large in pensioners’ fears for the future


“I don’t know if we’re getting our pensions next month,” said Koulla Tabidji. 

“I only got my widow’s pension this month, not my pension. Then I had to go back and ask for my pension,” added Chloe Panayi.

“Mine was late too,” said a third lady.

“I think mine was less this time,” shouted out a fourth.

“The Labour Minister said we’re going to get our pensions. But then I heard some reports we are not getting it next month, and then I heard other reporters say we are. I don’t know,” said Eleni Miliou. 

“I think they’re going to cut my pension. Well everyone’s pension, not just me. It’s a general phenomenon,” said another lady.

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Land deal turn sour for Kykkos

THE MONASTERY of Kykkos has secured a court injunction blocking the sale of a plot of land in Nicosia that was offered to the Greek government more than 10 years ago.

In 1998 the monastery – one of the wealthiest dioceses in Cyprus – struck a deal with the Greek government, under which the former would donate four acres on condition that an embassy was built at the location.

However the acreage was deemed not to be large enough, because the Greek government also planned to build the ambassador’s residence on the same site. An agreement was therefore made where the monastery would donate the original four acres and sell four more acres for €500,000.

The land in question sits in prime real estate across the Kykkos Metochi, near the Russian and US embassies.

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New cancer cases number 3,000 a year


THERE are around 3,000 new cases of cancer a year in Cyprus, Health Minister Androulla Agrotou revealed yesterday in a speech to mark World Cancer Day. 

According to the minister, cancer has become an epidemic with one in three Europeans likely to develop the disease at some stage of their lives.

“Cancer is the second most frequent cause of death in Europe and has increased on a global scale,” she said. “In some countries it is now the first cause of death, surpassing cardiovascular diseases,” she added.

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Historic day for Apostolos Andreas


RESTORATION WORK on the dilapidated monastery of Apostolos Andreas in the Karpas peninsula will finally begin after an agreement was signed yesterday between the Church of Cyprus and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).  

The monastery will be restored according to a study prepared by the University of Patra in Greece. The work will be in three phases with the first phase estimated to cost €2.5 million.

According to an announcement by the bicommunal Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage and the UNDP, two protocols were signed yesterday morning by UNDP with the Church on the one hand and the Turkish Cypriot EVKAF Administration on the other. 

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Our view: People who do not respect the law are unfit to be lawmakers

HOW PREDICTABLE, in the end our deputies refused to surrender the scandalous privilege of not having to pay fines for traffic violations. Instead they thought of a laughable alternative arrangement aimed at fooling the public into thinking that something was being done. The arrangement served to highlight the low regard our self-serving deputies have for people’s intelligence.

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Snowy weather makes life difficult for some

SNOWFALL this week may have been a rare treat for some but it has forced many mountain dwellers to seek alternative means of heating their homes.

“I know an elderly couple that you’ll sometimes see them sitting in their car when it’s sunny during the day time,” said Richard Sale from Kouka village in the Limassol area.

According to Sale, this particular couple can only afford to start their fire in the evenings, due to the ever-increasing cost of firewood. So in the mornings when the sun is strong enough to heat the cars, they keep warm in their double-cabin pick up, he said.

He said another couple from the village had spent €1,000 on firewood during the winter to heat their home.

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If I had a hammer….I’d put it in my school bag?


A 15-YEAR-OLD student from Paralimni hit one of his peers with a hammer in the morning sending him to hospital during a fight on school grounds.

The male students, both aged 15, were arguing on school grounds at a local high school in the Paralimni district of Famagusta during a break.

The argument escalated to a fist fight and one of them took a hammer out of his school bag, hitting the other boy on the head.

The attacked student went to Paralimni General Hospital with a head injury but was not seriously hurt. He will be kept in hospital for a few days for observation.

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Three injured in Larnaca car accident

AN 81-YEAR-OLD driver and a 16-year-old motorcyclist are both in serious condition at Larnaca general hospital after a road accident which occurred around 4.30pm on Sunday afternoon.

Under circumstances that are still under investigation, the 81-year-old’s car collided with another car, driven by a 25-year-woman. 

The 16-year-old motorcyclist, who was not wearing a helmet, then crashed into with the two cars, injuring himself seriously.  


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Civil servants change day of strike

PARLIAMENT will vote on fresh austerity measures on Tuesday, its president said yesterday, prompting unions to change the day of their strike.

House President Yiannakis Omirou said the necessary legislation was expected to be submitted to parliament yesterday afternoon and after discussion before the finance committee it will end up before the plenum for final decisions on Tuesday.

Following the vote, parliament will kick-off its three-day debate on the 2012 budget, with a vote on that expected late on Thursday.

The move prompted unions to switch the day of their three-hour strike, initially scheduled for Thursday, to Tuesday.

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