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EU has Cyprus leverage, but will it use it?

FOR THE first time since Cyprus joined the European Union nearly a decade ago, its partners have financial leverage to press for a settlement of the island’s almost 40-year division.

Yet there is no sign that Brussels is preparing to use its advantage to achieve a reunification that narrowly eluded negotiators when Cyprus joined the EU in 2004.

Indeed the most powerful member states, Germany and France, may be content to see the frozen Cyprus conflict fester rather than deal with the potential consequences of a resolution that would bring Turkey closer to EU membership.

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Nicosia wages war on noise and ugliness

THE NICOSIA municipal council has launched legal procedures against eight alleged public nuisance offenders, saying they would not favour business at the expense of residents.

Although it did not give names, the municipality said the eight offences included noise pollution, causing a stink and keeping or storing items in a way that detracted from the capital’s aesthetics.

According to yesterday’s statement the municipal council is sending the message “… that people’s business [or] professional activities must not under any circumstances be allowed by the municipality to come in conflict with residents’ health and the city’s proper functioning.

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The grapes of fund and fest

THE GRAPE Feast is beckoning all lovers of grape products to join in the festivities this month and the next in several of the island’s mountain villages.
The delicious traditional ppalouze – a jelly-like substance made from grape – can be enjoyed this Sunday at the Ppalouze Festival at Lofou primary school, starting at 3pm. Visitors will have the chance to enjoy free ppalouzes, and there will also be a demonstration of arts and crafts, along with music and dancing.
A Ppalouze Festival will also be held on September 30 at 4pm at Arsos village square.

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Cypriot websites not infected despite malware message, CyTA says


A GLITCH emerged on a number of Cypriot websites today when users received a warning that the sites were unsafe and there was serious risk of downloading malware.

CyTA said any computers receiving the message should clear their caches and cookies as the phenomenon was being caused by a virus, which was affecting connections. It said the sites were clean and did not contain malware. “It is a false message caused by a virus,” a CyTA technician said.  

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Freed scientist eager to get on with life

THE IRANIAN scientist who spent over nine months locked up, the latter part on hunger strike, for failing to acquire a ‘pink slip’ during his last year of study in Cyprus 15 years ago has finally been released.

Sayed Farzin Amirkalali, 47, is a computer engineer from Iran. Two years ago, his neighbours discovered he had converted to Christianity. Religious conversion away from Islam is illegal in Iran, and according to the British Foreign Office, under Iran’s strict interpretation of Islam is punishable by death or at least life imprisonment.

Amirkalali decided to move his family to Canada. In Iran, he was responsible for designing the Iranian version of the “voice command wheelchair” to help provide mobility to paralysed victims of the Iran-Iraq war. 

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EU presidency will promote conference tourism

ORGANISING more than 200 conferences in Cyprus during the Republic’s Presidency of the EU Council in the second half of the year offers the opportunity to promote Cyprus as a destination for conference tourism, Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) acting director general Lefkos Fylaktides said yesterday.

Speaking about the role of the CTO in Cyprus’ EU Presidency, Fylaktides said the CTO acknowledges that a successful presidency is a matter of utmost importance for Cyprus, calling on all stakeholders who will be involved in accommodating and hosting delegates to give their best self for a successful outcome.

”We are committed to undertake every effort to ensure the success of the Cypriot presidency,” he added. 

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Editor’s choice: Reader’s letter

THREE years ago my fully restored listed house in Pallouriotissa, Nicosia was partially destroyed by the negligent action of the Nicosia municipality contractors, Messrs Cyteco Ltd, that were employed – under the Nicosia Master Plan – to carry out improvements to the road network. It occurred whilst we were eating lunch and the shock of witnessing the total collapse of the western side of the dwelling and the destruction of our possessions is difficult to convey. I had returned home the previous day after undergoing major surgery, while my mother, who lived with us, was a very infirm 99-year-old. The emergency services attended and declared the house a dangerous structure and ordered our evacuation.

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Bringing order to organ donation list

SOFTWARE ensuring transparency in the allocation of transplant organs has been launched at the Nicosia General Hospital, according to Dr Vassilis Hadjianastassiou, head of the hospital’s transplant clinic.

“We hope that donors will increase from now onwards,” said Hadjianastassiou, adding that one donor can provide at least eight to ten people with organs.

Hadjianastassiou was speaking yesterday at a news conference at the CyTA central offices, which financially supported the setting up of the software.

He stressed that the software creates a hierarchy of people on the transplant list in order of priority, taking into consideration factors such as age and the longevity of a person’s life after receiving the transplant.

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Bold predictions for the New Year

According to Clem Chambers, CEO of leading stocks and shares information website 2012 will see markets continue this year’s rocky ride. Here are his seven best guesses for market events in 2012: 

~Gold will go through $2000 an ounce

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