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Unsafe mortar shells ‘scattered’ in storehouses

SOME 60,000 mortar shells scattered across multiple National Guard (NG) storehouses in Cyprus and bought decades ago may no longer be safe, the defence minister has said. 

Fotis Fotiou and representatives of the (unnamed) French manufacturers inspected some of the sites holding the munitions yesterday, which are due to be shipped to France for destruction. 

 “I was obliged to expedite action because I was clearly told by the NG leadership that these (mortar shells) needed to be destroyed yesterday even, and are dangerous,” Fotiou said. 

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Hospital cordoned off after oxygen leak

A liquid oxygen tank leak outside the emergency room at Nicosia General Hospital at around 1pm yesterday causing the area to be cordoned off while fire service dealt with what could have led to an explosion.

According to Fire Service spokeswoman, Lisa Kemidji, one tonne of liquid oxygen leaked from the ten-tonne tanks. Four fire trucks arrived on the scene, closing off the area, with members of the public asked to avoid using their mobile phones for fear of creating a spark which could have ignited the oxygen. “Water was used to thaw the valves to enable hospital technicians to close them off,” Kemidji said. She said one fire truck remained on the scene for safety reasons. She denied reports that the hospital had been evacuated. No injuries were reported.

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Labourers urged to call off strike

EMPLOYERS’ and contractors’ federations have asked construction workers not to go ahead with an island-wide strike announced for today and tomorrow. 

The construction industry “has shrunk to an unprecedented extent over the last three years. Many businesses have either suspended activities or else are on the tipping point and struggle every day to survive,” the Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEV) said in an announcement yesterday. 

Unions SEK and PEO have said that construction workers are being taken advantage of because of the debt crisis.

But OEV said that everyone – workers, employers and the economy – was hurting and a strike would only make things worse. 

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Paphos aims to be the first for direct flights

PAPHOS is hoping to establish a direct flight connecting the coastal town with China.

Efforts have been intensified in the hope of attracting Chinese investment, Chinese buyers of residential properties and tourists.

According to George Leptos, the head of EVE, the Paphos chamber of commerce and industry, a number of unsuccessful efforts to initiate Chinese tourism have been made by various Cyprus governments in the past.

He said: “The Cyprus Tourism Organisation has recently contacted Chinese tour operators and airlines with the aim of developing tourism from China and establishing direct air connection between our two countries.  According to my information there is interest in this direction, however we will need to wait for the outcome of the efforts.”

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Diaspora meet

THE CENTRAL Councils of the World Federation for Overseas Cypriots (POMAK) and of the International Coordinating Committee “Justice for Cyprus” (PSEKA) meet in Nicosia e this week.

The 6th International Conference of the World Organisation for Young Overseas Cypriots (NEPOMAK) is also meeting in Nicosia this week. The meetings will be held from today until Friday.

The opening ceremony will be addressed by President Demetris Christofias. Delegates will be welcomed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Erato Kozakou-Marcoullis.

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Yesterday, the Olympics and ringing a bell..

IT’S THURSDAY. Tomorrow at 8.12 am exactly I am going to stand in a street in the Tory heartlands of UK and ring a bell. It’s the idea of Martin Creed, winner of the Turner prize, ‘ for his Work No.1197: All the bells in a country rung as quickly and as loudly as possible for three minutes’ .

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Officials to discuss terms next week

EUROPEAN Commission and European Central Bank officials will arrive in Cyprus early next week to start work on the island’s bailout programme, a eurozone official involved in the scheme said yesterday.

An EU commission spokesman said it was not yet clear if the International Monetary Fund (IMF) would be involved in the bailout, but work on putting a team together had already started.

Meanwhile, eurozone finance ministers will hold a teleconference today to discuss the request for emergency lending from Cyprus.

Another eurozone official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Reuters that teams would begin their trip early next week.

The mission will be the first chance for the experts to dig into the island’s finances and assess how much aid it needs.

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Our view: The criminals are taking control and the police appear to be powerless

THE COLD-BLOODED murder of the five men in Ayia Napa last Saturday sent shock waves through our society. This may have been part of the settling of scores between rival crime gangs, but the way the hit was staged and the cold-blooded ruthlessness of the assassin (assassins) could not leave anyone unmoved, as is suggests that crime is out of control.

In the past, we tended to ignore crimes committed by members of the criminal underworld against each other. ‘Let them exterminate each other,’ was the general attitude as law-abiding citizens felt they had nothing to fear from rival gangs settling scores or expanding their territory. Most murder attempts or killings usually took place in secluded places in the dead of the night, rarely putting at risk innocent lives.

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Price caps law re-passed after milk blunder

THE HOUSE yesterday re-passed a law which empowers the commerce minister to order a price cap on certain basic commodities, after the President had sent the law back to parliament.

As it stands, the law gives the commerce minister authority to order a price ceiling for a period of up to 45 days on any of the following: bread, whole milk, bottled water, Cypriot coffee and electricity. However it must first be published in the government gazette before it can take effect.

Lawmakers yesterday agreed to certain amendments, following feedback from the Office of the Presidency. Initially the law had referred to whole milk (1 litre), common bread, bottled water, Cypriot coffee and electricity.

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