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Fifteen arrests for match hooliganism

HOOLIGANISM reared its ugly head on Saturday, before, during and after the Omonia – APOEL match in Nicosia and the Anorthosis – AEK match in Larnaca as police arrested a total of 15 people.
Before the Omonia – APOEL game which was due to start at 4.30pm, trouble started while APOEL fans were making their way into the GSP Stadium, with one fan and three police officers being injured.
Police arrested one man to help their investigation into the incident. According to police, both sets of fans set off firecrackers and flares before and during the match. As the second half was about to get underway a section of fans from each team attempted to enter the moat which circles the stadium and throw objects at each other.

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Industry leaders gather for major gas conference

TOP oil and natural gas professionals and executives, along with companies behind the planning and development of the region’s natural gas industry will gather in Nicosia between Monday and Wednesday 

Noble Energy, is the lead sponsor for Gulf Publishing Company’s inaugural Eastern Mediterranean Gas Conference (EMGC) at the Hilton. 

Charles D. Davidson, Noble Energy chairman and CEO, will be one of the speakers. “Far more than providing tremendous business and growth opportunities for the oil and natural gas industry, the abundance of natural gas resources recently discovered offshore Cyprus and Israel have the potential to forever alter the energy-security and economic landscape of the entire Eastern Mediterranean region,” he said.

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Spate of burglaries

A SPATE of burglaries over the weekend has seen Limassol police step-up its investigations after around €78,800 in cash and jewellery in total was stolen in three separate incidents.

The first incident was reported by a 47-year-old woman who told police that between 5.10pm and 7.15pm on Saturday her house was burgled and the contents of her safe were taken. Some €1,000 in cash and jewellery worth €36,900 were stolen. 

The second incident was reported to police by a 53-year-old woman who said that between 9pm on Saturday and 1am on Sunday, someone broke into her flat and took various items of jewellery and €4,000 in cash, totalling around €23,650.

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A free pit stop to check on tyres

HUNDREDS of cars leaving Nicosia this morning will be stopped to see if they are fitted with the correct, properly maintained tyres.
The Grand Pit Stop campaigners, among them the traffic police, will be checking cars on the Nicosia-Limassol highway between 8am and 1pm, and drivers can stop at the Latsia weighing station to be given maintenance advice and get tyres inflated if necessary.
Properly maintained tyres use less fuel, wear out more slowly and are safer.
Most accidents can be prevented if cars are fitted with the right tyres, kept at the right pressure, the head of a road safety organisation has said.

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Court hears Mari eyewitness

LARNACA Assize Court yesterday watched two videos taken on a mobile of the hisses and flashes of a growing fire, and listened to phone conversations of a military officer in the moments leading up to the explosion at the Evangelos Florakis naval base explosion in Mari which killed 13.

Demetris Doulas was testifying at the trial of six men facing charges of causing death by want of precaution, and homicide by gross negligence.

The explosion was caused by 98 containers, temporarily placed at the Mari base in March 2009 and were left stacked there until they exploded after the gunpowder ignited on July 11, last year. The defendants have pleaded not guilty.

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Drugs priest gets five years

LARNACA Criminal Court yesterday found a 37-year-old priest guilty of drug trafficking and sentenced him to five years.

He was also charged with possession of drugs and possession with intent to supply.

The Greek priest – who admitted to the charges after initially pleading not guilty – was caught with almost three kilos of cannabis in his suitcase at Larnaca airport in early April.

He was arriving from Athens and had told the police that he had accepted €1,000 and a return plane ticket in return for carrying the suitcase because his wife was ill. He later said his actions had been a mistake.

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Biker killed in Limassol

SAVVAS Theodosiou, 28, died yesterday afternoon from injuries suffered earlier in the day after losing control of his motorbike in Limassol.

Theodosiou was riding his bike in Polemidia going southwards at around 9am when eyewitnesses saw him overtake a bus, and return to his lane. His bike’s rear wheel went wobbly however and he lost control.

The bike overturned and then continued “on an uncontrolled trajectory to the right, hitting the pavement and forcibly colliding with a parked car, which was shifted by a metre or two,” head of Limassol traffic police, Michalis Katsounotos said. 

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Tsalikidis wants to stand trial in Greece

ATTORNEY-GENERAL Petros Clerides yesterday confirmed that the National Guard (NG) chief Stylianos Nasis sent a letter on Thursday relaying the desire of his predecessor, Petros Tsalikidis, to stand trial for the charges he faces in relation to the Mari naval base blast last July. 

Clerides said that he had refused to comment on ongoing procedures because “it is not useful” but was forced to confirm the accuracy of information leaked by daily newspaper Phileleftheros.

He said that Nasis asked in writing whether the Republic of Cyprus would consent to Tsalikidis standing trial in his native Greece where he is currently residing. 

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Bullying on the rise in schools

BULLYING is on the rise in state schools islandwide with social networking sites playing a part in facilitating the bully, according to a psychologist at the Education Ministry.

“From a study that we carried out last year there does appear to be an upward trend,” said Ernestina Sismanis, the Education Ministry’s higher educational psychologist told the Cyprus Mail yesterday.

The study, which involves 1,600 students from primary schools and gymnasiums, revealed that over 15 per cent of students were affected by bullying.

Despite what appears to be a low figure, Sismanis described it as ‘worrying’ nonetheless.

The ministry was however doing all it could, she said. Bullying can range from a pinch or a punch to simply ostracising a student.

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Cyprus to host Middle East Council of Churches

16: 53 THE Church of Cyprus will be hosting the 10th general assembly of the Middle East Council of Churches in Paphos tomorrow and Wednesday.

The focus of this years’ assembly will be on finding a more decisive role for the Council in respect of human rights, religious freedom and the unity of Christians in the Middle East.

Delegates will also review the actions of the Council over the past few years and will elect a new secretary-general.

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