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Fifteen arrests for match hooliganism

HOOLIGANISM reared its ugly head on Saturday, before, during and after the Omonia – APOEL match in Nicosia and the Anorthosis – AEK match in Larnaca as police arrested a total of 15 people.
Before the Omonia – APOEL game which was due to start at 4.30pm, trouble started while APOEL fans were making their way into the GSP Stadium, with one fan and three police officers being injured.
Police arrested one man to help their investigation into the incident. According to police, both sets of fans set off firecrackers and flares before and during the match. As the second half was about to get underway a section of fans from each team attempted to enter the moat which circles the stadium and throw objects at each other.

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World’s first bitcoin ATM in Cyprus?


AN ENTREPRENEUR has announced he is keen to introduce in Cyprus the world’s first ATM for virtual currency, bitcoin, which is not regulated by a central bank but has instead been growing via its online peer-to-peer community. 

Jeff Berwick, founder of and CEO of TDV Media said on his blog on that he plans to set up the world’s first Bitcoin ATM in Cyprus to enable people to deposit flat currency into it and get bitcoins in their account, as well as put bitcoins in their account and get flat currency back. 

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Our View: Hush hush and up in the air – only certainty is bailout deal deadline


IN A WAY, it is good that the government is keeping the talks with the troika out of the public domain. There is nothing worse than proposals or suggestions becoming subjects of public debate and parties making political capital out of them. President Anastasiades asked the party leaders not to divulge information after he briefed them about the talks with the troika on Saturday night and they complied. 

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Arrested for murder of taxi driver ten years ago

POLICE in Paphos arrested a 39-year-old from Larnaca yesterday in connection with a murder ten years ago in Paphos. 

According to Paphos police, 48-year-old taxi-driver Charalambos Pericleous from the village of Salamiou was murdered in August 2003 near Tsada. The 39-year-old, who has not been named, is being held in a Paphos holding cell until he is brought before Paphos district court later today. 

Recent DNA checks on the murder weapon – a revolver – matched that of the 39-year-old suspect. His DNA had been on record after a previous unrelated arrest.

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EAC employee used company credit card to fill up his car for two years

POLICE arrested a 42-year-old man yesterday after they received reports he had been using his Electronic Authority of Cyprus (EAC) company credit card to refuel his own vehicles for the last two years.

According to Famagusta Police spokesman, Giorgos Economou, Famagusta CID received reports the man was allegedly using his company credit card to refuel his own vehicles when he should have been refuelling company vehicles instead. 

Police estimate the man embezzled the amount of €10,000 in fuel, they said. The 42-year-old was questioned by police, admitted his guilt and was written up, police said. He will be called to court at a later date.

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Strike talks to dominate weekend

BUILDING workers from DEOK trade union unanimously decided at a meeting yesterday to continue their strike until a decision has been made for the renewal of the construction industry’s collective agreements.
As part of their continued strike, DEOK union members have decided to demonstrate outside the offices of the Association of Building Contractors (OSEOK) in Nicosia next week.
“We will continue our battle until there is a just and respectable renewal of the collective agreements,” DEOK general secretary Diomidis Diomidou stated.
A statement from DEOK criticised fellow unions SEK and PEO for accepting Labour Minister Sotiroulla Charalmbous’ proposal on Thursday without consulting with them first.

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Orphanides chain still in limbo

NOT enough suppliers of the indebted Orphanides Supermarkets chain have agreed with a proposal to take over management of some outlets aimed to secure the supermarkets’ ability to stay afloat, it emerged yesterday. 

The suppliers, led by supplier Cypra Ltd and Giorgos Georgiou, have formed a new entity Orphanides New Era in order to directly manage some outlets and, they hope, the supermarkets’ ability to meet their obligations.

But in order for the deal to carry forward, a number of suppliers collectively owed €50 million need to agree. As of yesterday, the figure came to only €20 million, Georgiou said in an announcement.

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EAC ordered to suspend new hike

THE CYPRUS Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA) yesterday decided to cancel the price increase imposed on energy bills by the electricity authority (EAC) on January 1 based on a recalculation of the fuel cost formula. 

CERA released an announcement saying it has instructed the EAC to suspend the fuel adjustment imposed after a rise in fuel costs last November was passed on to the consumer. 

The decision will come as good news to consumers who feared yet another hike in electricity prices, which are already some of the highest in Europe.  

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Road tenders imminent

Tenders to build the new, overdue, Paphos-Polis Chrysochous road will be announced no later than the end of this year or the beginning of next, the interior minister has promised.

The confirmation was made by Polis Chrysochous mayor Angelos Odysseos yesterday. Odysseos, who was speaking to the Cyprus News Agency (CNA), said Eleni Mavrou had committed to putting the project to tender before the end of 2012 and no later than the start of 2013. 

The process to partially amend aspects of the documentation involved, as well as the project’s technical characteristics, was already underway, he said, and would significantly reduce construction costs.

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Court hears Mari eyewitness

LARNACA Assize Court yesterday watched two videos taken on a mobile of the hisses and flashes of a growing fire, and listened to phone conversations of a military officer in the moments leading up to the explosion at the Evangelos Florakis naval base explosion in Mari which killed 13.

Demetris Doulas was testifying at the trial of six men facing charges of causing death by want of precaution, and homicide by gross negligence.

The explosion was caused by 98 containers, temporarily placed at the Mari base in March 2009 and were left stacked there until they exploded after the gunpowder ignited on July 11, last year. The defendants have pleaded not guilty.

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