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Proposed UN visit over arms was ‘merely routine’

FORMER foreign minister Marcos Kyprianou said yesterday the impression that the UN was prevented from visiting Cyprus over the munitions on the Monchegorsk had blown out of proportion what was a “routine matter”.

Cyprus seized nearly 100 containers of munitions cargo in early 2009 from the Cypriot-flagged Monchegorsk that was going from Iran to Syria, in violation of a UN Security Council resolution. 

But Kyprianou, one of the defendants in the ongoing trial over the death of 13 people killed when the munitions exploded, said that it was only after the July 11 blast at Mari in 2011 that a big deal was made over the fact that Cyprus delayed a visit by the UN Security Council’s sanctions committee. 

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UK Greek Orthodox primary being taken to court in head scarf row

THE PARENTS of a Muslim girl are taking the UK’s only Greek Orthodox primary school to court for refusing to let her wear a headscarf.
The story has been reported across several media outlets – in the UK and elsewhere –after the parents of the nine-year-old applied to the High Court to lift the school’s ban.
The head of St Cyprian’s primary school in south London’s Croydon, Kate Magliocco, said the parents believe it would be sinful for the nine-year-old to be seen without a headscarf in the presence of male teachers.
The Huffington Post (UK) quoted Magliocco as saying that the decision not to allow her to wear a headscarf was taken by the school’s governing body.

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Cheaper bills on storage heaters

THE NEW year will come with cheaper bills for storage heaters’ users with a pricing scheme dropping by an estimated 12 per cent, the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) has said.

The energy regulator has approved the EAC’s request to shave off 2.0 cent per Kwh from the bills of off-peak storage heaters users, the authority said yesterday in an announcement. 

The off-peak tariff applies to all customers using electricity for the storage of thermal energy during off-peak periods as set by the EAC.

To be eligible, people need to have their storage heater connected to a separate off-peak circuit via switchgear that prevents the connection of standard electricity plugs.

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Tragedies turned into fight for bi-communal peace

TWO MEN – a Greek Cypriot and a Turkish Cypriot – who lost many of their loved ones in the 1974 invasion but went on to promote bi-communal peace were awarded the European Citizen’s Prize 2012 yesterday.
“I’ve come to realise the only way to get over loss and carry on with my life is to work hard, as hard as I can, to make sure no other family goes through what I went through,” said Huseyin Akansoy, during the award ceremony at EU House in Nicosia.

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Nationalist ELAM woos uneasy villagers after foreigners brawl

NATIONALIST party ELAM yesterday accused the police of harassing its members who were visiting villages in the Nicosia area on Wednesday evening speaking to residents about the rising crime involving foreigners.
ELAM said it visited the villages of Akaki, Peristerona and Orounta at the request of the residents because of the spike in crime involving foreigners.
Another reason was the violent clashes between 50 foreign nationals in which shots were fired, ELAM said.
That incident saw three people treated in hospital for superficial wounds caused by pellets.

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Contribute to 'book of love'

CONTRIBUTORS are being sought for a fund-raising poetry book which will form part of the Paphos bid to gain the title of the European Capital of Culture 2017.

Paphos has already succeeded in going forward to the second part of the process along with a joint Larnaca/Nicosia bid. Judging will take place in September this year.

As the book project is designed to appeal to and involve all sections of the Paphos community, the Friends’ Hospice has been invited to participate. The hospice provides palliative care for patients and support for families of people suffering from life limiting illness such as cancer.

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A night at the museum

THERE’S something quite special about being in a museum after hours, and only one night do it, legally at least. 

With museums around Europe now busy organising an exciting line up of nocturnal activities in celebration of the European Night of Museums on May 18, Cyprus is also following suit with various events islandwide this week. Of particular interest is the opening of a new exhibit named ‘Anthropos: Faces of Cyprus’ at the Cyprus Museum in Nicosia this Friday when the museum will stay open until 11pm. 

The opening will commemorate not only International Museum Day but also mark Cyprus’ upcoming EU presidency. 

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Online ‘scandal sheet’ being investigated

POLICE are investigating “possible criminal offences” against online news website xkarforma, which discusses politicians and known Cypriots, police spokesman Andreas Angelides said yesterday.

The website discusses news from Cyprus and abroad and often criticises known Cypriots, discussing scandals surrounding their public and private life.

A post from February for example, listed 15 land registry employees who were related to top officials in the service.

Xkarfoma also discussed the rumours surrounding the marriage and alleged affairs of a prominent politician.

Last Sunday the police raided the home of a person associated with the website and confiscated equipment after complaints from people, daily Phileleftheros said.

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Paphos photographer wins global wedding award

A PAPHOS photographer has been awarded the global worldwide bridal portrait photographer of the year 2011 at a ceremony held in London.

Andreas Evzonas, 52, says although he was thrilled to receive the award, he didn’t want to make a ‘big deal of his win’ but a friend of his thought otherwise and released the information to the press.

Evzonas says that he found out that he had been awarded the prestigious title of ‘Photographer of the year bridal portrait 2011’ by the SWPP- the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographer recently.

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Handbag thief

A 62-YEAR-OLD woman from Nicosia reported having her handbag snatched from her car while she was stopped at traffic lights.

According to the woman, she had been driving her car in the early afternoon on Friday through the capital when she stopped at a red light. Suddenly, a man opened her passenger’s seat door, grabbed her handbag and ran off.

The 62-year-old’s handbag was found by a member of the public a few hours later and handed over to the police, though around €1,410 had been stolen.

Nicosia CID is investigating the case.


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