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In olden days at least highway men wore masks

IN THE past, highwaymen used to rob the rich but made sure that their faces were covered.  In the case of Cyprus, Germany and the troika, presided over a robbery of billions of euros from private savers in order to save the euro for the umpteenth time.  

The deal offered to Cyprus is in fact a nasty and immoral political act, and the only thing it has achieved, besides bankrupting Cyprus, was to strike fear into the rest of the European countries because it established a precedent.  

After all if European Common Market Nations are willing to save their currency by committing such acts, why not repeat it next time, and for the same reason, in Spain, Italy and Greece? 

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House wants list of those who transferred money out before March 15

PARLIAMENT yesterday demanded a list of names of people who transferred money out of Cyprus before a March 15 Eurogroup decision to impose a tax on depositors that sparked a crisis that threatens to kill the island’s banking system.
Speaking after a five-hour meeting, the chairman of the House Institutions Committee said they needed more information on the matter.
“An investigation is also needed on whether the government was informed – both the former and the current administrations – about many important issues that, which created the problem in the banking system, especially at Laiki,” Demetris Syllouris said.

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