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Luxury liner boost for Paphos visits


THE LUXURY cruise ship the MS Europa anchored off Kato Paphos yesterday at 8am, the fourth stop on its itinerary, after setting off from Dubai and passing through Abu Dhabi and Egypt’s Sharm El Sheik. 

The ship was due to leave Paphos at 4pm yesterday, destined for the Greek islands of Rhodes and Symi before weighing anchor at its final destination of Valetta in Malta. The Europa’s 337 passengers had the opportunity to visit the harbour and other sites in the area. Paphos Mayor, Savvas Vergas said he would offer all possible assistance and services to visitors, so such visits might take place in the future, adding that the Europa was one of the largest cruise ships around.

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Legal obstacle to Galanos appointment to BoC

PLANS to appoint former House president Alexis Galanos interim chairman of the Bank of Cyprus (BoC) have hit a legal obstacle as such a move would be incompatible with him also being the mayor of Famagusta and chairman of the union of municipalities.

The government wants an interim board appointed as soon as possible, to oversee the stricken lender’s restructuring following a Eurogroup decision to impose hefty losses on its uninsured depositors.

Galanos agreed to take over the post but reports said a legal ruling stated it would be in conflict with him being a mayor and the head of the union of municipalities.

Reports suggested the matter was discussed in a one-hour meeting between President Nicos Anastasiades and Central Bank Governor Panicos Demetriades.

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Central Bank could face slew of lawsuits from depositors


LARGE depositors in Laiki Bank who face losing most if not all their money have warned they will take the Central Bank’s top brass to court if even one cent is taken out of their accounts. 

The threat of legal action raises the spectre of the bailout programme unravelling in the courts, and slapping the state with massive sums in penalties.  

A lawyer representing a number of large depositors sent a letter to Central Bank Governor Panicos Demetriades last Thursday warning that if a haircut of any size was imposed on their deposits held at Laiki Bank, depositors will file a private criminal case against the governor, board members, and certain CB officials for allegedly committing “a number of criminal acts and omissions”. 

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Banks will remain closed but ATMs stocked up

BANKS will remain closed today and tomorrow, the Central Bank announcing yesterday that “March 19 and March 20 have been declared bank holidays.”

“We could not have opened, with the bill for the deposits levy still pending,” said a senior bank executive who added that nobody knew what the levy would eventually be. The angry reaction, caused by the bail-in of small depositors had forced the government to re-consider how the haircut would be applied. 

On Sunday night the Central Bank had informed commercial banks that the levy percentages had changed. For deposits up to €100,000 the levy would be 3 per cent, between €100,000 and €500,000 10 per cent and above €500,000 12.5 per cent.

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Kasoulides: all sides should be involved in peace process

TURKEY AND Greece should also have a seat at the negotiating table when peace talks to solve the island’s ongoing division resume, said Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides. 

The new minister was quoted in yesterday’s Milliyet, a Turkish daily, saying that the method of the peace talks employed up to now had to change. 

During an interview with the Turkish paper in Brussels, Kasoulides said the economy was clearly a priority right now but that the new government would also proceed with the issue of the Cyprus problem. 

The government will send clear signals to Turkey in the coming months, he said, expressing hope that these signals would not remain unanswered. 

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Wind farm permit cancelled


INTERIOR Minister Socratis Hasikos has cancelled a permit to create a wind farm in an environmentally sensitive area, signed by his predecessor a day before she handed over the ministry despite being opposed by all departments involved in the process.

Hasikos said he will also look into other cases signed between the first and second round of the presidential elections – February 17 and 24.

The permit concerned a 77.4MW wind farm project – 26 turbines – located in a Natura 2000 zone at Pentashinos near Lefkara signed by Eleni Mavrou on February 28.

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People across the island mark start of Carnival

CYPRIOTS celebrated Tsiknopempti (stinky Thursday) yesterday, eating lots of meat and getting into the swing of the carnival celebrations.

The Thursday 11 days before the start of lent is dedicated to eating meat and marks the beginning of the Carnival, when masks are traditionally worn to see off the bad spirits of winter. The day gets its name from the smell of smoke coming from frying or meat being cooked on spits.

Paphos and Limassol started their carnival celebrations yesterday. The King of the Carnival, dressed as a Chinese investor, started the Paphos carnival parade at 3pm. The chariot was escorted by ballerinas from the ballet school Cleas Pitsillidou.

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Anastasiades announces all-male cabinet


PRESIDENT-elect Nicos Anastasiades yesterday announced his cabinet, which included a couple of new faces but no women, which resulted in some criticism.

“There is a specific programme, which everyone is obliged to follow and put in place,” Anastasiades said, adding that he was happy with the composition of his cabinet.

Anastasiades has announced plans to create several junior minister positions, a move that will require new laws before it can be implemented.

The President-elect said he planned to submit the necessary bills in March and expressed the hope they would be passed before month’s end.

“We want a functional state, a state that can actively participate in the EU,” he said.

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Our View: When the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing

EVERY YEAR the government extends the deadline for the renewal of road tax which, in theory, should be done in January. Towards the end of January, it is announced that motorists would have until mid-February to pay their road tax and subsequently they are given a few more days after that. It is the lax way in which the law is enforced, with the government making special allowances to ‘help’ people.

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AKEL: It’s not really a defeat

THE MOOD may have been sombre at the Stavros Malas campaign headquarters last night but just a few streets away, the AKEL top brass were quietly tickled that the outgoing ruling party survived the global and national economic downturn relatively unscathed. 

Once the first exit polls showed Nicos Anastasiades as the clear winner, the atmosphere among volunteers and supporters at the Malas headquarters became rather bleak.

As the news trickled out that Anastasiades had cemented victory in the second round, one cigarette-smoking, whiskey-drinking supporter railed against TV networks for their biased reporting. 

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