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Paphos hospice forced to downsize

THE Friends Hospice in Paphos has been forced to scale down its operation due to the deepening economic crisis.

The hospice is currently the only operational hospice in Paphos and is situated in a dedicated wing of the Evangelismos hospital. Since opening in 2006, the facility has expanded and now consists of a seven-bed unit which is solely run by donations, money raised by the shops and fundraising events.

According to a hospice spokesman, running a multi-bed facility is no longer an option. He said: “We can’t continue as we are as we just can’t bring in the €500,000 which is needed to operate the hospice every year.”

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Arrest in murder case

A 36-YEAR-OLD man from Zakaki was arrested yesterday in connection with the murder of Loucas Constantinou, the 35-year-old whose burnt remains were found in a car near Lady’s Mile in Limassol last week.
Constantinou, who worked for Limassol municipality’s department of sanitation, was from Kolossi. He had been reported missing from his home a week ago today.
“SBA Police are investigating the case of murder and for this reason a number of lines of enquiry have been undertaken including the issuing of a warrant of arrest against a person suspected in this case,” acting superintendant of SBA Police, George Kiteos said.

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Data watchdog accuses deputies of ‘hypocritical populism’

INSTEAD of hiding behind hypocritical excuses politicians, state servants and prominent individuals should go ahead and publish their financial data but more than that, there should be a system in place to publish the financial dealings of those suspected of foul-play, the personal data commissioner said yesterday.
Commissioner for the Protection of Personal Data Yiannos Danielides released a written statement to the Cyprus News Agency in the light of continuing, but inconclusive, discussion in parliament’s institutions committee on the issue.
Danielides said that “a classic example of hypocritical populism” was the position some had taken “that they will publish their financial statement under the condition that others do”.

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Troika talks continue at Central Bank

TROIKA officials continued their talks at the Central Bank yesterday before they departed from Cyprus.
Political party leaders were due to be given an update on the progress of negotiations last night during a meeting at the Presidential Palace with President Nicos Anastasiades.
A statement released yesterday said the meeting would be on matters of the economy.
Earlier the president met the Finance Minister, the Central Bank Governor and the head of the National Council on Economic Policy at the palace.

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Three injured in village brawl

THREE men were yesterday treated for superficial pellet wounds as a result of a massive brawl that took place in the Nicosia village Peristerona late on Tuesday.

According to a police spokesman yesterday, the force received calls from Peristerona residents at a little before 11pm on Tuesday, saying a brawl – involving around 50 people – was taking place.

The police were told that stones were thrown and shots fired during the fracas. By the time officers showed up however the crowd had dispersed.

At around 2.30am yesterday, police were notified by Nicosia general hospital’s A&E unit that a man was being treated for injuries from gun pellets.

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Gas discovery provides hope for job market

THE DISCOVERY of natural gas in Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ) has provided a promising future for the island and its worrying unemployment figures, Labour Minister Sotiroula Charalambous said yesterday and could create up to 4,000 jobs.

“Despite today’s adversity, our economy’s future seems promising with the discovery of natural resources in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone,” Charalambous said during a presentation by the Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA) on its work in 2011.

This, she added, has prompted the government to promote a series of measures to reinforce growth.

Her ministry’s contribution to these measures is a series of actions that aim to deal with unemployment, said Charalambous.

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Overtime deal for civil servants

BY MAJORITY vote, the House yesterday approved a set of regulations involving the calculation of civil servants’ overtime rates.

Under regulations incorporated in the 2012 budget and pushed through by opposition politicians, public-sector employees have since January been paid overtime rates based on the lowest pay grade in a given service irrespective of their pay scale – a significant departure from past practice.

The new regulations find the middle ground, setting the overtime rate at the average of a given pay scale.

Lawmakers had agreed to take another look at the issue, after a number of civil servants – particularly high-earners – began refusing to put in overtime, creating problems to various government departments.

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Russia energy minister visit

RUSSIA’S Deputy Minister of Energy Yury Sentyurin will be visiting Cyprus next week for the Russia-Cyprus Business and Investment Forum to take place on February 10 in Limassol. Sentyurin will be moderating a panel discussion entitled “Business Opportunities”.

Phidias Pilides, President of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) which is co-organising the event, noted the importance of Sentyurin’s visit, adding that “energy issues as well as other matters are of high interest for the Russians”.

Cyprus is preparing to launch a second licensing round for hydrocarbons exploration and Russian companies are reportedly interested in participating.


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Downer: focus on the message, not the messenger

THE PEOPLE of Cyprus and its leaders need to focus more on the substance of the negotiations and less on the person facilitating the talks, suggested UN Special Adviser Alexander Downer yesterday. 

The UN diplomat met President Demetris Christofias yesterday to discuss how to move the process forward after last week’s Greentree meeting in New York between the two leaders and UN chief. 

He also met with Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu on Tuesday.  

Downer has run into trouble with Greek Cypriot parties after he – supposedly deliberately — referred to the ‘Greek Cypriot EU Presidency’ in response to a question in New York, rather than using ‘Cyprus’ or ‘Republic of Cyprus’ Presidency. 

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Christofias: Cyprus will continue offshore gas search


PRESIDENT Demetris Christofias said the government would press ahead with the search for hydrocarbons in Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone and the next round of licensing round soon.

Christofias made the comments during today’s visit to Noble Energy’s Homer Ferrington gas drilling rig south of the Mediterranean island, a project that Turkey disputes. It was his first visit since U.S. concession partners Noble started an exploratory drill in September.

“My presence here underlines the sovereign rights of the Republic of Cyprus which we are determined to exercise,” Christofias said, according to a statement issued by the government press office.

Turkey has challenged the jurisdiction of Cyprus in searching for oil and gas.

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