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'Lives could be saved' if ICU patients had better aftercare

LIVES could be saved each year by creating a specialised rehabilitation centre for patients who need a longer recovery time, the head of Nicosia general hospital’s intensive care unit, Theodoros Kyprianou said yesterday.
“When we’re talking about health, every time funding is cut or frozen the cost is human life,” Kyprianou said.
He was referring to budget cuts across the public sector affecting hiring of staff.
About 800 patients are treated in intensive care each year, Kyprianou said.
However he said around 80 per cent, some 640 people – make it through but “a large proportion of them need specialised aftercare”, he said.

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Drunk cyclists arrested

TWO brothers were arrested on Friday night and charged for riding their bicycles under the influence of alcohol.

Limassol police have charged seven people in total over the past three months, for riding bicycles while drunk. 

The two Romanians were spotted by police riding erratically through the town’s main roads and were made to take an alcohol test.

One tested 76 mg instead of the legally acceptable 22 mg and the other tested 89 mg.

They were taken to a nearby police station, where they were charged in writing and released. 



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No sprouts there: EU Council canteen goes Cypriot

HUNGARIAN-BORN British satirist George Mikes (1912-1987) captured the mood of many foreign diplomats on the small yet ever so noisy island when he said: “Realising they will never be a world power, the Cypriots have decided to settle for being a world nuisance.” 

Four days ago, Cyprus took a first step towards the unthinkable, the forbidden dream of world domination, experienced through the assumption of the EU presidency. 

In six months time, we will know whether our world power ambitions will have acted as a counterweight to the moniker of world nuisance or help fuel the groundless accusation. 

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Motorcyclist killed by drunk driver in head-on collision

A MOTORCYCLIST was killed on Sunday in a head-on collision with a car driven by a drunken 27-year-old man in Nicosia.

The breathalyser showed that the 27-year-old Cypriot man had 64 microgrammes of alcohol, almost three times over the limit.

The crash which involved three cars as well as the motorbike, happened on Grivas Digenis Avenue at around 11.30am, when the 27-year-old driver, carrying a female passenger, 23, collided with the 55-year-old motorcyclist. 

The motorcyclist subsequently collided with another vehicle driven by a 25-year-old and after that, hit a car driven by a 72-year-old man.  The 23-year old passenger was taken to Nicosia General Hospital where her condition is said not to be life threatening. Police arrested the 27-year-old.

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Hotel theft

TWELVE designer watches worth a total of €200,000 were stolen from the Four Seasons Hotel in Limassol yesterday morning.

According to the head of Limassol CID, Yiannis Georgiou, two men with their faces covered with hats entered the hotel’s reception area a little after 8am and using a hammer, they broke the windows of two shops and grabbed the watches. They ran outside where a grey saloon car was waiting for them and fled.

Police are now checking the hotel’s CCTV footage, which recorded the thieves every move.

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Our View: Labour market must be left to adjust to new conditions

AS WAS widely expected, the number of the unemployed in Cyprus has reached a double digit percentage. The latest figures released by Eurostat showed that the unemployment rate is now at a record 10 per cent. The figure could be even higher considering that many of the jobless would not bother register with the district labour office after the six months during which they were entitled to unemployment benefit.

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One in 12 drivers charged

ONE IN twelve motorists was charged with drink-driving during a two-week island-wide campaign conducted by police to prevent and reduce traffic accidents. It was the third weekend in  row that the same percentage of drivers were caught. 

According to a police announcement, between February 20 and March 4, police carried out 6,757 alcohol tests on drivers, with 571 found to be over the limit.  

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Two wanted for kiosk robberies

POLICE ARE looking for two men believed to have been involved in two cases of robbery and attempted robbery of Nicosia kiosks in the early hours of yesterday morning. 

According to a complaint by a 21-year-old employee of a Nicosia kiosk, at around 2am yesterday, a hooded man walked into the shop, attacked the employee with his bare hands and immobilised him on the floor. 

A second man who also had his face covered then entered the kiosk, taking around €400 from the till and a number of cigarettes before fleeing the scene with his accomplice.  

The 21-year-old employee was taken to Nicosia general hospital where he was treated for a broken nose, bruises and cuts to various parts of his body. 

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No hunting on Green Monday

HUNTING will be prohibited on Green Monday, February 27, the Game Fund announced yesterday.

According to the announcement, hunting is allowed until February 29 in areas where thrush are hunted. This will also be the last day of the open hunting season. 

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Thousands of children suffer congenital heart disease

AROUND 4,000 children and teenagers in Cyprus – approximately 1.0 per cent of all births – suffer from a congenital heart disease according to Health Minister, Stavros Malas.

The minister was speaking at a conference yesterday held at the paediatric cardiology clinic at the Makarios Hospital to commemorate the international day for congenital heart disease.

The event was organised by the Association of Parents and Friends of Children with Heart Disease, and was also attended by the First Lady, Elsi Christofias.

Malas said that the children’s cardiology clinic at the Makarios Hospital – which reopened last September after a four-year closure – was of an “excellent standard,” and reaffirmed his belief that the clinic could treat congenital heart disease.

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