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Hezbollah man jailed for four years

A MEMBER of Lebanese militant group and political party Hezbollah, was yesterday sentenced to four years in prison for participating in a plot to attack Israeli citizens in Cyprus.

Hossam Taleb Yaccoub, 24, a dual Lebanese-Swedish national, had been found guilty a week ago on five charges including participation in a criminal organisation and participation in committing a crime.

“There is no doubt they are serious offenses since committing them potentially endangers the safety of Israeli nationals and targets within the territory of the Republic of Cyprus,” the Limassol Criminal Court said.

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Data watchdog accuses deputies of ‘hypocritical populism’

INSTEAD of hiding behind hypocritical excuses politicians, state servants and prominent individuals should go ahead and publish their financial data but more than that, there should be a system in place to publish the financial dealings of those suspected of foul-play, the personal data commissioner said yesterday.
Commissioner for the Protection of Personal Data Yiannos Danielides released a written statement to the Cyprus News Agency in the light of continuing, but inconclusive, discussion in parliament’s institutions committee on the issue.
Danielides said that “a classic example of hypocritical populism” was the position some had taken “that they will publish their financial statement under the condition that others do”.

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EAC employee used company credit card to fill up his car for two years

POLICE arrested a 42-year-old man yesterday after they received reports he had been using his Electronic Authority of Cyprus (EAC) company credit card to refuel his own vehicles for the last two years.

According to Famagusta Police spokesman, Giorgos Economou, Famagusta CID received reports the man was allegedly using his company credit card to refuel his own vehicles when he should have been refuelling company vehicles instead. 

Police estimate the man embezzled the amount of €10,000 in fuel, they said. The 42-year-old was questioned by police, admitted his guilt and was written up, police said. He will be called to court at a later date.

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Human rights manual on offer at schools

A MANUAL on human rights education for children is now on offer to primary school teachers who may incorporate it in the following academic year’s curriculum, following an initiative from the Hope for Children Foundation and the NGO support centre.

Compasito is published in the context of the Council of Europe’s youth programme on human rights education and intercultural dialogue, launched in 2000. 

In 2005, an action plan was launched to help primary and secondary school educators teach human rights.

In Cyprus, the NGO support centre and the hope for children foundation translated the manual to Greek with the support of child commissioner Leda Koursoumba and the education ministry. 

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Little enthusiasm for contenders in presidential poll

WITH just seven months to go to the presidential elections, 50 per cent of the public remains lukewarm about the contenders for the top job, a poll has shown.

In a survey carried out by RAI Consultants, and commissioned by the Stockwatch news service, 51 per cent of respondents said they were “not so satisfied” or “not at all satisfied” with the presidential candidates that have come forth so far.

Respondents were also asked to rate (on a scale of 1 to 10) the three contenders: AKEL nominee and current Health Minister Stavros Malas, DISY leader Nicos Anastassiades and independent candidate Giorgos Lillikas.

It was a tie between Malas and Lillikas, who both scored 4.5 Anastassiades got the highest rating with 5.7.

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ELAM seeks to echo Golden Dawn’s success: Will Greek vote boost nationalism here?

THE unprecedented rise of the far right in Greece in last Sunday’s election has succeeded in raising enough alarm here in Cyprus to prompt President Christofias to comment that the economic crisis is strengthening radical parties across Europe.

Fears of a rise in nationalism locally have been heightened by the potentially explosive mix of economic recession, rising unemployment and increasing racism, with local immigrant support groups saying that they fear foreigners will be on the receiving end of any nationalist surge. 

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Our View: Personal data law should not be used to protect tax cheats

IN A LETTER to the legislature the head of the Inland Revenue Department Giorgos Poufos complained that the legislature and the government had been dragging their feet over legislation that would have enable tax officials to do their job more effectively. Three bills aimed at broadening the powers of tax collectors had been rejected by the parties in 2010 while the government did not bother re-submitting them to the legislature, Poufos complained in his letter.

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Election alliance treads carefully over Cyprus problem

A DRAFT report on common positions for a common election programme of the four minority opposition parties was distributed yesterday with the glaring absence of any reference to a bizonal, bicommunal federation. 

DIKO deputy Nicolas Papadopoulos put together the draft framework as a starting point for further discussion on fielding a common candidate in next February’s presidential elections among DIKO, EDEK, EVROKO and the Greens.  

Papadopoulos distributed the draft report to all four parties yesterday morning while the committee formed to prepare a common election programme was due to meet in the evening to discuss it. 

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State opposes cut in VAT on electricity

THE finance ministry opposes a cut in VAT on electricity unless the lost revenues are recovered by other means, lawmakers heard yesterday.

Senior ministry official Andreas Charalambous told MPs that the economy is going through a very difficult time and the state cannot afford to lose any revenues.

On Monday, Finance Minister Vassos Shiarly said fresh measures were on the way to cover a €200 million shortfall in the deficit target, which was set at 2.5 per cent for 2012.

“We do not have the luxury of losing any revenues,” Charalambous said, without covering this loss through other means.

The ministry estimates that slashing VAT on electricity from 17 to 8 per cent would result in a loss of state revenues ranging from €25 million to €30 million.

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Archbishop calls on clergy to stop crossing north

THE CHURCH leadership has called on all clergy and members of the public to stop crossing north until the ban on Karpasia Bishop Christoforos is lifted. 

During an ad hoc meeting yesterday, the Holy Synod discussed the refusal of the breakaway regime to allow Christoforos to cross to the north. 

“The Holy Synod decided unanimously that none of its members will travel to the occupied areas until the occupying forces end this unacceptable measure, and calls on the clergy and people to do the same,” said Bishop of Tamasos Isaiah after the meeting.  

Christoforos tried twice on Monday to cross to the north to visit the Church of Ayios Mamas on the invite of Morphou Bishop Neophytos but on both counts was rejected. 

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