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State aims to trim spending abroad

THE government plans to trim redundant personnel serving abroad, among others, as part of a broader drive to curb the state payroll.

The President has asked the Defence Ministry to explore the possibility of reducing the number of military attaches serving with Cypriot embassies overseas, the government spokesman said yesterday.

But the cutbacks would not be at the expense of the country’s level of representation abroad, Christos Stylianides said.

Despite the cost-cutting policy, the Cypriot diplomatic mission to Portugal is to be upgraded to an embassy, but this would be done purely for “political reasons,” he added.

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Record number of flamingos


RECORD numbers of birds have flocked to Cyprus’ wetlands this winter as their migration patterns have coincided with extensive rainfall over the months of September and October according to the Game and Fauna Fund. 

“Around 20,000 flamingos were recorded in Cyprus during December which is a record and we also saw between 15,000 and 16,000 flamingos recorded in November which is also a record,” senior member of the Game and Fauna Fund, Nikos Kassinis said yesterday.

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United win seven-goal thriller while City lose

Manchester United trailed three times before a last-gasp goal from Javier Hernandez sealed a rip-roaring 4-3 victory over Newcastle United that opened a seven-point lead at the top of the Premier League on Wednesday.

Manchester City were undone by former winger Adam Johnson as he scored the only goal in a 1-0 win for Sunderland which left the champions second in the table, four points ahead of Chelsea who beat Norwich City 1-0 thanks to a 20-metre strike from Juan Mata.

Tottenham Hotspur moved up to fourth after Gareth Bale grabbed his first Premier League hat-trick in a 4-0 rout at Aston Villa who were also thrashed 8-0 at Chelsea on Sunday.

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First signs that Cyprus EU presidency is winding down

THE ministry of education is wrapping up its role in Cyprus’ EU presidency just over a month early with an EU Council of Ministers meeting in Brussels on Monday and Tuesday.
The meeting will discuss a wide range of issues, such as the Erasmus for All education programme, illiteracy and safe internet usage for children
Minister of Education Giorgos Demosthenous said yesterday he was proud of the goals the Cyprus presidency had achieved in the field of education.
“I am very proud of the work done during this period by my colleagues,” he said.
“We have achieved very important goals and it is not by chance that there are continuous reports that the ministry of education and culture has achieved one of the best EU Council Presidencies in the last 20 years.”

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Legal services delaying on petrol stations

THE HOUSE environment committee yesterday said that because of delays with the legal services, dangerous petrol stations including one found responsible for a city centre fuel leak were being allowed to operate.

The petrol station that caused a fuel leak in central Larnaca reopened in September, following the temporary shutdown of two other petrol stations while municipal workers looked for the leak.

The head of the environment committee, Adamos Adamou, said yesterday they needed to update legislation to solve problems with the 150 unlicensed petrol stations in Cyprus. 

But the legal services are still examining a bill proposed by the commerce ministry to create a framework to deal with petrol stations.

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Fires brought under control


FIRE-fighters late yesterday afternoon brought under control a large blaze in Limassol, the last in a string of fires that started on Sunday, prompting the evacuation of two villages.

“All fires are under full control and strong ground forces remain in the area to guard against potential re-ignition,” fire service spokeswoman Lisa Kemidji said last night. “They will remain there for as many days and nights as necessary.”

Authorities have arrested 57-year-old man in connection with one of the fires near Hirokitia, in the Larnaca district, that burned some 13 square kilometres of wild shrub.

Police said the man, who was remanded in custody for three days, is thought to have tried to burn wild shrubs.

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Price caps law re-passed after milk blunder

THE HOUSE yesterday re-passed a law which empowers the commerce minister to order a price cap on certain basic commodities, after the President had sent the law back to parliament.

As it stands, the law gives the commerce minister authority to order a price ceiling for a period of up to 45 days on any of the following: bread, whole milk, bottled water, Cypriot coffee and electricity. However it must first be published in the government gazette before it can take effect.

Lawmakers yesterday agreed to certain amendments, following feedback from the Office of the Presidency. Initially the law had referred to whole milk (1 litre), common bread, bottled water, Cypriot coffee and electricity.

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Debris prompts space station crew to seek shelter

A passing piece of potentially dangerous space debris forced astronauts at the International Space Station to temporarily seek refuge in escape ships early on Saturday, U.S. officials said.

The debris, a fragment from an old Russian satellite named Cosmos 2251 that smashed into an Iridium Communications spacecraft in 2009, passed harmlessly by the $100 billion orbital outpost at 2:38 a.m. EDT (0638 GMT), NASA said.

With enough advance notice, NASA will maneuver the space station, which orbits about 240 miles (386 km) above the planet, to put more space between it and passing debris. The other option is for the station’s six crew members to shelter inside the two Soyuz capsules berthed at the station in case the outpost is struck and depressurizes.

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France fears Jewish school gunman could strike again

French police stepped up the search on Tuesday for a gunman who filmed his carnage as he shot dead three children and a rabbi at a Jewish school, fearing the killer could strike again.

Officials believe the scooter-riding gunman is a trained marksman with “extremist” views who may also be responsible for last week’s shootings of three soldiers of North African origin.

France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy has said racism appeared to be the motivation for Monday’s school attack, which came just five weeks before the first round of the presidential election.

Racist and anti-Semitic attacks are not uncommon in France.

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