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Our View: Nothing new from presidential debate

THE FIRST of the scheduled television debates of the three main presidential candidates did not receive very good reviews in yesterday’s newspapers and on the radio shows. This was also the sentiment of the candidates and the four journalists asking the questions, at the end of the show.
The general feeling was that the format, agreed beforehand by all parties, did not work as it was too rigid. The studio microphone switched off as soon as the allotted time for a question and an answer ran out, preventing participants from completing their arguments; there was no thematic unity to the questions as each journalist was free to ask whatever he or she wanted changing subject for every candidate.

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Our View: Our world has collapsed and we must refashion it

The year 2012 will be remembered as the year in which the Cyprus economic miracle we smugly boasted about finally collapsed. The old certainties that made life so easy, such as full employment, job security, rising living standards, easy credit have all vanished into thin air replaced by constantly rising, long-term unemployment, soup kitchens, the monthly provision of food supplies to poor families, that increase by the day, and drastic wage cuts.

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Eight years jail for rape

LARNACA criminal court yesterday sentenced a 33-year-old student to eight years’ imprisonment for raping another student, aged 26.

The Nigerian man raped the woman from Cameroon in Larnaca on October 9 last year, after the two went to his apartment in Larnaca following dinner and drinks despite her request that he drive her back to Nicosia.

At his apartment she resisted his efforts to kiss her. 

But he assaulted and raped her, punching her in the mouth as she was trying to break free, Larnaca Press reported. 

He then forced her to take a bath and drove her back to Nicosia, where she filed a complaint with the police the same night. 

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Smoking ban has been good for business

THE IMPLEMENTATION of the smoking ban nearly three years ago has had no adverse economic effect on profits in the catering and tourist industries, according to a study by the Technological University of Cyprus (TEPAK).

The full details of the research will be announced next week, but preliminary data released yesterday indicate that the smoking ban, imposed in January 2010, has actually had a slight positive influence on turnover.

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Two sides carry out joint fire drill

THE FIRE SERVICES of the Cyprus Republic and breakaway regime in the north yesterday held a joint exercise in the area of the UN-controlled Nicosia airport as part of efforts to enhance coordination in fighting fires on the island. 

The exercise came as a result of a previous decision by the bicommunal technical committee on crisis management to work together to combat fires. 

Each fire service sent three big fire trucks and a number of logistics jeeps to the old disused airport to examine the level of interoperability between them, checking access and usability of each others’ hose pipes, water tanks and communications systems.  

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Personal data warning

THE OFFICE for Social Insurance announced yesterday it has nothing to do with phone calls some members of the public have been receiving on their mobile asking them to share personal data. They warned the public that in such cases they should not give out any personal information and report the incident to the police.

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'Investments worth billions in the pipeline'


INVESTMENT PROJECTS worth billions of euro are in the pipeline despite the prevailing adverse financial conditions, said Commerce, Industry and Tourism Minister Neoclis Sylikiotis yesterday.

The minister visited the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency (CIPA) yesterday to be briefed on the figures collected by the Agency with regard to possible investments by foreign or Cypriot nationals and seek ways to overcome obstacles to their implementation.

“The CIPA list (of potential investments) concerns projects, some of which are waiting to be licensed and others have been given the go ahead while others are searching for funding,” said Sylikiotis after the meeting.

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Recession? What Greek recession?

THEY haven’t seen such numbers for years: the local hotels are full, the campsite heaving, the restaurants running low on Indian frozen prawns and Egyptian squid. Despite the fast new motorway that promises Athens to Kalamata in two hours this small tip of the Peloponnese feels a million kilometres away from the street protests, pain of the public sector cuts and closing businesses of the capital. ‘Recession? What recession?” say our local friends.

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Police seek help tracking down hooligans

ANORTHOSIS FC will play their next three European games behind closed doors and pay €50,000 as punishment, after their fans invaded the pitch and caused the abandonment of a fixture last week, European football authority UEFA has ruled.

At the same time, police yesterday released the photos of four men who invaded the pitch seeking the public’s help to track them down. 

Anyone with information should contact Larnaca CID or call 1460.

Five individuals have already been arrested.

Five police officers were injured during Thursday night’s troubled match between Anorthosis and Georgian side Dila Gori for the UEFA Europa League third qualifying round.

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EU presidency urged to focus on refugees

THE UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) will use Cyprus’ six-month EU presidency to educate people on who refugees and asylum seekers coming to the island really are. 

“Many people do not seem to know who is a refugee, or why asylum seekers are coming to Cyprus,” said Nasr Ishak, UNHCR representative for Cyprus.  

Recently, a number of organisations, including single parent families and the divorced women’s association have equated the economic downturn and cut in benefits allocated to them with the provision of services to asylum seekers and refugees. 

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