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AKEL stalls on casino creation

RULING AKEL reiterated yesterday it was against the creation of casinos in the Republic but it could consider changing its position after looking into the matter.

The opposition has criticised the administration for not approving the creation of casinos – seen as a potential source of high income for the cash-strapped government – at the behest of AKEL, who said it wants to look into the matter.

AKEL, which opposes casinos on moral grounds, said it will conduct a study and then consider “whether it would be necessary to change its stance or reaffirm it.”

“Nothing is a given,” party chief Andros Kyprianou said.

Creation of casinos was among a raft of growth-boosting measures tabled by the finance ministry.

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Sinn Fein wants referendum on united Ireland

Northern Ireland should hold a referendum, possibly as early as 2016, on whether it wants to remain British or become part of a united Ireland, Sinn Fein, the main pro-Irish nationalist party in the province, said on Monday.

The British government in London, which is already facing calls to allow a referendum in 2014 on ending Scotland’s 300-year union with England, has the final say on whether a referendum on the future of Northern Ireland can be held.

Martin McGuinness, Sinn Fein’s leader in Northern Ireland, said he would like to see a referendum held after the next election for Northern Ireland’s assembly, which is likely to happen either in 2015 or 2016.

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Half hearted NHIS is like 'a slightly pregnant woman'

TONY Hart of Pissouri is in the queue for an MRI at the Nicosia General Hospital this time next year. Meanwhile MRI facilities sit idle in the private sector.

“If in two weeks (from January 1 until now) the whole (public health) system has collapsed… then this by itself is an argument for exploring other solutions,” the head of the House finance committee, DIKO’s Nicolas Papadopoulos said recently, mentioning as an example the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) which the government “has been stubbornly refusing to enforce”. 

Public hospitals are struggling because they cannot hire any additional staff to meet their (increased) needs, Health Minister Stavros Malas said on January 10.

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Minister denies link to model


TURKISH Cypriot ‘foreign minister’ Huseyin Ozgurgun yesterday flatly denied having had any connection whatsoever with a fashion model for whom he is said to have secured a public sector job.

Several newspapers in Turkey and north Cyprus at the weekend branded Ozgurgun the “naughty minister” after he allegedly secured a temporary teaching job in a ‘state’ school for 24 year-old model Seniha Kanatli. The ‘minister’ was said to be “in love” with Kanatli.

But in a written statement, Ozgurgun’s press secretary said yesterday there was “no link” between Ozgurgun and the model, who was later sacked from her teaching job after the apparent objection of a number of parents at the school where she was teaching.

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DISY storm the polls despite low voter turnout

Main opposition party DISY stormed to the polls in yesterday’s elections backing 26 winning candidates out of 38 mayoral posts.

In Nicosia, businessman Constantinos Yiorkadjis beat incumbent Akelite Eleni Mavrou, while in Cyprus’ largest municipality, Strovolos, Lazaros Savvides ousted three-term Savvas Eliofotou.

“The negative course of our city can be reversed” DISY, DIKO and EVROKO-backed Yiorkadjis said after winning with 57 per cent of the vote.

“I thank you for your decision to work together, in order to change Nicosia, making it a proud city” he added. 

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Climate change: it really isn’t all bad news

EXTREME weather is often said to be one of the main reasons for taking firm action on global warming. Nowadays, no hurricane or heat wave passes without a politician or activist claiming it as evidence of the need for a global climate deal, like the one that just got postponed until the end of the decade in Durban, South Africa.

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Christofias is encouraging union intransigence

IT IS wrong to point an accusatory finger at civil servants for the fact that the civil service has grown into an all-devouring monster threatening to eat up the state. They are not to blame for this. 

The big majority recognises the problem that has been created. Their union leader, PASYDY chief Glafcos Hadipetrou represents only the minority of the highest-paid and super-privileged civil servants. Personally, I have yet to meet an ordinary civil servant that agrees with Hadjipetrou’s militancy. 

They are all smart enough to know that the only possible result of their leader’s trenchant positions would be for them to lose much more than was being asked of them today, without ruling out losing their job as well.

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A time for giving

THE SEASON for giving it may be, but as the recession hits hard, the vast majority of us seem to be focusing our efforts on finding the best bargains to keep our Christmas gift budgets down.

And with many of us thinking so much about our own pockets this Christmas, you would be forgiven for thinking that charities are finding the season of goodwill is a bit on the lean side this year.

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Further arrest in uni attack

POLICE yesterday arrested a 27-year-old in connection with an attack on a student election at the University of Nicosia on Tuesday.

Four other people, including an army officer, are already being held for the same case.

Police said the man was arrested after two helmets were found in his car, which appear to be the same worn by the assailants.

Around 15 black-clad people stormed the university hall after 5:15pm, wielding bats and wearing helmets. Students were holding elections at the time for the various student union bodies.

The group terrorised people with bats and threw furniture around before making off with four ballot boxes.

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‘New hope for the euro as uncertainty persists’

REACTION to the European Council’s latest decisions taken to save the European single currency, which will prevent Cyprus being dragged further into Europe’s debt crisis ranged from optimism to reservation. One thing European leaders failed to achieve was to create certainty, according to Cypriot economists.

Economist Spyros Episkopou, chief executive officer of Epicentral Consultancy Ltd, said he was hopeful the tightening of fiscal rules in Europe will eliminate the risk that Cyprus would again become fiscally complacent. “Introducing fiscal discipline to Cyprus is a positive development,” he said. Running the state in a frugal way “will no longer be an option but an obligation. The decisions will prescribe both procedures and monitoring”.

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