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State aims to trim spending abroad

THE government plans to trim redundant personnel serving abroad, among others, as part of a broader drive to curb the state payroll.

The President has asked the Defence Ministry to explore the possibility of reducing the number of military attaches serving with Cypriot embassies overseas, the government spokesman said yesterday.

But the cutbacks would not be at the expense of the country’s level of representation abroad, Christos Stylianides said.

Despite the cost-cutting policy, the Cypriot diplomatic mission to Portugal is to be upgraded to an embassy, but this would be done purely for “political reasons,” he added.

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HSBC linked to north property deals

COURT papers filed by a group of UK investors allege that HSBC bank took part in a “fraudulent property scheme of biblical proportions” in the north of Cyprus, according to the Telegraph.

The documents claim the bank supported an “illegal commercial enterprise” in the occupied areas.

“The Plaintiffs invested life savings into what they believed were vacation or retirement dwellings with valid legal title issued by the TRNC,” papers seen by the Telegraph claim.

“HSBC is involved in illegally transferring monies for the sale of these properties knowing that title to the underlying properties are illegal and/or defective because the “TRNC” lacks the sovereign power to issue or obtain title.”

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British Cypriot to put island on space map

CYPRUS may not be considered synonymous with space travel yet, but a British Cypriot businessman may be about to put Cyprus on the map by setting up a sister company to his own British Interstellar Space Exploration (BISE).

Yorgos Stylianou, 44, has just set up BISE in the East Midlands, UK, which describes itself on the website as ‘a small company with large visions’.

“The company was just an idea for over a year, until the start of 2012 when the ball started to roll,” said Stylianou, adding that in the past week he has been talking to potential investors, which will accelerate research and development.

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Fulbright announces scholarships

THE CYPRUS Fulbright Commission has announced it is accepting applications for scholarships under the Traditional Fulbright Scholarship Program for graduate studies at American universities for Autumn 2013.

The Traditional Fulbright Scholarship Program competition will be open for all fields, except Medical Fields (medicine, dentistry, veterinary and nursing).

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Election alliance treads carefully over Cyprus problem

A DRAFT report on common positions for a common election programme of the four minority opposition parties was distributed yesterday with the glaring absence of any reference to a bizonal, bicommunal federation. 

DIKO deputy Nicolas Papadopoulos put together the draft framework as a starting point for further discussion on fielding a common candidate in next February’s presidential elections among DIKO, EDEK, EVROKO and the Greens.  

Papadopoulos distributed the draft report to all four parties yesterday morning while the committee formed to prepare a common election programme was due to meet in the evening to discuss it. 

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Our View: Will the gas find prove a curse or a blessing?


THE ANNOUNCEMENT yesterday of some seven trillion cubic feet of natural gas in Block 12 was indeed good news for Cyprus. 

Not only does it mean securing energy supplies for decades, it will give a boost to the economy. It also paves the way for more to come in the form additional licences for adjacent blocks, for which there should now be even more interest.

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Secretariat hiring procedure was ‘vulnerable’ says Ombudswoman

THE procedure used to hire four people for the needs of the rotating presidency of the Council of the EU -including the daughter of the former head of Cyprus’ EU presidency secretariat – was flawed, Ombudswoman Eliza Savvidou has ruled.

In her 15-page report, Savvidou said that despite setting academic qualifications and experience as prerequisites, it appeared that the only criterion used was the interview with the candidates.

“Based on all the evidence before me, it emerges that the exclusive selection criterion was the oral interview with the evaluation committee,” Savvidou said.

She added that the interview was used as a super criterion with excessive gravity that eliminated the superiority of a candidate in academic qualifications and experience.

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