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Fundraiser to target those left short by crisis

A 24-HOUR fundraiser for people affected by the crisis will be held on December 7 by the Pancyprian Volunteerism Coordinative Council (PSSE).

“The fundraiser will follow the model of those that were arranged to help those hit by the tsunami in south-east Asia in 2005 and by the fires in Greece in 2007,” president of PSSE, Stavros Olympios said.

Volunteers will man busy road junctions to collect donations of €2 and €5 from drivers. There will also be a charity phone line so people can call up and pledge money as well as bank accounts where people can deposit their contributions.

The fundraiser will take place was part of Volunteer Week, which takes place every year between December 1 and 8. 

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Wait Until Dark

CHOOSING a thriller nowadays that will truely entertain an audience is a challenge, there is so much competition from DVDs, films and television.  Stage One Theatre Group’s selection of Wait Until Dark, a play by Frederick Knott, goes back to the old school of drama. First presented on Broadway in 1966 with Lee Remick as the blind housewife, a performance that won her a nomination for a Tony Award and in London a more successful production with Honor Blackman in the lead, and later still the film with Audrey Hepburn (winning her an Oscar nomination) it stands the tests of time quite well.

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Celebrate leap year with a proposal

IT ONLY comes around every four years, but a leap year brings with it a great opportunity for the ladies. According to tradition, on the last day in February in a leap year, women can take matters into their own hands by proposing to their man.

This tradition dates back to the fifth century, and as legend goes a law enacted by Queen Margaret of Scotland in 1288 stated that women could legally propose to a suitable male suitor and if the proposal was denied then fines could be levied. Fines could range from a kiss to £1 or even a silk gown. This law was then tightened up so the proposal could only be made by women on the leap day.

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Canadian Muslims issue fatwa against 'honour killing'

A GROUP of Canada’s leading Muslim clerics has issued a fatwa against so-called “honor killings,” just a week after three members of an Afghan Canadian family were convicted of a gruesome quadruple murder that triggered a national debate about cultural values.

A weekend statement from the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada said 34 imams and leaders affiliated with the group issued the religious edict to remind Muslims that honour killings, domestic violence and misogyny are major sins and crimes punishable by law.

“The recent Shafia family trial in Kingston, Ontario has reminded all of us that we need to do more in order to prevent such tragedies in the future,” the statement said.

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Segway seduction

NICOSIA’s Segway Station hosted its first treasure hunt this month and is about to host another tomorrow afternoon.

Imagine a feeling like hovering above the ground at speed with complete control over any terrain. These two-wheel electrical personal transporters are fast, fun and highly manoeuvrable, steering is easy, you lean forward to go forward and lean back to go backward. Segways are a marvel of technology and offer an entirely new and unique experience that’s thrilling, great fun and full of excitement. 

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New look Hilton

Hilton Cyprus has completed its renovation works. The latest works included the upgrade of its guestrooms, lobby and meeting rooms. The facade of building, the main entrance, the reception and the fitness centre area, as well as the outdoor swimming-pool were also renovated. MIG Leisure Ltd of Marfin Investment Group (MIG), the majority share holder of the hotel (75 per cent) has invested €7 million in the renovation. 

Visit the upgraded Lobby Lounge by January 31 and enjoy with your tea or coffee, three pieces of delicious Viennese cake, which will be given complimentary.


A Fresh New Look for the Hilton Cyprus Hotel

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An Opera Gift Box for Christmas


With the imminent arrival of another Christmas in Nicosia it’s time to get in the spirit of the season and start celebrating. Nothing beats a hearty bout of singing and the Famagusta Gate has just the perfect evening planned as renowned Hungarian opera singer Borbála Keszei visits the capital tomorrow to present a unique recital entitled: An Opera Gift Box for Christmas.

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Music: Folk melodies infused with jazz standards

From the age of two, Armenian-born Hamasyan showed an extraordinary interest towards music.

Although first moved as a child by the rock sounds of the Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Queen and Deep Purple, he started singing and learning to play the piano. 

At seven, Hamasyan discovered jazz and pursued classical music studies, composing his first pieces at the tender age of 10. In 1998 and 2000, the young prodigy performed to great acclaim at the Yerevan Jazz Festival, resulting in various contest prizes around the world.

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Enjoy an evening of Beethoven

LOVERS OF classical music take note: the works of one of the most famous composers of all time should give you good reason to rejoice next week. With beautiful melodies set to bring concert halls across the island to life, it’s all part of a series by the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra dedicated to Beethoven.

Taking place under the direction of Alkis Baltas, you’ll get to listen to ‘Music for a Ballet of Knights’ (Musik zu einem Ritterballet), Symphony No. 7 in A Major and the ‘Concerto for Violin, Cello and Piano’ in C Major. Concert soloists will include Wolfgang Schroeder, principal cellist Peter Gospodinov and pianist Naoko Kariya.

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Low levels of radioactive particles in Europe – IAEA

VERY low levels of radioactive iodine-131 have been detected in Europe but the particles are not believed to pose a public health risk, the UN nuclear agency said yesterday, eight months after Japan’s Fukushima disaster.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the Vienna-based UN watchdog, said it was seeking to determine the source but that it was not believed to come from Japan’s stricken Fukushima nuclear plant after its emergency in March.

The Czech Republic’s nuclear security authority said the source was not believed to be in the country and was not believed to be from a nuclear power plant. It said it could possibly be from the production of radiopharmaceuticals.

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