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Kidnapped boy’s aunt pleads not guilty

THE 35-YEAR-OLD aunt of the 18-month-old toddler, Stavros Styllis, who was kidnapped on February 15 from his grandmother’s house in Ypsonas, pleaded not guilty to the charge yesterday at Limassol Criminal Court. 

She is accused of abduction and exposure and conspiracy to commit a felony.

There are a total of 40 witness statements relating to the case, which will resume on April 24. The court gave the prosecution ten days to hand over all of the forensic evidence from the Institute of Neurology and Genetics to the defence. 

That evidence includes DNA taken from the 35-year-old’s car, the fingerprint report and an analysis of the photographic and video evidence.

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President’s in-laws say lost €15m in write-down

A COMPANY linked with President Nicos Anastasiades, which the opposition claims transferred millions out of Cyprus after a tip off, said yesterday it would bring back the money under certain conditions.
Both Anastasiades and the company have rejected the allegations, published by Haravghi, the mouthpiece of former ruling party AKEL.
The company, belonging to Anastasiades’ daughter’s parents-in-law, A. Loutsios and Sons Ltd, had never denied transferring €10.5 million to Barclays PLC in London, from its bank accounts in Laiki just days before the Eurogroup decided to raid people’s deposits on March 16.

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Supreme Court lays down Helios appeal process

THE Supreme Court yesterday gave the parties 75 days to submit their positions on the appeal against the acquittal of four airline executives in relation with the Helios Airways crash that killed 121 people.

The court gave the state 30 days to submit its arguments for filing the appeal in writing and a further 30 days to the defence to respond.

The state was also given 15 days to respond to the defence’s argument that an acquittal cannot be appealed. Last December, the three-member Nicosia Criminal Court ruled by majority that there was not sufficient evidence linking the defendants to the air crash and as such they bore no responsibility.

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Our View: Familiar AKEL rhetoric hardly promoting national unity

PRESIDENT Christofias has a very funny way of promoting the national unity he supposedly craves and which all the political parties were undermining. On Sunday, he gave a demonstration of how he hopes to build this unity – by boasting that he was a member of AKEL who would respect the party’s wishes regarding the presidential elections and by attacking the right-wing nationalists who had staged the 1974 coup.

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Paphos pensioner stages sit-in over water supply

A PAPHOS pensioner yesterday staged a one-woman protest outside the private company which provides her water supply, saying she has had problems for more than two decades.

Pamela Webb, 69, bought her on a small development in Coral Bay in 1981, and says when she does have water, it’s only a trickle.

Speaking outside the premises of her supplier, Coralo Goup of Companies, yesterday, Webb said: There have always been problems with the water. On numerous occasions, I have complained…and only once managed to speak to the owner,” she said.

According to the homeowner, the small development has become run down and most of the houses are now occupied by third-country guest workers.

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More and more children fainting from hunger

SEVERAL more cases of children fainting from hunger in class have occurred in Cyprus lately, this time in the Famagusta area, according to the local DISY MP, Dr Kyriakos Hadjiyiannis.

The Famagusta MP said that the cases were most probably not reported due to the potential stigma that might be placed on the underprivileged families and their children.

“Those who think that cases of children fainting from hunger in class are sporadic and exaggerated are out of touch with reality” said Hadjiyiannis. 

Reports surfaced last week that two pupils in Paphos fainted at their secondary school in class due to hunger.

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