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Politicians and bankers have destroyed us in a week


A COLLEAGUE wrote immediately after last Tuesday’s ‘No’ vote at the House of Reps, “It’s not over until the fat lady sings.” But it was over before she even dragged herself on stage. 

The colleague added that the House of Reps ‘No’ vote was ‘just for show’. But in reality it was to pacify small depositors and keep Russian money here, in no way removing fears of what is about to happen to the average family. 

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DISY leadership will go to run-off

DESPITE rumours to the contrary, there will be a run-off for the leadership of ruling DISY during the party’s electoral assembly on April 27. 

The party’s deputy leader, Averof Neophytou was expected to be unchallenged for the role vacated by new President, Nicos Anastasiades, but he will face opposition for the top position from the party’s political office’s Andreas Taliadoros.

Neophytou’s position of deputy-head – should he win the leadership – will be filled by MP Lefteris Christoforou as there were no other candidates for the position.

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Mosquito infested area to be sprayed

HEALTH Services and the Limassol municipality have decided to deal with the growing mosquito problem on the island by aerially spraying the worst affected areas with a larvae killer.

A meeting was held at Limassol Town Hall on Wednesday morning where health services and representatives from the British bases informed the municipality of the measures that had already been taken since the beginning of the year for dealing with the problem. 

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Our View: Better the troika monitors gas fund than the government

COMMERCE Minister Neoclis Sylikiotis has come to exemplify the arrogance and autocratic style of the outgoing government. Like his president, he believes he is the arbiter of the country’s best interests and anyone who questions his decisions is dismissed as an enemy of the state. On Wednesday, he publicly laid into his ministerial colleague Vasos Shiarly and finance ministry officials whom he accused of failing to deal with the troika seriously. On Friday he accused opposition politicians of being in cahoots with the troika in order to hurt the country.

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Tireless mother and brave resilient teen win Paphos heart

THE winners of this year’s Paphos Heart of Gold Award 2012 are a dedicated female volunteer and a determined young boy with cerebral palsy.
Vasia Ioannou and Jason Bruce-Souster were chosen by a panel of judges, who said that the decision to pick just one winner in each section was extremely difficult.
Ioannou volunteers at the old people’s home in Chlorakas,  with the PASYKAF cancer  support association, the Kivotos centre for children with special needs, child welfare, and also organises collections of old toys and clothes which are distributed among various other charities in need. She also cares for her own disabled son.

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Budget foresees economy contracting next year

CYPRUS’ economy will contract by 3.5 per cent in 2013 as the government aims for a 4.4 per cent deficit, according to the state budget that was submitted to parliament yesterday.

The government expects the economy to contract by 2.4 per cent this year. 

Unemployment is expected to reach 13.8 per cent next year and will peak at 14.2 per cent in 2014 before dropping a year later.

According to Finance Minister Vassos Shiarly, the budget includes measures that have already been agreed with international lenders like pay cuts and a freeze in recruitment in the wider public sector, taxing games of chance and lowering the tax-free threshold of immovable property.

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An English lady with a Greek soul


DR HELEN Soteriou – cancer specialist, researcher, activist and 1998 OBE winner – died yesterday at the age of 92.

“The cancer patients and relatives union (ELAZO) would like to express its deep sorrow over the death of the unforgettable Dr Helen Soteriou. She pioneered the radiotherapy department in the state’s oncology department in Nicosia general hospital,” ELAZO head Christos Andreou said yesterday.

“This woman was a fighter from the very start because she became an orphan when she was young. Even though they told her to be a teacher she wanted to be a doctor,” Andreou said.

She was “a great scientist and great activist”, he said adding that up to a month before she died “her memory was intact” and she had been keeping busy.

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Troika talks focus on banks

NEGOTIATIONS with the troika continued yesterday at the Central Bank and Finance Ministry, with the main focus on the amount needed for the recapitalisation of the banks and the proposed supervision of the cooperative banking system.
Finance Minister Vassos Shiarly, accompanied by the ministers of commerce and labour and the central bank governor, met the troika for five hours yesterday to further discuss the terms of a potential bailout by international lenders.
Lower level meetings were held between state officials, including the head of the social insurance department, throughout the afternoon.

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Tales from the Coffeeshop: Latest conspiracy against Kyproulla made in Germany

THE INTERNATIONAL headquarters for the plotting and development of conspiracies against our long-suffering Kyproulla has moved from London to Berlin, events in the last couple of weeks seem to suggest.
Nobody could say whether the move is permanent, because for the duplicitous Brits it is a matter of prestige having the ‘Conspiracies Against Kyproulla HQ’ (CAKHQ) in their capital, a happy reminder of their glorious colonial past. But with the Cyprob dead and buried there is no real scope for the hatching of sinister plots against the Greek Cypriots.

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‘Troika didn’t tell us our proposals were insufficient’


GOVERNMENT spokesman Stefanos Stefanou yesterday denied reports the government is being “urged” to cooperate with the troika after submitting its own proposals on a possible memorandum of understanding. 

The document obtained by Reuters in Berlin read: “An agreement between the troika and Cyprus over key data of the programme is pending. In the meantime Cyprus has submitted its own proposals on a possible MOU which above all target the fiscal aspects of the MOU and which in the view of the troika are insufficient.

“The Eurogroup working group has again urged Cyprus to cooperate with the troika.” 

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