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Fifteen arrests for match hooliganism

HOOLIGANISM reared its ugly head on Saturday, before, during and after the Omonia – APOEL match in Nicosia and the Anorthosis – AEK match in Larnaca as police arrested a total of 15 people.
Before the Omonia – APOEL game which was due to start at 4.30pm, trouble started while APOEL fans were making their way into the GSP Stadium, with one fan and three police officers being injured.
Police arrested one man to help their investigation into the incident. According to police, both sets of fans set off firecrackers and flares before and during the match. As the second half was about to get underway a section of fans from each team attempted to enter the moat which circles the stadium and throw objects at each other.

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CIPA: energy sector will prove catalytic for Cyprus

THE Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency (CIPA) expressed its regrets yesterday over the raid on bank deposits imposed by the EU but also welcomed the finalisation of a bailout deal with international lenders.

“As CIPA, we have for some time now, advocated that penalising depositors would be an unfair and short-sighted measure,” a news statement said. “Despite all efforts, unfortunately, this solution was at the end simply imposed on Cyprus.”

On the other hand, CIPA being the main point of contact for foreign investors, welcomed the stability that the finalization of the memorandum of understanding between Cyprus and the Eurogroup is expected to bring after a long period of uncertainty.

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World’s first bitcoin ATM in Cyprus?


AN ENTREPRENEUR has announced he is keen to introduce in Cyprus the world’s first ATM for virtual currency, bitcoin, which is not regulated by a central bank but has instead been growing via its online peer-to-peer community. 

Jeff Berwick, founder of and CEO of TDV Media said on his blog on that he plans to set up the world’s first Bitcoin ATM in Cyprus to enable people to deposit flat currency into it and get bitcoins in their account, as well as put bitcoins in their account and get flat currency back. 

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Our View: Deputies have always refused to set a good example

FOR YEARS now we have been hearing about the need for politicians to publish capital statements as part of the process to introduce transparency to public life. Draft legislation has been prepared and been found wanting during discussions, with deputies always picking holes in it without ever coming up with alternative proposals. It is the same, negative approach used for proposals relating to the Cyprus problem, by which politicians cite all the reasons why they would fail.

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Our View: Hush hush and up in the air – only certainty is bailout deal deadline


IN A WAY, it is good that the government is keeping the talks with the troika out of the public domain. There is nothing worse than proposals or suggestions becoming subjects of public debate and parties making political capital out of them. President Anastasiades asked the party leaders not to divulge information after he briefed them about the talks with the troika on Saturday night and they complied. 

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Arrested for murder of taxi driver ten years ago

POLICE in Paphos arrested a 39-year-old from Larnaca yesterday in connection with a murder ten years ago in Paphos. 

According to Paphos police, 48-year-old taxi-driver Charalambos Pericleous from the village of Salamiou was murdered in August 2003 near Tsada. The 39-year-old, who has not been named, is being held in a Paphos holding cell until he is brought before Paphos district court later today. 

Recent DNA checks on the murder weapon – a revolver – matched that of the 39-year-old suspect. His DNA had been on record after a previous unrelated arrest.

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Cyprus Institute founder nominated as US Secretary of Energy

US President Barack Obama has nominated scientist Ernest Moniz, one of the founding members of the Cyprus Institute, as US Secretary of Energy.
The Cyprus Institute congratulated Moniz yesterday in an announcement.
Moniz helped set up and conceptualise the Cyprus Institute and contributed towards a collaboration agreement between the institute and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and now heads a joint research endeavour on the strategic choices available in relation to the hydrocarbons’ reserves in Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone, an announcement by the Cyprus Institute said yesterday.
Moniz, 69, oversees MIT’s Energy Initiative, a research group that looks at how to produce power while cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

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