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Our View: People have a right to clear information from the state

STATE AUTHORITIES have messed up big time with regard to the status of EU nationals living in Cyprus. Decisions have been taken without being thought through, new requirements have been introduced without anyone being informed and no instructions appear to have been issued to government departments, with the result that conflicting advice is given to people, about residence permits and registering with the immigration department.

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Spacious flat (ard 136 sq. metres) centrally located in Nicosia between Makarios and Kennedy avenues. 3 bedrooms, bathroom and guest toilet with shower, kitchen with full electrical appliances, big veranda, furnished (or unfurnished), parquet floors, independent central heating, 2 air conditions, 2 parking places, store room. Please contact 99 698398. 

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Our view: Closer Israeli ties are about gas, not defence

SUNDAY’S papers were full of analyses about last week’s visit by Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The interpretations of the meaning of the first-ever visit by an Israeli head of government varied significantly, with one analyst arguing it signalled a “momentous geo-political change in the eastern Mediterranean” and another claiming it “clearly upped the political complexity in the region”. 

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Planned port strike postponed for now

WORKERS at Limassol port yesterday decided to postpone the strike they planned for tomorrow, saying they would await the outcome of a meeting between unions and employers.

The workers’ unions – OMEBEGE SEK and SEGDAMELIN – PEO – had announced their decision to strike to protest their employers’ decision to freeze their collective agreements due to the economic crisis, meaning they would not have any pay rises or other benefits in the foreseeable future.

The head of the Limassol Licensed Porters Association, Stavros Stavrou, yesterday called on the unions to comprehend the difficulties and take on some of the burdens of the crisis, “so that we can avoid redundancies, which the association doesn’t want either”.

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Why I didn’t wear my poppy…

LAST SATURDAY, on the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 2011 I was on a motorway in Flanders. A gloomy mist made the flat fields atmospheric and the driving treacherous: easy to imagine the rat-ridden trenches and the stench of despair.

The poppy I had bought lay on the car seat. I was finding it hard to wear. For it felt this simple symbol, created to remember those perished in the polders around me in the “war to end all wars” was assuming a national endorsement for military action.  A seal of approval, like the scarlet wax my grandmother pressed on brown paper parcels.

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State could save millions by using private oil storage facility

VTT VASILIKO Ltd, the company which aims to build a private oil storage terminal in Cyprus with an investment of €220 million, said yesterday it would take a positive view if the state  wished to use its facilities.

According to the company, this would save up to €50 million in investment for the Republic of Cyprus, a saving which could be passed onto the Cyprus tax payer, it said.

It also said the VTT Vasiliko terminal could be expanded easily to provide the capacity to store Cyprus’ strategic stocks, which would save Cyprus more than €17 million per year, “which to date the Republic of Cyprus is obliged, based on the European acquis, to spend renting storage space abroad”. 

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Aegean simplifies check-in for passengers

AEGEAN Airlines has announced that as of December 1, it will be installing mobile check-in machines at a number of European airports, including Larnaca.

Mobile check-ins have grown increasingly common in airports, giving passengers the chance to print off their own boarding pass before dropping off their bags.

As of December 1, passengers will be required to either check in online or use the mobile check in at the airport on flights to and from Larnaca, Athens, Thessaloniki, Barcelona, Brussels, Frankfurt, London Heathrow and Stuttgart.

Passengers can check in on the machines as early as 24 hours before or as late as 30 minutes before their flight.

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Woman 83, fined record €10,000 for possession of ambelopoulia


THE LARNACA district court yesterday fined an 83-year-old woman €10,000 for possession of over 2,500 songbirds, the strictest penalty so far concerning the specifc offence linked to the illegal practice of trapping.

It is understood that a higher fine has been dished out for poaching in the past but the current case is the highest-ever fine for possession of ambelopoulia.

The birds, which had been trapped using mist nets and limesticks, were found in the woman’s Hirokitia home during a police raid in October last year.

The court said it was the biggest haul ever brought before it, with an estimated value of €8,000.

The law provides for a maximum sentence of three years in jail and or a fine of €17,000.

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Berlusconi says he will resign as PM


ITALIAN Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi said yesterday he would resign after suffering a humiliating setback in parliament that showed a party revolt had stripped him of a majority.

Berlusconi confirmed a statement from President Giorgio Napolitano, that he would step down as soon as parliament passed urgent budget reforms demanded by European leaders after Italy was sucked into the epicentre of the eurozone debt crisis with investors fearing a new, bigger Greece.

The votes in both houses of parliament are likely this month and they would spell the end of a 17-year dominance of Italy by the flamboyant billionaire media magnate.

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Convicts give police the slip

TWO CONVICTS seized the opportunity to escape after they were taken from the Central Prisons in Nicosia to appear before Paphos District Court. 

The Georgian convicts are serving sentences in relation to robbery and theft of eleven years and seven years respectively. 

They were due to appear to court on similar theft cases in Paphos. 

At some point after noon, while on the grounds of the Paphos District Court, they managed to dodge the officers who were guarding them and ran away. 

Police launched a manhunt and managed to recapture one of them in the vicinity of the court. 

Police are still looking for the second escapee.

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